Saturday, December 18, 2010


I just received word that the Senate voted to get rid of the DADT law and now it is just up to Obama to sign. It was part of his campaign promises to get rid of this obnoxious ruling that our Rhodes Scholar, Clinton put in place.

However, Barak did not want to do this alone even though he had the power to do so. He wanted it to be passed-on by congress. While it might be true that if congress passed it, then it would have what they call more force of power, I think Obama really felt that congress would never pass it and it would give him another promise that would not come true.

Now both the House and Senate has passed it and Barak must be really worrying because just about all the black ministers in all the religions that blacks belong to, all are so bigoted and prejudice that they never support anything that favors GLBT people.

Let us hope that Obama is shamed into signing it.

Monday, November 22, 2010


TSA should ignore the media. Female reporters are having a feeding frenzy and I doubt it is because their sensibilities would be frayed or violated. I'm not saying that some of them got their job owing to a dire lack of sensibilities. I think it is only because it takes up air time and they have to conjure up air time 24/7. Male reporters are probably most scared and I don't have to tell everyone why. Gee, having another man pat you down may make you a raving sissy, they may laugh at your package, and all your wife's friends will laugh at her for bragging. So the male reporters feign a non judgmental stance while the girls scream 24/7.

Now, if TSA, folds and lets up on security and a bomber gets through, they have someone or something to blame other then themselves. They can blame the outrage that the media screamed about because a few idiots were outraged that someone touched them.

Now, dear reporters and moron passengers, if your plane blows up, don't worry, you'll all be dead and maybe your loved survivors will wish the hell someone grabbed your crotch and kept you alive.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


One can say the the world needs a Keith to counterbalance the likes of Rush, Hannity and the rest of the crowd that lives under almost zero constraints. However, this writer sees no comparison even at opposite poles.

Olbermann should be given all the rope he wants, and let him use it to hang the worst people in the world. He is both articulate and decent. He is thoughtful and stirs the hearts of we who want poor to have medical, all to stay in their homes if possible, a strong robust middle class, a president who does not lie during elections but carries out his promises, the end of Bush wars, and exposing the opposition for the power hungry disingenuous souls they truly seem to be.

He knows we need jobs, but not only for the shovel ready end of the working spectrum.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Slate magazine has a write-in on the order of Dear Abby, and one lady met a wonderful man who was seriously and microscopically under endowed and she wonders what to do and how to break it off.

I offered this comment:

The little problem woman can have a conversation with the guy and she should know that he is well aware of his under abundance. Discuss my recommendation.

Doc Johnson, the maker of sex toys, has a strap on made for men to wear. The dongs are interchangeable and you can get an array of 6, 7, 8 and more thick inches. Since the average real penis is about 5 inches, and you use the 8" X 2" diameter, you will be not just inches, but in the long run, miles ahead of your sisters. So he does not think you are just another size queen, buy one made for women and massage his prostate often. He will treat you like a Greek goddess.

Now this does not mean that it is an end all. The good lord told me in person, that he gave both of you mouths and the use of ingesting food was only his secondary objective.

On the other hand, get someone hung like a common farm animal and married or not, you'll probably be waiting on line.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am sick of the terminology used when talking about the GLBT community and the lies of this administration.

A federal judge struck down the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) obnoxious policy that the Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton signed into law. BTW Bill should stick to heterosexual matters as he has no clue beyond those narrow parameters.

Now Obama used DADT as part of his platform promising to repeal it, but in my opinion, he lied through his teeth. He wants congress to repeal which is the same as saying that I'm for repeal but I will set up a situation whereby it will not happen.

So the legal snakes tried to ask the judge to stay execution of her decision and she saw right through their sick and lame excuse about needing time. The military doesn't need time. They had tons of time. This is not a delicate national security matter. Here's a clue Obama... Gays are equal. What don't you know about the definition of the word, "equal".

One by one the promises made by our leader, Barak Obama has been reversed. This was an excellent opportunity to embrace the end of DADT, but Obama and Gates speak with forked tongue.

The military does not need a way to deal with gays. Gays don't have to be dealt with like they are aliens. This, in my view is a bunch of bull manure.

I still don't want gays to join the freeking military. I want only straight people to get wounded and die until the ignorant leaders realize that gays are 100% equal and do not have to be dealt with.

The words "dealt with" is a damn abomination and reflects the basic bias and bigotry of those who spout it

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Rick Sanchez, an ex newscaster (love the ex part) for CNN made the bigoted and, I'm sure, monumentally stupid and deleterious comment that Jews control the media. Yea, Rick, but you forgot to include Wall Street, Congress, and Carnegie's Deli. Rick, you're giving bigots a bad name.

Sanchez tried to be homey, tried to kiss up to the Hispanic listeners, but when ever I watch, there seemed to be a disingenuous undercurrent, the under taste of something foreign being added to my cocktail. I am a news freak but my watching him diminished as I disconnected to his personality, and his attitude. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it, now, reared its ugly head and CNN severed it.

I am, for one, delighted he was canned. This is an emotion I rarely have and am surprised at myself for gloating, but if anyone deserved the pink slip, it is Ricky baby.

So let me say Adios or should it be Shalom? Hope I never see you again.

As the expression goes; don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today there was an article in Salon's newsletter about a guy who admitted an "affair" to his wife and how she bravely put him through some hoops and ultimately let him stay so I guess she could hold it over his head for life.

I know a handful will disagree, but I think the husband here got what he deserved. First, he had lots of arguments with his wife and went to counseling. Wrong! Don't argue with them, it is useless. Let them rant and walk out of the room. And real men don't go to counseling. Tell her to start without you.

Next, you admitted you had an affair. Mister, how dumb can you be? What are you, George Washington admitting he chopped down a freeking tree? Anyone knows you don't admit anything to a wife. What don't you know about the word, anything? You don't admit getting a Ketchup stain on a paper napkin, no less that you had an affair. And, by the way, you don't call it an affair. What are you a woman in drag? You were screwing someone, as in the word, humping. Real men don't sleep with women or have affairs, you woos.

Now, you'll be on a short leash the rest of your woos life apologizing for being alive. Let me teach you a new word. It is emasculated. Jeez, in survival of the fittest, this guy would not even get on Noah's ark.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is based on an article I read today in The Daily Beast.

I don't think there will be a genderless future but I do believe that the number of people who will have homosexual sex will increase dramatically and we may see more partnerships with 3 or more and, at least 2 of the 3 will be switch hitters.

Those having homosexual sex will not all classify themselves as gay and the use of the term bisexual will grow by leaps and bounds as it becomes more and more accepted.

Traditional marriage between a man and a woman will include a sharp increase in the number of 3rd parties that join them either by living together or being tied to emotionally and often a 4th party or two couples who not only switch partners but also switch by gender. The 3rd or 4th party now is mostly "occasional" but in the future, emotional ties will grow.

It is growing now but mostly domiciled under the rug. The tentacles of this movement will reach out. If I were a priest, minister, rabbi, imam I'd have a permanent case of diarrhea that all the Kaopectate in the world wouldn't cure. And frankly, I think they could use this to adjust their perspectives.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Every Whitman ad I see is an attack ad. It was the same during the Primary and now for the election. I guess her mentor is Karl. Her ads sound less the truth and more deleterious. Dirty tricks: her ads are like the Donald Sigretti of the Nixon area and it will not earn my vote.

She calls herself Meg to, what I gather is meant to soften her image and she uses buzz words about what she will do as Governor though I have not heard one peep of how she will get there. Governors require a legislature but a CEO does not need anyone, so I don't think she would be effective and don't think she will help the ordinary people.

She says she'll get jobs. Wow, what a wonderful revelation!

I do believe she will be a Bush style Republican and I don't need that.

Jerry Brown knows how to work with everyone, was a good Governor, was a good mayor, and was excellent at all other jobs in a lifetime of service to our state.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Salon Mag. on line had a wonderful article about a girl who became an independent adult at age 22. I did the same eons ago at age 21. However.......

My 25 year old identical twin boys were given the opportunity that was never available to me. I say they can choose the school they want and I would pay for their education, even graduate school. I couldn't think of a better way to spend some of my money.

One is going for an MBA, the other has an undergrad degree and going for advanced education in the radiology field.

They are smarter than me but never knew being poor or wearing hand-me-downs. I never had credit cards until I had a credit rating of note, and when I gave them a few cards, they asked me the credit limit. They like to tease their dad.

Though smarter than me at their age, I don't think they have a fire burning in their belly, don't have the do or die fight for survival and success, but they are better people than I'll ever be and I believe they will contribute way more than me to their family, to their community, society and country.

