Saturday, May 31, 2014

They Stoned a Pregnant Woman in Pakistan

She wanted to marry a man of her choice. It was not the one picked by the family.  So on the way to court, the father, brother and other members of her immediate family lassoed her and stoned her to death.  There was world-wide outrage, condemnation and loads of press. That was yesterday.

Yesterday, the men in the family rejoiced in stepping up to the plate and hitting a Pakistani home run by getting revenge, an "honor killing" in the finest Pakistan Tribal tradition.   That also was yesterday.

Today, I read dozens of on-line news feeds, and scanned about a hundred news headlines. There were no arrests reported, almost zero coverage;  the father of the dead fetus did not rip the lungs out of the perps, the local townspeople did not march on the family holding torches and burn them and their house. The government of Pakistan May have elected to spend the day haggling over goat milk subsidies, and I heard not a single word from the 40 million a American Evangelists who have such abiding concerns about killing fetuses.

My cat sensing the despair, came on my lap to cuddle.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eric Shinseki is not a scape goat

I don't understand the rush to oust Shinseki.  Certainly if he knew that there was cheating in reporting, he should resign or be fired. But this hasn't been proven or admitted. Of course, I understand Republicans demanding a pound of flesh.  The same Republican voted down adequate funding for the Veteran's Admin.bsame as they did for the safety of our ambassadors and their staff.   So with this brilliant strategy of denying adequate funding, then wait for problems, then scream that there are problems.  Some Dem Congress people want blood.  I get it. It is the fastest way to end the bad press in an election year.

Maybe Eric Shinseki will leave, but I'd like to see the results of the investigations.  One of my fav newsmen is Chris Matthews is screaming for resignation. How sad. How premature. How immature.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joe The Plumber, The Constitutional Scholar

Joe the Plumber, in my view, my not be an attention whore, telling that his constitutional rights trump the rights of the father of his dead son murdered in Santa Barbara.  I think it, I'd bet on it, I believe it, and would like to say I know it as a fact, but I may be wrong.  I believe the statement is so absurd, so outrageously asocial, so infantile, that even the wannabe plumber cannot be so vile and unlearned; so misinformed, so twisted..... so I guess he is an attention whore.