Sunday, July 11, 2010


One of my favorite news services, Salon, posted an article, presumably written by a drug user extolling the virtues of legalizing drug use though admits that in the U.S. there is little chance of it happening.

So, I read the article and it was the usual once sided argument, and I read each of the comments. Almost, if not everyone who commented believes that legalization would be a seemly solution both for society as well as the government coffers.

I did not jump on this bandwagon. I have some concern about the number of additional people added to the drug user ledgers when they do not fear the law. Would legalization be a catalyst to produce large additional numbers of Zombies? Oh, if you don't like my use of Zombies, just substitute another word.

So, would it be good for more Zombies driving or can they be forced to stay home when I go out for a spin so I have a better chance of seeing tomorrow? Is there any guarantee that my taxes would not increase owing to greater numbers on the public dole, greater strain on health care, increases in taxes owing to commensurate unemployment insurance costs.

Would there be a greater productivity loss that reflects in higher consumer prices? Would Zombies still steal to get money to pay for it legally?

I am told you can get high breathing the air in Amsterdam, the poster boy for legalization. Is this emblematic of what my town would look and smell like?

The idea of legalizing drugs has some merit, but I would like more information before I punch the voting card.

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