I asked them to become financially independent of me as a goal, but no time frame given. ASAP is my guideline. I'm in no hurry because I love them around. I'm sure they are motivated. Letting go is so hard. I know I have to.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Because Asians like shark fin soup, many thousands of sharks are caught, their fins cut off and the sharks are thrown back into the water to die. President Clinton signed a law banning shark finning but there are loopholes and, since 1990, shark finning has reduced the shark population 90%.

I just signed a petition for congress to do something about this, yet my thought goes to cutting the demand. This means that Asian people and their government must change their soup habits to preserve and be humane to the specie. That will not happen because the whales and elephant and rhino tusks are excellent examples of the mentality that doesn't care about earth's inhabitants and heritage.

I really didn't want to write this blog because it is like pissing uphill. It is not like Asians don't know what is happening to whales, elephants, rhinos and sharks. They certainly know and that is the sad part; that is what is offensive to me.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For the thousandth time, thanks to Messrs. Ted Olsen and David Boies for taking this worthy cause to the Federal court and thanks to Judge Vaugn Walker for ruling correctly finding Proposition 8 unconstituitonal. I know this will be appealed by the crowd I have grown to actually hate.

Yes, I never used to think I could hate other than the most egregious and deleterious acts of inhumanity, but starting with the odious lies that I've learned was funded by the Mormon Church in a constant barrage of commercials spouting outrageous phoniness during the Proposition 8 voting era, and most of the rest of the religious institutions railing against the human rights of Gays, coupled with the bible toting haters, pandering to scaring mothers into believing that their kids will be taught gay themes in classrooms were amongst other disingenuous statements.

The people of California spoke and Prop. 8 passed owing to the millions spent to scare the voters. Now, the bigots, discriminators have been overturned twice. Let's hope that pernicious crowd wallow in a sea of their own tears.

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Monday, August 2, 2010


Every time I read a news story where the word Jew or Israel is mentioned, there are numerous comments all with the same theme, and universally anti Semitic mindless statements. There are two major categories. One is the Arab voice, the second is the deleterious voice of bigots.

There is a loosely organized army of Arabs that comb through any news about Jews or Israel and bombard the comments page with their boring repetitive rhetoric. Zionists, apartheid, owners of Wall Street, Mossad, are the more common targets, but it is not the individual comments that have impact but they hope that the summation of this drone of repetition will sway public opinion and reduce support of the Jewish State. With no validity, I think these folks actually believe their nonsense.

Then, there are the home grown bigoted idiots who hate Jews, not different from the KKK hating blacks and not owing to any real valid concerns, but it offers them something to distract themselves from their miserable worthless existence.

Together there is a rise in the anti Semitic volume and I wonder if these people will be targeted when their annoyance reaches a threshold?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


France voted in favor of outlawing the Burqua type of clothing women wear in middle eastern countries. It was said to affect some 2,000 women. Huffing Post, one of my all time favorites, had an article by Ms. Spelling against such a law. However......

I'm in favor of the ban. The logic of Ms. Spelling is flawed. This is not an assault on Islam or on women or on Muslims or any combination thereof. I would also ban it in the U.S. It could be a man under there and it could be a bomber under the bee keeper outfit. In my opinion, it brings down the property values on the street they walk and I'd be reluctant to walk near them as they might have assault rifles under the death threads.

If the women don't like it, they can move elsewhere. This is not a law, as suggested, as to tell what to wear, but a law stating what cannot be worn. There are laws against dressing to impersonate such as doctors in a hospital, policemen and so forth. This could be a terrorist impersonating a woman.

I think France would rather err on the side of safety and so would I. Also in Muslim countries, they force western female visitors to look like death. I did not see one word about this in the article. What goes around, comes around.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I read in Salon about Jessica Stern and her sister's rape when they were little kids. It happened the same day, same place, same time frame. It moved just about every person commenting with anger and sympathy.

Like other readers, this made me sick to my stomach. The police gave the sisters no justice. They only they doubted them. Your father indicated, perhaps not directly, that he was not interested in justice. "They probably have forgotten about it".

At some time in the rape, the man told her to lick his penis. She had the idea of biting it, but didn't. If it were me, I would have bit his penis clear off and then tried to poke his eyes out. As gruesome as that may sound, it would have saved other girls, exacted punishment that fits the crime, saved her sister from this bastard, and if Jessica survived, she would not have spent all these years as a victim.

I know it is almost cruel for me to suggest this, but I would not have hesitated for a moment.

I read about the women in India in pink Saris, banding together in the thousands, exacting justice from the misogynist men, wife beaters. I suggested the Stockholm Syndrome drenched women in the Middle East try to do the same.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Diversity, in the U.S. adds to the wealth of our nation in terms of tolerance in living together, a fund of ideas, enrichment of language, the arts and sciences. I'm sure I left out a bunch, but we've taken your huddled masses and we have benefited.

However diversity also has its problems with making decisions in the public best interest, in resolving social problems owing to the many views, and there is less cohesion that tie us together. Diversity does not protect minorities well.

In America, we love our country and flag but do not love each other. The war cry is often "not in our backyard". Immigration, Gay Rights, and formerly Civil Rights were and still are major struggles.

In Argentina, you can make a point that the Catholic Church is wrong and people and legislature may follow, but in the U.S. you have to sell all Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples being wrong. It is easy for a Karl Rove type to poison many wells and make common social agreement that crosses party lines more difficult.

A byproduct of diversity is that money and power become the prime motivating engines so only the courts can provide equality and only in some jurisdictions.

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During one visit to my doctor about 2 years ago, a substitute doc saw me and suggested a chest xray. I took it but my doc must have forgotten about it, but with some prodding, told me I had a shadow on my lungs and better give up smoking. I know this is a little sloppy, but I do like my doc even if he was forgetful.

My brother told me about his wife trying "Commit", a lozenge and I bought it in Cherry flavor at the drug store because Costco only has the, ugh, regular flavor.

To make my money go further, instead of dissolving the entire lozenge, I would use about 20% of it and put it aside for later use. Every time I had a fit, I'd pop in a lozenge and use another 20%.

I noticed the nico-fits getting further apart and I all but stopped taking them in the 12th week. I still had a supply in case of emergency and had a little here and there but not on a regular basis.

I bought some Nicorette gum, cinnamon flavored and used a small supply until the 16th week.

Yes, it is is almost two years. I have a flashback now and then but only lasts a few seconds. I don't mind people smoking near me but I rather not smell it. I do take a COPD pill to open the lung cells for better function but I may outlive my heirs.

I like the fact that I no longer involuntarily reach for a cig, that my car now smells good, that I don't need a cig with coffee, after a mean, with some wine. I can write this without the crutch. I sleep and taste better, don't cough, but have to fight my weight.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

It seems Mel Gibson's significant other has been showered with foul language, threats, shouting, and actual physical abuse. Komrad Oksana Grigorieva in what might be called the great KGB tradition had the foresight to tape some of these diatribes. I have a feeling the tapes might bring in a handsome amount at Southerbes or Christies.

Mel Gibson threatens murder, on tape, but am sure he would not actually kill her, yet the tape will be worth its weight in blue diamionds at the divorce trial.

Gibson better make guy flicks because women might balk at supporting him. Mad Mel needs anger management seminars, a few hints about being politically correct, 12 or more steps of misogynist avoidance therapy, and when he uses the "C" word, he really should explain to the recipient whether it is a noun or a verb.

When that is all done, blindfold him and drop him off at Ben Gurion Airport. He can see how that anti semite thingy is going for him.

I'm just glad he's not gay.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I read lots of Blogs stating that the writers do not care what Mel Gibson does but if he makes a good movie, they will buy a ticket. Comparisons are made to Roman Polanski and Woody Allen and surely, people flock to their movies.

I like to talk about each person separately. The complaint with Woody Allen is that he married his daughter. Roman Polanski is said to have raped an 8 year old and Gibson is on the tapes for being a racist, a bigot, and anti Semite. I'm here just talking about Gibson, who loves to picture himself as this innocent, kind of simple person living in this horridly complex world. He is anything but.

I don't really care what actors do in their private lives as to abuse of their own bodies, of getting married and divorced with the frequency of drinking milk, and most of their crazy publicity seeking stunts.

If they are in a good movie or play, I'll watch it, and if it is a dog, I'll avoid it. I believe if their personal life does not impact society, it should not influence my personal choices.

There is a difference when the person is a racist, a criminal, a bigot, or discriminates. I think it would be phoniness on my part for me to support such an actor with attendance. Mel Gibson is someone who I will never attend his work.

So for those who don't care if Gibson is a creepy anti Semite and racist pig, then they will support his work but I join those who think he is disgusting.

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One of my favorite news services, Salon, posted an article, presumably written by a drug user extolling the virtues of legalizing drug use though admits that in the U.S. there is little chance of it happening.

