Monday, April 19, 2010


I wrote a comment on Mother Jones' story about Exxon Mobile either not paying any taxes at all to the IRS or that they only paid a fraction of what they should owing to the tax havens and loopholes. Exxon jumped all over this, not liking negative publicity and assuring the world that they pay taxes to the IRS. The article shows that even if they paid what they said, it is a piddling amount if they did not have the shelters and "creativity".

I suggested that the potholes on my streets would be fixed if the IRS had an alternate tax and all of the international companies had to pay the largest of the current tax system or an alternate tax, a flat rate for sales made in the U.S.

I further suggested that it would pass the House and die in the senate. We would woo the ladies in Maine because they would seem "reasonable" at first, but in the end, they would vote party line. I'm sure that Exxon has a few Dems in their pockets. Nevertheless, the IRS should take this step.

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