Thursday, February 11, 2010


No, I'm not talking racist, I'm asking for a few genes of Lyndon Johnson to be given to my President and not color ones. Specifically the "warrior" DNA the part that bullies his own party members and punishes them with the wrath of money, position, and support instead of letting some of them blackmail him for their vote.

Since Republicans have used their usual lie tactics, loud tactics, and banding together with one voice, the new Barak with the Lyndon extra gene would use every tactic possible to cower a few of them to vote democratic on issues that the people want and need.

Every Democratic Senator and Congressman should go on the warpath showing what the Republicans are doing to government Sit on the sidelines and the next time you are in a primary, you will have severe opposition and no money. If Pharma and Insurance companies can buy elected officials, then executive orders should prevent them from giving, and we should use tax dollars to buy some Republican votes. If they are money whores, it should not matter where it is coming from.Use the 51% vote. The Republicans will do it if they are elected. You betcha. The public will forget about the fact that 51% vs. 60 is used in two weeks, the next time some Senator forgets to zip up.

Good start Mr. President, but warrior? - not. And here's a hint: ONE PAYER SYSTEM

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