So, I read the article and it was the usual once sided argument, and I read each of the comments. Almost, if not everyone who commented believes that legalization would be a seemly solution both for society as well as the government coffers.

I did not jump on this bandwagon. I have some concern about the number of additional people added to the drug user ledgers when they do not fear the law. Would legalization be a catalyst to produce large additional numbers of Zombies? Oh, if you don't like my use of Zombies, just substitute another word.

So, would it be good for more Zombies driving or can they be forced to stay home when I go out for a spin so I have a better chance of seeing tomorrow? Is there any guarantee that my taxes would not increase owing to greater numbers on the public dole, greater strain on health care, increases in taxes owing to commensurate unemployment insurance costs.

Would there be a greater productivity loss that reflects in higher consumer prices? Would Zombies still steal to get money to pay for it legally?

I am told you can get high breathing the air in Amsterdam, the poster boy for legalization. Is this emblematic of what my town would look and smell like?

The idea of legalizing drugs has some merit, but I would like more information before I punch the voting card.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, the Daily Beast, a fine news service, had an article on Transocean, the owner of the oil platform they leased to BP that is killing the Gulf. The article discusses the odious practices of Transocean and who they deal with.

I remember a recent article on the 10 worst companies in the world and the reason for the ranking. Transocean could be the poster boy, the keynote speaker at the "Corporate Worsts Convention" appropriate held on the Cayman Islands.

I believe for most businesses their corporate culture gives us an indelible blueprint predicting their future dealings. Some are great corporate citizens even to the point of requiring all suppliers to meet certain codes of conduct and even encourage employees to spend time in public service.

Yet, there are many who consider the public or national interest tertiary at best, who will throw their grandmothers under the bus to turn a buck, who will cut forests, poison the water and air, deal with rogue nations, and fiddle while Earth burns.

Even if fined a few hundred million, they pay it out of petty cash if their lawyers can't get the fine delayed or reduced and they throw a party for lawmakers on some tropic island while their PR team tells us they are our long lost brothers who help make our life and environment safe and clean.

I think their PR team picks a neatly dressed Cougar, who walks like a ramp model and talks in a sultry voice telling us that the screwing we get is really worth the screwing we get. Sometimes, they use an ugly Octogenarian so we can believe that this granny wouldn't lie to us.

On occasion the spin is subtle. Like the former monopoly AT&T changing their logo to lower case (at&t)because some Madison Avenue exec told them it has a softer more cuddly image. Now they can screw us and we hope they'll remember our name in the morning.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


One of my favorite on-line mags, Salon, has an article about parents who find themselves unhappy rearing a child, being a parent. I just had to comment

Personally I don't care if parents are unhappy having to give up a Lotte here and there and changing diapers compared to a pedicure. I don't care if they have to struggle because they thought the Lord will provide and they have children every 10 months.

The world if full of single parents. In all cases, at least, one of them sucks. The number of high school drop outs tell me that the unhappy parents shouldn't have been parents at all. These morons blame their kids, spouse, school, all but the whole in their double digit IQ boat.

Here is a clue. If you don't know what it takes to bring up a child, don't get pregnant. If you know what it takes, don't complain. There is an expression about a drunk waking up sober but a moron wakes up a moron.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


I asked a Brit if he thought it was a poor idea to lose these colonies, and he just said that we never could listen to instructions. As though to jokingly say, good riddance.

It is not the British that I think about on July 4, nor the fireworks, the sales that are in all the stores, and I hardly even think about it being my country's birthday.

My thoughts go to the part of the Declaration that we recited in school about We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and amongst these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here, Jefferson talked about the people, not the government, just the people.

Later on I half memorized the last Sentence, That in defense of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine guidance, we pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. This part was not for the people; this part talked to our government.

I would like each President, each member of Congress, each member of the Supreme Court, to doctors, insurance companies, lawyers, and police to read and understand the promise given to me and my children and their children, to my neighbors and friends and to all of you and those near and dear to you.

While I wish all a happy Independence Day, I write this as a lament.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salon magazine published a article about the media trashing Palin's speech at a The California State University at Turlock. She was in this conservative but poor area to raise money. Students rummaging through the trash bins found the grossly high fee she charged including high expenses and luxury accommodations. This evidence showed her monumental lack of charity.

I would like all the idiotic Palin followers to understand her comments about the students finding evidence in the trash bin. "Don't they have anything better to do" was the thrust of her comment. In other words, if the students didn't waste their time rummaging through the University trash bin, she wouldn't have gotten caught.

Being caught with a heavy hand in the public till, particularly a poor school, is not the image she wants to portray even though it is the true image. She therefore blames the investigators who exposed her greed.

A person robs a 7/11 store and being caught on video tape blames the owners for spending money on tape in this lousy economy.

Same analogy. But Palin deserves an answer and it falls on me. The students did exactly the right thing. A perfect utilization of their time. Exposing the truth may not be important in the Palin world but it is the truth in the student's world.

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Here is an article that discussed the disgusting manner in which the governing organization of world cup soccer treats players gross misbehavior toward women. The article uses an episode where one player slapped a female reporter because she wrote a simple news story about his girlfriend. She lunged at him after the battery attack but it did little good.

I'm happy this reporter lunged at the moron but I think that was too light of a response. She should have poked an eye out. He would have tons of time to think about hitting a female.... from the sidelines. True poetic justice.

This article, by Ryan Brown, actually stoops low enough to give the reason he slapped her as though that would lend some merit. There is no legitimate reason, no justification, save self defense.

The article also states that the governing organization should frown upon violence and lecture the pigs who act against women. This author should join the Taliban. FIFA should outlaw, fine, punish and expel for such behavior not have a heart-to-heart talk. But, hey, it would interfere with the money.

My opinion is that if America was not doing so well, I would not even think of watching this monumentally boring sport. I think most of the players with long hair actually look more gay than macho. Sorry to my wonderful gay friends. I love the way these sissies pretend to be hurt. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm crying for them.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


An article in Salon talks of how we pick and choose which countries, people, races to root for and are uncaring about the others. Below is my response.

I think this article is sadly based on true feelings. However, it is, in the aggregate, wrong. Many people care about the Gazans, many hate the Israelis, and many love the Africans and cry over what is happening in several areas.

Simply because this writer has his views, does not mean it is shared on any major basis.

I care about Israel very much, but love America. I care about the black people in Africa, but on a different level because I don't have a connection other than humanitarian caring. I think this is very normal.

We are not all Ghandi's or Mandella's and cannot cry or lose sleep for everyone in the world. But we can talk, vote, write, and march to make a difference.

We love our country, rise to our flag, and our young people are dying for all of us. We have laudable feelings. The sad part is the ineffectiveness of those who have the power and the mission to cause change and do not.

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There is legislation pending to eliminate discrimination in schools based on gender identity. This was precipitated when a Mississippi school denied a Lesbian attendance in a Prom, her wanting to bring her date and wear a Tuxedo.

While it was deplorable, the school canceling the Prom, it was understandable in certain sectors of the country. Yet, understandable, does not make it correct. And being within the social mainstream of that area also does not make it correct.

Having had their hands slapped and taken to the woodshed, there should have been a healing, growing, learning and maturity building episode moving from the dark ages to this modern era. Yet, when one considers that great parts of the moronic South is still seething about giving civil rights to black people, I guess that the parents and school showed their true form, their blatant ignorance, the never ending prejudice of this region, and years of inbred bigotry when they arranged a private party for most and a shadow Prom for the Lesbian.

Beside the cruelty perpetrated by the adults including the parents and school, the real legacy of this low life act is that it included further poisoning the students that went to the private party. These bigots passed their hatred, to their children.
My hat is off to this young girl, to the gift of the scholarship by Ellen and Opra, and to the needed legislation to make sure no student suffers as a result of their gender identity.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Financial support of Israel should not be with strings. It should be in recognition of having a democratic partner in the region. Israel is not a chattel of the U.S. and we have no business telling them how to conduct their country or their policies. Do we tell France, England, Spain, Germany, etc. how to run their country? Do we have another democratic partner in the Middle East?

The fuss we made over their building apartments is a sham and I don't know how Hillary and Biden allowed themselves to be pawns in this farce.

American Jews should reserve their negative comments if that is genetically possible. You don't tell the American Heart Association how to run their organization because you sent a check. Israel is not your child? You have a right to bitch, but that doesn't make it right.

We should do a better job allowing weapons and drugs to come into the U.S. before we tell Israel what to blockade and what not to. If some country or group sent rockets into the U.S. we'd have a national hysteria fit and probably start one or more wars. Yet, the morons who tell Israel to have a measured response, include so many European countries that kiss oil ass.

A peace has to be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians. If they don't want peace. If they still are OK with the status-quo, then life will belong to the last country standing.

