Sunday, July 11, 2010


I read lots of Blogs stating that the writers do not care what Mel Gibson does but if he makes a good movie, they will buy a ticket. Comparisons are made to Roman Polanski and Woody Allen and surely, people flock to their movies.

I like to talk about each person separately. The complaint with Woody Allen is that he married his daughter. Roman Polanski is said to have raped an 8 year old and Gibson is on the tapes for being a racist, a bigot, and anti Semite. I'm here just talking about Gibson, who loves to picture himself as this innocent, kind of simple person living in this horridly complex world. He is anything but.

I don't really care what actors do in their private lives as to abuse of their own bodies, of getting married and divorced with the frequency of drinking milk, and most of their crazy publicity seeking stunts.

If they are in a good movie or play, I'll watch it, and if it is a dog, I'll avoid it. I believe if their personal life does not impact society, it should not influence my personal choices.

There is a difference when the person is a racist, a criminal, a bigot, or discriminates. I think it would be phoniness on my part for me to support such an actor with attendance. Mel Gibson is someone who I will never attend his work.

So for those who don't care if Gibson is a creepy anti Semite and racist pig, then they will support his work but I join those who think he is disgusting.

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