Monday, April 5, 2010

Racism in America, Not All Negative

There is no question that the poison spewed from foul mouthed bigots have always been with us but the town hall meetings, the Republican's refusal to clamp down hard on their moron believers, and having a black President has brought the poison out in the open not increased its volume. The Democrats, who are so reluctant to show the rage appropriate to the symptoms share much blame and I am outraged that they are so lame. Lastly, the first amendment, that which media and most freedom loving people hold so dearly provides the legitimate forum for being disgustingly verbal.

New generations are more color blind but only if the parents and teachers are same. You cannot legislate how people feel and think, only what they do and with the first amendment, you can't legislate what they say. So you can't expect or fault that we are not color blind yet. Many black, Hispanic, Indians, and Asians are not color blind either. But we live together mostly in harmony. It does seem to improve each year. I don't think Dr. King would be disappointed, at least, in the ggregate. I think he would be happy but reserved.

We need a way to shut down the bigots to make them the outcasts. We need a solution to this and not another statement of the problem.

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  1. Harv:Please explain your comment that people of color are responible for their not being color blind.My friend racism is part of this country foundation,without racism it would not exist.So my question is who has the money?You then will find the people responsiable for racism.