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Every article I read about BP is increasingly disgusting, increasingly criminal, and both the government agencies and congress seem no better than BP.

We allowed them to play with our environment without adequate controls, by accepting money, by looking the other way or not looking at all. The police seemed to be sleeping with the whores.

It is popular to blame BP as it is popular to blame the undocumented from coming into the U.S with no fences. or a thief who steals a car with the key left in and the door not locked.

As a people, we do not march and cry out and demand that our congress do the work of the people. We just let them take money, do what ever is in the interest of their handlers, their economic benefactors and keeping power in the hands of their own party.

When we realize that BP is the fault of ourselves, we might rise up and demand better effective government that works for us.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This blog refers to the Israeli military trying to board and inspect a flotilla of so called aid ships to Gaza. The Israelis imposed an embargo on Gaza to prevent the importation of missiles and other weapons that would be used by Hamas. They do not interfere with normal products and aid.

There has been an international outcry because 10 members of the flotilla are dead.
The flotilla included those who laid in wait for the Israelis with clubs, knives, and they took two soldiers guns and shot the Israeli soldiers. Many Israeli soldiers were clubbed and stabbed and are in hospitals as I write.

Some Jews have joined the rest in condemning Israel for both boarding the flotilla, for using force even though they were attacked as is shown on film, and also say that the force was more than necessary.

Now, the U.S.rightfully uses drones in Afghanistan, and while it is really a nice warm fuzzy feeling to see some of the Taliban killed, there is also collateral damage. Collateral damage are nice words for killing civilians, and civilians is a nice word for women and children. The Taliban, like other, insurgents like to live amongst women and children as shields. Hammas and Hezbollah do the same. Does anyone see the similarities?

In this story, the insurgents were amongst the innocent sailors. They clubbed and stabbed and shot Israeli soldiers who wanted to inspect and not fight. Israel has to inspect to protect its citizens against rockets and weapons being shipped to Gaza. This was a trap, I believe set-up in Turkey.

Now what doesn't the Israel haters, including some Jews, and the oil buying international community who has to kiss up to the Arabs, know about this situation?

So, did the soldiers use too much force? If I were being clubbed, knifed and shot, I would kill all needed to assure stability without much concern for collateral damage. That is the risk of allowing insurgents, etc. to mingle with ordinary people. I think, in this case, the Israelis showed amazing restraint.

The Arab and anti Israeli propaganda machine is in full bloom.

Monday, May 31, 2010


I remember a TV commercial of yesteryear showing a native American Indian near a freeway, with tears welling-up seeing the exhaust from cars and the litter by the side of the road. I had the same feeling that as I had recently watching Sarah McLachlan doing the tear jerking ASPCA commercial. We care about America as long as it doesn't impact our lifestyle.

I watch cars near a busy intersection. Still tons of trucks, SUVs with a driver and no passengers. I don't know how many square meters Costco allocates for bottled water. There are lots of cars in the diamond lane but almost half have are cheating with only one occupant.

Ms. Christie Aschwanden wrote an article about the carbon footprint of air travel. It was published by Mother Jones. It is both stirring and articulate. It is a reminder that some will sacrifice for the common cause. I haven't been in a plane in 15 years and don't intend to. My home is significantly green. I guess I don't mind peeing weeing uphill because that's what a single person's effort feels like.

Yet, there are some 50% of the people who find it more convenient to deny global warming. I guess they all vote Republican.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Asking a Supreme Court Candidate if they are Gay

Being gay does not form any more a set of beliefs than being white, being Jewish, or being of mixed ethnicity. That is the core premise Glenn Greenwald of Salon used today make this a legitimate question. However, if the core premise is wrong, what follows is tainted logic. There are gay conservatives, Republicans, Progressives and Liberals who come from normal and abnormal families. Being gay does not give a clue.

Asking a person if they are gay, even as a Supreme's candidate would not be an issue if the stupid religions did not call gay people abominations. If the Mormon Church did not have hissy fits about gay rights, if the right wing nuts did not rail about gays.

Asking this question just gives the prejudice, bigots, discriminators fodder for the fires of hate.

As well, there is a defacto tie to the question of being gay and the imagery of what gay people do sexually. In our society, it panders to the prurient interest. Nice try Greenwald but no cigar.

When people accept that being gay or bisexual is a gift and not an abomination, it will be perfectly acceptable to ask.

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I really believe that the article by Joan Walsh in the May 21, 2010 Salon, may start a different dialogue on the candidate Rand Paul. It seems that he is a stereotype poster boy for the ultra right Tea Party mentality of keeping government out of anything that has to do with private lives, private enterprise.

It follows that, according to Rand Paul, government can make rules concerning government property, protection of the citizens, dealing with other countries, military, but not private business.

This is the core belief of Rand Paul. The fact that what flows from this is the enormous potential for prejudice and discrimination in housing, the workplace, retail businesses. This is not just against black people but anyone for any reason.

No, we do not need all social outcomes to be total equality and that is what our 3 branches of government decide. But, America is better than allowing rank discrimination in the hands of a landlord, a retailer, a private university, etc. It is our moral standing that has bode us well not just in the U.S., but worldwide. The core belief of Rand Paul, would create an environment that promotes, hate, discrimination and prejudice. America does not need to revert back 60 years and beyond, it does not need a Rand Paul because it does not need defacto discrimination.

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Monday, May 10, 2010


I was reading and listening to a CBS News report telling that almost all copy machines from 2002 on have a built-in hard drive that keeps a digital record of all copies, all scans and all faxes. On many machines, there could be 20,000 records.

When you sell the machine, or have it picked up for recycling, trade it in, the hard drive can be read by anyone with software available for free on the Internet. So, if you are a government organization, or a doctor, a bank, a shrink, a lawyer (oh sorry), a business with sensitive data like employee records... oh you get the idea, this would be a field day for naughty people. And if a famous Madame sold her copier, how many famous people would get the Tiger syndrome. Of course, not me.

I think there should be a facility required on all of these machines that have hard drives for the user to be able to clear the drive using a code.

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Monday, May 3, 2010


Last evening, May 2, 2010, 60 Minutes interviewed Conan with most of the time spent on his losing his Tonight Show slot, Jay Leno leaving the 10 PM slot and accepting the Tonight Show once again. I viewed the some 20 minute interview.

I felt ashamed that Conan's body language and innuendo seemed to blame everyone but himself. I watched Conan, from time to time, with an open mind, and found him to not be funny nor interesting enough for my taste. Perhaps young people like his slap stick humor, but I think it is not funny or sophisticated enough. Conan tried to change something that worked. That something is the Carson or Leno style. I think he should have adopted some of this rather than being just his unfunny self.

Conan complained that 6 months was not an adequate test. I know that six months is not the longest test in the world, but I really don't think that something that doesn't work is going to start getting better simply as a function of time. If Conan were hilarious, probably he'd still have the Tonight Show and Jay would have to struggle to improve the 10 PM slot.

As an aside; Leno could do well with leaving Toyota alone as he has exhausted that humor to the point of boredom, but in balance, I'd pick Leno for the 11:35 time slot any day.

As to Leno acting honorably. I just think show business is about ratings, money, audience, management, and humor. it is grossly childish to think this is a buddy system. I don't think Leno is either honorable or otherwise. He did the right thing for himself and his employers by taking the Tonight Show back.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


There is a moment when the light turns from green to yellow and before it gets to red, that provides a window of opportunity to decide on one course or another. To do something or not, go along or to reject,

We all can't help what we think or feel, but we certainly can control what we do or say. The moment of truth is when we make follow the choice. It separates us from the lower form of specie because in these moments while the light is changing, we can choose amongst the alternatives, and good mental health is said to be choosing that which is in our best interest.

I was commenting on Huffington Post about Ms. Shukert's article about her youth and when she posed nude for a photographer she didn't know.

It was clearly not in Ms. Shukert's best interest to go along with the photographer. She offers the usual discourse... a ledger, where stupidity and youth is on one side, the side that should have said no, and excuses like wanting to live in N.Y.because I'm not boring like others in her hometown. She felt license because she is more free, uninhibited, more modern. She also blames it on her youth, innocence et al.

I'm happy the author was not harmed or damaged by this episode. If she can teach others to recognize the light changing, perhaps they will make better choices before it turns red.

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It is

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Can't Put Murder Aside

Ann Hood wrote an article detailing her sexual adventures when younger and getting together with a few of her lady friends talking about Amanda Knox. Her theme is that she could have been Amanda Knox. One of her friends said Amanda is innocent. Well, that should certainly settle it!

