Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For the thousandth time, thanks to Messrs. Ted Olsen and David Boies for taking this worthy cause to the Federal court and thanks to Judge Vaugn Walker for ruling correctly finding Proposition 8 unconstituitonal. I know this will be appealed by the crowd I have grown to actually hate.

Yes, I never used to think I could hate other than the most egregious and deleterious acts of inhumanity, but starting with the odious lies that I've learned was funded by the Mormon Church in a constant barrage of commercials spouting outrageous phoniness during the Proposition 8 voting era, and most of the rest of the religious institutions railing against the human rights of Gays, coupled with the bible toting haters, pandering to scaring mothers into believing that their kids will be taught gay themes in classrooms were amongst other disingenuous statements.

The people of California spoke and Prop. 8 passed owing to the millions spent to scare the voters. Now, the bigots, discriminators have been overturned twice. Let's hope that pernicious crowd wallow in a sea of their own tears.

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