Friday, May 21, 2010

Asking a Supreme Court Candidate if they are Gay

Being gay does not form any more a set of beliefs than being white, being Jewish, or being of mixed ethnicity. That is the core premise Glenn Greenwald of Salon used today make this a legitimate question. However, if the core premise is wrong, what follows is tainted logic. There are gay conservatives, Republicans, Progressives and Liberals who come from normal and abnormal families. Being gay does not give a clue.

Asking a person if they are gay, even as a Supreme's candidate would not be an issue if the stupid religions did not call gay people abominations. If the Mormon Church did not have hissy fits about gay rights, if the right wing nuts did not rail about gays.

Asking this question just gives the prejudice, bigots, discriminators fodder for the fires of hate.

As well, there is a defacto tie to the question of being gay and the imagery of what gay people do sexually. In our society, it panders to the prurient interest. Nice try Greenwald but no cigar.

When people accept that being gay or bisexual is a gift and not an abomination, it will be perfectly acceptable to ask.

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