There was a good deal of ballyhoo about the Italian system of justice especially as it concerns foreigners. We'd like to blame the Italians. In fact, I can say that Americans accused of crimes in other countries just have to be innocent, and if they are accused in the U.S., then they just have to be guilty. How dare other countries arrest and convict an American?

Every time someone does or is accused of a terrible crime, there are those who pull out the high school yearbook, talk about the wonderful childhood, interview neighbors who are aghast that this pillar of society would do something like kill another person.

Ann Hood, even in a defacto manner, compares her own youth to Amanda Knox. I think the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Ann is lucky not to have Herpes, HIV, or other problems only Penicillin could cure. Ann could have been killed, while perhaps Amanda killed another. Their only similarities are how long each lived on a continual Spring break.

I don't agree with the title that Ann could have been Amanda Cox. I contend that Amanda should have been more like Ann, albeit, with the ability to say "no".

There is a new trial scheduled in Italy. I hope that the truth prevails. This is not about Amanda being a goddess of sex, or being kinky, being promiscuous. It is not about her being a foreigner. It is about capital murder, the motive, the evidence and it should have clarity and truth in a judgment.

As an aside, I would have loved to meet an Ann or Amanda when I was younger. Yes, a Nympho was always my ideal. I even mused that if they had Tourette Syndrom, it would be perfection.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I wrote a comment on Mother Jones' story about Exxon Mobile either not paying any taxes at all to the IRS or that they only paid a fraction of what they should owing to the tax havens and loopholes. Exxon jumped all over this, not liking negative publicity and assuring the world that they pay taxes to the IRS. The article shows that even if they paid what they said, it is a piddling amount if they did not have the shelters and "creativity".

I suggested that the potholes on my streets would be fixed if the IRS had an alternate tax and all of the international companies had to pay the largest of the current tax system or an alternate tax, a flat rate for sales made in the U.S.

I further suggested that it would pass the House and die in the senate. We would woo the ladies in Maine because they would seem "reasonable" at first, but in the end, they would vote party line. I'm sure that Exxon has a few Dems in their pockets. Nevertheless, the IRS should take this step.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

John A. Paulson & King Richard 111

According to my recollection, John A. Paulson who made billions fixing the odds like a bookie paying off some players to shave points, gradated from my Alma Mater. During my time, the business school at New York University was called the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. I use to brag because I did the 4 year curriculum in 2 1/2 years while working for a commodities broker on Wall Street. The name changed to the Stearns School of Business, but they are one in the same, and a short walk to Washington Square where they made one of the all time great chess movies, "In search of Danny Fisher".

Paulson who made his investment bones working for Bear Stearns, went to, amongst others, the now indicted Goldman Sachs and paid them 25 very large to put together a folder of real adjustable mortgage losers that had decent Standard & Poors and Moody's ratings, but very likely to fail based on Paulson's analysis. Now, Goldman Sachs, hard pressed to turn down a Trojan Gift Horse, did just that. Then Paulson offered these to his clients and took a short position so he made billions (very very very large) when they failed.

It would be nice if he were indicted too, but he probably won't be. He covered his gilt edged ass in the prospectus' send to clients.

Now, why did I blog? I worked on Wall Street, graduated from the same school at N.Y.U. and I'm sitting here blogging instead of clipping coupons. Damn! Yet, I have some semblance of conscience; I think Paulson and King Richard III did not.

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Monday, April 12, 2010


I read a super article on Mother Jones about Google wanting to show us how we use our power with a view to reducing costs and becoming more green. I am surely in favor of these two features, but with it was my utility company and not Google doing this for me. I have a feeling that I don't want Google any more in my life than it is already.

It just seems that Google is becoming almost as omnipresent in my life as was Starbucks in its heyday, I think that its power and size borders on hurting competition. For example, I use Firefox as my browser and they put only Google on their home page. Would be nice if they put the top 3. Yahoo and Bing are also good search engines.

As well, we think Google is giving us free things, but I believe we are paying for this. Just like in a Las Vegas Casino where you get free drinks when you are gambling, the drinks are not really free. You are paying for them within the odds set against you by the casino.

When you use a Google search engine to find a product, many firms have to bid for space and you end up paying more for the product as it cost the merchant more to present it to you. Same is true when you use "Rewards Credit Cards" thinking you're getting free rewards, but you are paying dearly for it every time you use the credit card because they charge merchants more when you buy with a rewards card.

So, I do like Google, but without the voracious appetite for expansion.


Thursday, April 8, 2010


A school girl wanted to attend the Prom with a girlfriend. Seen as a Lesbian situation, she was barred. This is in Mississippi, the bastion of tolerance, of understanding, and intelligence. In the infinite wisdom of the parents, the students, the board and administrators, they decided not to have a Prom rather than let this delightful girl attend with her friend in what ever capacity that friend is.

Then the ACLU got involved and the school secretly made two Proms. a real one that the students could attend and a second one that the Lesbian and a few handicapped students were invited to while thinking they were going to the real thing. Thus, this genius solution served to segregate the Lesbian couple and the handicapped from tainting the rest of the Prom attendees.

I don't know why it takes an ACLU to get involved. Here is a civil rights violation that the Federal Government should be climbing all over and it is definitely a hate crime as well. Where is the DOJ because I remember Holder's promise?

After an appropriate investigation, the parents should be fined and made to do enough community service work so that it will take them generations to forget this toxic event. The ring leader parents should be jailed. The entire school board, teachers and administrators that were involved and let this happen should also be fined, fired, and given years of community service with the ring leaders jailed. The students involved should have more than just a suspension but a notation on their permanent records and made to take classes in tolerance and complete the classes before their transcripts would be available to any higher level of education.

This episode stinks to high hell and reminds me of the damn Ku Klux Klan. It is the Jim Crow south at its worst. It is prejudice, intolerance, bigotry and discrimination coupled with an unbridled moronic ignorance.

I'd like to use the Jay Leno admonition and say Where Are The Parents? But, they were there, they were complicit, and there is no shame greater.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Racism in America, Not All Negative

There is no question that the poison spewed from foul mouthed bigots have always been with us but the town hall meetings, the Republican's refusal to clamp down hard on their moron believers, and having a black President has brought the poison out in the open not increased its volume. The Democrats, who are so reluctant to show the rage appropriate to the symptoms share much blame and I am outraged that they are so lame. Lastly, the first amendment, that which media and most freedom loving people hold so dearly provides the legitimate forum for being disgustingly verbal.

New generations are more color blind but only if the parents and teachers are same. You cannot legislate how people feel and think, only what they do and with the first amendment, you can't legislate what they say. So you can't expect or fault that we are not color blind yet. Many black, Hispanic, Indians, and Asians are not color blind either. But we live together mostly in harmony. It does seem to improve each year. I don't think Dr. King would be disappointed, at least, in the ggregate. I think he would be happy but reserved.

We need a way to shut down the bigots to make them the outcasts. We need a solution to this and not another statement of the problem.

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Friday, April 2, 2010


The beautiful actress Anna Paquin "came out" and it caused an Internet overload.

While there is true eroticism in a beautiful actress coming out bisexually and stirring the imagination of all those who mobbed the Internet, there is a infinitely higher cause.

When publicity like this offers some tick up in popularity, there is also a price and Anna knew she had to pay a personal price for being brave. She will be considered less than human by all the religious groups, by all Republican narrow minded right wing zealots, by the flock who dance to the tunes of their Sunday sermons, and possibly by producers who feel that there will be less viewers.

But Anna rose above the downside risks and I absolutely love her honesty and bravery.

Groups like the Human Rights Campaign work within the system. I give them a huge applause for keeping calm in the face of bigots and discriminators, idiot clergy and homophobic morons. If I were their leader, I'd lock and load. Of course, it is a euphemism, isn't it?

There is an old adage I learned at my Alma Mater, IBM, and it goes something like "You can't help what you think or feel, but you can help what you do or say." This would tell Anna to stay closeted. In this case I concur with the exception to the rule.


Monday, March 29, 2010


There were articles today stating that with the signing of the health care bill, insurance companies do not have to accept sick children by just not letting them have insurance policies. IE: Denying Coverage.

I expect this from these vultures, nothing less but I never blame vultures. I blame all of the Republican congress and senate and some of the naysayer Democrats for not allowing a one payer system at best, and a public option at worst. These are the people who should have blood on their hands, should have misery on their hands and should be voted out of public office for life.

I hope every parent who has minor children become active to defeat every Republican candidate for office and all of the Democrats or Independents who voted against health care and tried to blackmail to get special favors.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I just saw a terrible ad by the Republicans asking what Jerry Brown did for you? This ad is so prejudicial and misleading that it is difficult for me to hold my breakfast in.

If you want to really know about candidate for Governor of California, Attorney General Jerry Brown, go the this site:

If you want to really know what Attorney General Jerry Brown has done for California, go to this site:

These are facts. So different from the nasty commercials of Meg Whitman and the nastier commercials of her rival.

Jerry Brown was a great Secretary of State, he gave California a surplus when he was Governor. He was a super Mayor in Oakland, and now a fine Attorney General. We voted out Grey Davis who raised the cost of auto registration and we paid the price of getting a movie actor. Now we have Arnold who is all but bankrupting California. I think the best thing Arnold has done is promote tourism with his lovely wife.

Hello, the North counties, Orange county, San Diego County, are you listening?

I urge everyone to vote for Jerry Brown who will make a great Governor once again.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am a registered Republican but have emotionally and physically left the Grand Old Party owing to their lust for power at any cost. The lust should be for doing the work of the people, for making this a more perfect union, for caring for the needy. But I judge the current Republican lust being for holding their own jobs and for power.

My party has been taken over by zealots, by those who don't know the truth if it smacked them in the face, by bigots, by racists, by discriminators and those who hate instead of love. That is how I see it and that is how I'm writing it. They not only lie, but look the other way when others are totally hateful.

The Republican part did not care about the thousands of Americans who die because of lack of insurance. Their elections are more important to them. They don't care about the thousands who go bankrupt because of health costs. They would rather gain power on the backs of Americans. They don't care about those Americans who lost insurance because some insurance company claimed a preexisting condition even if it is a child or a woman abused at home. That is how I see it and how I'm writing it. Their sickening claim is that it cost too much to have a healthier America.

And now they want to fight health care instead of licking their rotting wounds and doing their job for the people. I do not see my ex party crying for the 5,000 or so soldiers who died in the middle east and the tens of thousands maimed. They still want war. This is how I see it and how I'm writing it.

So to my ex party, you lost me and I'm leaning toward being a Ted Kennedy Democrat.

Let us hope your leadership suffers in the same way they do nothing but see Americans suffering. Perhaps some bright fiscal conservative with a social heart will kick you bums out, and the Grand Old Party will rise from the rubble you've caused. and do some good for my country.


Friday, March 19, 2010


1. Each alien must register or be deported.

2. The registration fee must cover any research, processing costs and enter a medical payment fund.

3. Each will be finger printed and provide documents required to identify.

4. An alien registration card will be issued with encryption code. It will not allow air or train travel, but will allow bus, the obtaining of driver licenses and be allowed to work if an employer showed and documented due diligence in trying to find a citizen. All taxes must be paid plus paying into any health care fund. The cards will have an expiry date and must be renewed. Those with expired cards can be deported. Cards will be issued to those who are not wanted or warrants issued or who have not paid their current debt to society. Cards will be issued to those who did not commit felonies or did and paid their debt in full.

5. Those with cards issued may separately file to receive green cards but will have to wait on line.

6. After signed by the President, children of Aliens will not receive automatic citizenship even if born in the U.S. They can be eligible to receive Alien cards.

7. All those with Alien cards and who have residence within a jurisdiction may enjoy resident/citizen education privileges.

8. Any Alien not carded or not having a government receipt of card-in-progress can be deported. Any expired card or person with a felony conviction after applying for a card or receiving one will be deported.

9. Alien students can receive a student card. It has an expiry date.

10. Regardless of student's degree, students must leave the country when their card expires but may register to receive an Alien card.

11. There will be no Alien cards issued to illegal entries after the President signs the new law.

12. I like the idea of non working Aliens to pay into a medical fund or have their card canceled.

Monday, March 15, 2010


It is written that by this next Saturday or earlier, we will learn if there will be health care reform or will we wait, potentially, 50 more years or wait forever. I have written, often, that I would like to see a complete federal take-over of health care, all under Medicare, and including take over of Medicare Supplement Policies, the entire Prescription Drug system, as well as Dental Care.

Those against this give reasons of expenditures, fear of government take-over of our health, idiotic talk about death panels, and some congressmen saying they have to vote for what their people back home want. Republicans are entirely out of this decision owing to what I believe is their greater importance of trying for more votes in November and more, of their prime motive, power.

I believe what health care reform is really about is not money but a moral imperative of giving health care to the uninsured, reducing the cost of health care, to avoid the insurance companies being enriched for nothing, to not have preexisting conditions, and to avoid people dying and going bankrupt over health care.

It is time for the Democrats and Independents to be heard as one voice. If not now it may never happen and many thousands will die, suffer, become bankrupt. The only winners will be the insurance companies. Those Americans who have insurance and don't give a damn about those who do not will not win in the long haul.

The suffering, the deaths, the bankruptcies of thousands, every year, are in the hands of the Democratic party and Independents. In an up and down vote, I hope the naysayers pay the ultimate political price.

I would like to see the names and Jurisdiction of every no vote, to be etched in a monument so the families of those who die, those who suffer, those who lose everything can read the scroll of the infamous. I would financially support this monument.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lehman Brothers Died in Dante's Inferno

I love the Huffington Post and Arriana is brilliant and beautiful. Today they told about the shoddy accounting practices of the now defunct Lehman brothers. So here I go ruminating about the debit and credit crowd.

Now, who says accounting fellows in pin striped suits, salt and pepper or white hair and wing tip shoes are dull and boring? These guys are funny, creative and terribly naughty. They should be spanked in public like they paddle or cane in Singapore. Think about their "Repo 105" scam! I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

And who says the Jews own Wall Street? Lehman Brothers is a nice Semitic name but 95% of all those dudes who got their tit in a wringer wouldn't let Lehman anywhere near their club. Even the accounting firm of Ernst & Young sound like hungry WASPS foraging for a big green meal.

I just love the idea of selling a few billion in toxic assets just before the end of an accounting period so you can show cash without the liabilities, and then honoring your agreement to buy it back just after the period ends a few days later. Brilliant! Well done by the green shades and rubber band shirt sleeve crowd. I wish they were Jewish. My heart soars like an eagle.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Janet Raloff, wrote two articles for Science Magazine on the approx. 74,800,000 pounds of Atrizine sprayed on crops to protect corn, sorghum, sugarcane, cotton, golf courses, etc. from weeds. This chemical has showed-up in drinking water and the E.P.A. is reopening studies. This stuff emasculates amphibians (than means, in simplistic terms, makes females out of males). Funny that this stuff is banned by the European Union and in particular Switzerland where Syngenta, the leading manufacturer of this weed inhibitor is headquartered.

The high levels in drinking water, particularly in central U.S. where these crops are grown. It gets into rivers as well as tap water and has, in cases, exceeded the EPA safety limit. I love the fact that Syngenta's U.S. facility says they tested it and we should believe them. They say the U.S. should save the expense of further testing.

Atrazine is said by independent scientists to cause too much estrogen in fish and mammals and this not only feminizes but is also a cancer risk and reduces immune functions and elevates stress related hormones. There have also been birth defects in babies. So who is right and who is wrong. I am happy to spend the money for independent testing and conclusions especially when one study overseas actually had an employee of Syngenta working on it.

This is no joke. Is Syngenta hiding something. Why banned overseas and not here?

Monday, March 1, 2010


Here is the first paragraph by an article in the New York Times:

Thousands of the nation’s largest water polluters are outside the Clean Water Act’s reach because the Supreme Court has left uncertain which waterways are protected by that law, according to interviews with regulators.

What I call the Corporate Supreme Court, a band of solid right wing unbending five vote coalition who must be on their muscle now knowing they can be as activist as they want and give corporations as much power as possible and we can do nothing about it.

Oh yes, there are Congressmen and Senators who stand up and put forth a bill to correct the Supreme Courts' aggressive undeclared policy to destroy the poor and middle class, but it will never either come to a vote or be passed. The Republicans are dancing a jig over the Court's balance. Letting corporations spend all they want on lobbying or saying it another way, buying legislators; giving corporations suffrage; and now allowing massive pollution of water, degrading the Clean Water Act.

Corporations are saying that the Clean Water Act does not apply to them, going as far as not even complying with reporting, and having the Supreme Court's ruling to shove in the face of America is what is happening all over America.

There is something inherently wrong with a Supreme Court where appointment is made for life. I am in favor of closing it down, and using another method of staffing this high body without it being a political appointment and with some assurances that it is a centrist court.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


When I was younger, when a school would have a prayer or when a Christian image would be placed in public halls, it was often a Jewish organization or other non Christian religion that was the so-called Plaintiffs being represented by the ACLU asking that the separation concept be strictly enforced.

Today, we have a meeting with the non believers, aka Atheists, doing the work that minority religions use to do. Not sure of the reason but I guess it has to do with government faith based money. Oh, I'm so cynical!

I cringe when ever I read about some clergyman wanting to put the 10 commandments on public property, when I hear the Under God in the Pledge, when some school administrator thinks he or she will go to heaven if they put god in the classroom, when some religious group knocks on my door for any reason, and when I see Mel Gibson's face.

Separation of Church and State should be 100%, not 99%. I'd even vote for taking off In God We Trust off of money even though I believe in God. The government does not belong in a Church, in a Synagogue or in a Mosque, and religions don't belong in Government. Amen.

What irks me is that government, sans George Bush, more or less stayed out of the religious organizations but the converse has not been true. Religions want to creep in with every and any crack in the door.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Salon Magazine had an article based on an interview with Elvis Stojko who really wants men's figure skating to be more masculine. In a different article for Yahoo, he also says that the Russian, Pleshenko should have won.

Everyone, it seems needs their 15 minutes of fame and Elvis has proven that he will need many decades not minutes to gain more fame. His rather disgusting comments on the need for masculinity in figure skating is just that.

I just think that it does not matter your gender preferences and skaters who dance effeminate can be the most fun to watch. Many gay skaters are downright excellent and Elvis should, but doesn't, know better than to have such a bigoted rant. Many more manly skaters are also excellent and often better. Sexuality should not matter, the skating should! Strjko, time to Grow up!

Just to illustrate the downright prejudice and poor sportsmanship, Strjko's ranting about the loss of the Russian exemplifies the worst in reporting. Pleshenko also showed some of the lousiest sportsmanship.

In fact, one of the best sportsmen was Weir, who skated very flamboyant and many BLGT organization writers thought he was robbed. I think they could voice their disappointment but not say he was robbed.

In contrast, there was not one word of bad sportsmanship from Weir. He loved competing, he admitted some errors, dressed, looked and skated wonderfully. Yes it is a competition, not a show, but I believe showmanship will always be a part of figure skating. Weir's routing was said to be not as difficult but he danced it almost flawlessly, came in sixth, and smiled from ear to ear.


In my in box today was a story by the Science News magazine about the other end of a cell phone conversation while driving. Before this illuminating article, I knew that I needed a hands free device to use with my cell phone (other than legally) as there were just too many accidents while holding the phone and talking while driving. I also know of the insanity of texting while driving and wouldn't think of doing this. OK, I admit, that I don't text anyway so it is a moot question.

This Science article, to boil it down, simply says that when you talk and drive, your memory of what the person says to you will become significantly impaired thus defeating the prior knowledge that using commute time to do some business will help with your overall productivity.

The first thing this tells me is that I should monitor my calls received while driving and not make calls where my memory has to be top notch. The latter is obvious, but monitoring calls on my phone means that I have to pick up the phone to see who is calling to decide to receive it or let it go to message. Of course I will not be able to monitor private calls under today's technology.

Perhaps a good idea is to have a repetitive voice tell you who is calling rather than a phone ringing and your answer activates the call rather than have to push a button or open the phone's flap. Or you tell your phone, verbally, to go to message. This is a state that can be set before driving and reset after diving is finished. As well, when the before driving stage is set, a private call should have an operator tell the caller to announce themselves so you can decide to take it or not. This too, resets when not in driving mode. The benefit of the above is to reduce the use of hands as well as aid in monitoring while driving.

Cell phone companies, are you listening?

Friday, February 19, 2010


All day long Tiger Wood's apology speech was revisited on TV dwarfing the BalLoon Boy, and several other recent monumental news stories that, in my opinion, should be relegated to page 76 on a busy-body rag found at supermarket check-out stands.

I hark back to a previous blog where I'm saying that, as a people, we really have to stop gawking at roadside accidents, stop buzzing about elected officials, athletes, ministers, and what have you, when they have enjoyed some saucy indiscretions.

From the news reporters, to the talk show hosts, to those who add fire by calling in, I want to say that Tiger's sex life belongs to him an his family, and not the grossly disgusting airing of his private laundry.

So, In this brief blog, I say to all of you, GET A LIFE. Get some perspective and talk about rapes, mayhem, murder in the Congo, health care, and other important newsworthy stories.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have often voiced for a single payer system that covers same as Medicare Part A and B. that is mandatory and a matter of deductions as in Social Security. Then there are optional additional coverage by getting rid of the insurance companies and adding Medigap, say, plan "F" at a cost based on age. Lastly have the option of adding Prescription Drug and eliminating it from the insurance companies. There is no reason why insurance companies have to make a profit on our lives and health.

Then, add a food sin tax on all products that are bad for health, not just soda. It will be a smaller tax but would make sure Medicare runs at a profit. This includes candy, cake, processed foods, and so forth. It would encourage processors to get into the saving people's lives instead of making them diabetics.

This last step will help include the poor without killing the budget. Any excess savings can go to the social security pool.

And, doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals must give Medicare level services and not refuse a patient. This plan can pay better fees because of the sin tax but not outrageous fees. Pharmaceuticals that sell in the U.S. must pay taxes in the U.S. and prices must be in line with what they sell for in other countries but not as low.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Author and Professor Mike Signes wrote an intellectual article calling for President Obama to start fighting as a contrast to being a scholar, a gentleman, and thoughtful statesman. I know I'm doing his Huffington Post essay a disservice by boiling it down to one sentence yet, that is the core of what I want to discuss in this blog.

I set out write this with the thought that while I'm in total lockstep with Professor Signes, I do not want to loose having an honest and brilliant law professor as our President. I do not want to loose having a President who appeals what our founding fathers had in mind of a government that works together, notwithstanding a loyal opposition. This is, to me, a polar opposite of the Bush/Cheney fiasco. While Signes does not suggest this, I need to reiterate clearly.

What I'd like to see in support of Signes' posting is our President get in the ring and fight like a cornered tiger in addition to keeping his intellectual and moral authority. It is allot to ask as the Presidency adds years to anyone's life, and I'd like to see my President stay young, vital and be fun for himself and his lovely family.

He faces an opposition with a lust for power. A lust that disregards the needs of the people and the reason why they were elected. They employ a systematic use of lies continually being hammered to shape a public opinion that is strained owing to the economy, to loss of jobs, to the eight year attack on our middle class. To this end a cornered tiger is too mild for my thinking. I wish he were an African Honey Badger who snapped off their testicles and let them bleed to death. Ah metaphor!

I sense that the elected Democrat officials and Independents in State Legislatures, in the House of Representatives and in the Senate are not entering the ring, are not getting bloodied and scarred to help the President with as much fierceness as the opposition puts forth. At least, not like the Republican concerted orchestration to bring this President down. They need to stand up and be counted and help sway the public and make our government work again. They also need an internal discipline to punish errant congressmen who want to use blackmail for their votes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


No, I'm not talking racist, I'm asking for a few genes of Lyndon Johnson to be given to my President and not color ones. Specifically the "warrior" DNA the part that bullies his own party members and punishes them with the wrath of money, position, and support instead of letting some of them blackmail him for their vote.

Since Republicans have used their usual lie tactics, loud tactics, and banding together with one voice, the new Barak with the Lyndon extra gene would use every tactic possible to cower a few of them to vote democratic on issues that the people want and need.

Every Democratic Senator and Congressman should go on the warpath showing what the Republicans are doing to government Sit on the sidelines and the next time you are in a primary, you will have severe opposition and no money. If Pharma and Insurance companies can buy elected officials, then executive orders should prevent them from giving, and we should use tax dollars to buy some Republican votes. If they are money whores, it should not matter where it is coming from.Use the 51% vote. The Republicans will do it if they are elected. You betcha. The public will forget about the fact that 51% vs. 60 is used in two weeks, the next time some Senator forgets to zip up.

Good start Mr. President, but warrior? - not. And here's a hint: ONE PAYER SYSTEM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I read a wonderful article by Richard Eskow, a consultant for the Huffington Post detailing the gross abuses in student loans, the payoffs, lies, and distortions that mirror the almost dead issue of health reform.

The government guarantees loans that are administere by banks so the banks make money off our young people and their families and take zero risk doing so. This is enough to make my breakfast regurgitate. In fact this comes to some 8 billion per year that could go a long way in helping advance education and the students needing this.

There is so much profit in this for banks that money is being paid to steer students to them so they can profit without risk. Some Departments of Education hold shares in the lending organizations which easily result in a conflict of interest. Perks like trips are offered by financial aid firms and colleges are paid handsomely to place an organization on their list of preferred lenders. Counseling that is offered is often simply a sales pitch and scare tactics are employed to distort the truth. The biggest lobbying organization is Sallie Mae who is reported to be buying Democrat and Republican Senators evenly. Banks are calling reform, "Death Panlel II".

If these abuses and waste of student and their parent's money doesn't make you sick and angry, I suggest that you died and forgot to tell anyone.

Right now, a reform bill has passed the House of Representatives and the Senate is doing the same crap as they did during health care reform. Everyone should contact their Senators and demand that they support government run student loans without bank involvement.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Here is a story featured today in The Huffington Report.

Jairo Miguel Sanchez Alonso, Teenage Spanish Matador, Faces 6 Bulls

Medicare Cost and What to Do About It

It is suggested by Ed Tubbs, writing for the OptEdNews that Granny should opt to die earlier as a means of saving Medicare, not turning our future over to others and in particular the People's Republic of China - the Communist dictatorship who shoots people to harvest their organs for profit. I'm in lockstep with not helping China other than to ship lead laden toys back to them.

I think there are better solutions becuase I'm here to say that when I was younger, I was all for living fast, dying young and having a good looking corpse, if I can quote from what fading memory tells me was some movie with the late and great John Garfield.

Well, Ducky, now that I'm an old goat, I want to live as long as I can, as long as the pain is not unbearable, and don't need a death panel to determine my worth vs. the economic long term benefits to my progeny. I also think, with due respect to the fine thinking of Mr. Tubbs, that his solution is singular in nature whereas he does not look at less Draconian solutions.

I pay into a Medigap policy to a private insurance company. Frankly, I do not know why Medicare insures the part that runs at a loss, and the Medigap policy insurance companies insure at a profit. This is the same with Part D, Prescription Drug

Medicare is the best thing that has happened to our senior people since Metamucil and Social Security. So why truncate it while we can expand it. Why not have more options other than Medicare Part A and B and include government insurance for part D (Prescription Drug) and Medigap Insurance? Why not have Medicare offer these at the same profit as the private companies do and use the profit to offset part A and B losses?

I also think that Medicare and Part D and Medigap should definitely be offered to those 55 to 65 because the cost of these are less and it will help offset much of the cost of the 65 and older cost. Add it to an appropriations bill now!

As a senior, I like this much better and, if anyone is listening, keep your death panel hands off the plug. Thank You.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am a senior citizen whose first car cost $150 purchased from a school teacher in New York City who hand painted the Ford Custom to get it ready for sale. It had a rusted hole in the floorboard and on my way to California, I lost a baseball through it that was caught at the Yankee Stadium. I drove that baby for 75,000 miles, with only about $250 in repairs and sold it to a used car lot in Los Angeles, for $15. The cost was .00513 cents per mile. I have not had seen this kind of experience for 3 decades.

Moving forward about 30 years or so, I helped a friend buy a Toyota Corolla used from a dealer. It was a 1987 bought in 1987, a daily rental return for $10,000 with 10,000 miles on it. There was 26,000 miles left on the warranty. He still has that car. He changes the oil every 3,000 miles, there were only $500 in repairs and he has 200,000 on the car. The good condition Kelly's Blue Book is $875. The cost per mile is .00048 cents which is less then the old Ford. (I do not factor gas in these calculations, nor the value of the dollar)

I'm not going to cry over my in-between experiences with a Ford Falcon, a Ford Fairlane 500, a Dodge Dart, a Pontiac LeMans, a Mercedes 450SL, two Mercedes 300D, and a BMW 500 series.
The cost per mile of these, not including gas, is sickening. The repair bills worse. I normally bought one car for me, one for the mechanic.

In the 40 years, almost all of the advertising for the American cars had to do with power, looks, sex, some safety, but almost zero for reliability. I know reliability is not everything, but to most of us , it is important and so is the cost of daily operation.

Toyota and Honda, amongst other imports, led the way and gave us the reliability and cost of operation while the American car companies blamed unions, and retirement benefits. They still advertised based on looks, sex, power. They are now learning the "reliability" word and learning how to make fuel efficient cars. They never cared about renewable resources in the past.

I love "made in America". I wish we brought back all industries that went to foreign countries and then we'd have tons of jobs available here. I hate the global economy for this suffering we are having with so many out of work. I think we have to first take care of our own people.

But let's give Toyota a chance to recall, to fix, and to flourish. Toyota built plants in the U.S. and they gave us the Prius, Corolla, Camry, Highlander and so many other great reliable cars. They now are keeping our own manufacturers honest, competitive and bringing reliability to the market.

I own a Toyoata 2003 Avalon and it is, arguably, the best car I ever owned. Not as "hot", just the best. Decent mileage, not even a total of $100 in repairs and it is 7 years old. Everyone who rides with me comments on the ride.

Toyota: Fess up, come clean, fix the problems, and regain the love!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am one person who mourns when just one of our young men or women die or are wounded in any war, yet, I go ballistic when in happens in a questionable war. We all rally to our country to our flag and these people do more than rally, more than give lip service, they often give their lives, their limbs. Their families give their children, wives, their husbands, and children their military parents. I cry for every one who is touched by the horror of war.

So, why do I want the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy repealed and gays be allowed to openly serve? Perhaps it is because I believe that Gays and Lesbians are as honorable as anyone else. There is testimony and great evidence that they can serve with as much effectiveness as anyone else, and love America as much as anyone. I have not heard one iota of evidence that gays cannot or do not do the job as effectively.

Therein lies the rub: Religions, should keep their collective noses out of military policy. I say that neither the bible nor those who preach it should do other than provide services to military personnel who want these services. Their policy opinions should be shut down. To those who believe gays should not be allowed to openly serve or to serve at all, keep your opinions to yourself unless it is based on some statistically pertinent historical evidence. To our elected officials who take an anti gay stand, probably because they are prejudice, or because leaders in their party said so, or because they feel it will yield more votes, more power, I say that the most shame of all falls on your shoulders. You, above all, should know better. You have taken a solemn oath.

The laws of behavior should be the same for all military personnel and the penalties be the same. Isolated situations should not change what is right.

Many thousands of gays have been removed from a U.S.military already strapped for personnel.
So, since gays make up some 10-12 percent of the population (a guesstimate) then for 6,000 soldiers who died, 600 or more should have been gay, and for 40,000 wounded, 4,000+ should have been gay. The very people who want to serve, who are willing to die are home while their straight counterparts are dying and being wounded in statistically higher numbers then would ordinarily be.

My hat is off to all of those who want to serve and who are able to. To deny them is to deny our country, to put a larger burden on others and their families.

If we cared about and respected each other as much as we do our flag, we would have a fix to medical needs, there would be more jobs, less greed, less hunger for power, certainly less hate. I don't know why gays still care after all of the hate and problems thrown at them, but thankfully, they do.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In California's central valley where 1/12 of the country's agriculture is grown, Discover Magazine reports that over the past 6 years, the loss of ground water in two of the main central valley's basins totalled 30 cubic kilometers. Does this sound like a small amount? Well, one cubic kilo equals 264 billion gallons of water so if you multiply by 30 you get a very scary picture with numbers only seen in our national debt.

So, the reason for this is that we are using drinking water and water for irrigation faster than it can be recharged. This comes from a study conducted by NASA and California researchers.

These researchers say that they do not know how much water is left but do know that a declining level causes a loss in water quality, decreased crop sizes, and land sinking. I observe that decreased crop sizes and lower levels will increase water prices and veggies in the markets.

Conclusion: Yo, Governor, Yo, U.S.D.A., where art thou?

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Reported by the Washington Post and then commented on by The Daily Beast, it seems that the U.S. is going to honor a sale of some military items to Taiwan and the Defense Ministry in China is having some PMS over it. Does anyone have a handkerchief so I can cry my eyes out?

Oh tell me I'm off base here, but doesn't the Chinese sell Nuclear items to anyone they want without a concern if that nation is an enemy of ours or not friendly to say the least? Don't the Chinese sell all other military weapons to countries that responsible nations refuse to sell because of their outlaw conformance to everything decent and humane?

So this Chinese Communist nation who we bolster with commerce is loathe to support the U.S. in anything but the most innocuous of agreements. These are the people said to shoot convicts, which are people described not to agree with their ideology so they must be insane, and then harvest the convict's organs for a healthy profit. These are the people we stupidly allowed to become creditors of ours. These are the people who send us poisonous toys and food. These are the people afraid of free speech and who let young children toil in factories. I am surprised they don't eat their young. If you want to find out what they do eat, contact the ASPCA.

Taiwan has been a friendly democracy, a true trading partner, and composed of a small island of people that the mainland Communists are loathe to leave alone because they want to engulf it into their own corrupt government. I think Nixon lead the way for Taiwan to be kicked out of the U.N. Well, that crook get credit for opening the doors to China. No recent U.S. president had the fortitude to sell the latest weapons to Taiwan, helping China force our friends to cower.

Now the Chinese say that they are suspending planned mutual military visits. I say that is "good" having less spying potential. We should not allow them to see even a bb gun of ours.

I'm not Asian, but visited Taiwan many times and loved doing business there. I am so ashamed of the way Taiwan has been treated.