Thursday, June 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood, please sue the Supreme Court.

The SCOTUS ruled that it was illegal to have a buffer zone between an Abortion Clinic and  the  hecklers.  I suppose the concept is that Free Speech is violated if there is a buffer and if the hecklers murder someone or maim them or prevent a woman from visiting her doctor., the redress is to call the police.

Attorney for the bible huggers say the need access to those wanting an abortion so they can, in a low voice, educate the women as to other alternatives.  I'm not sure. But I think I saw some of those lawyers at the Improv doing slapstick.

Now, I am told that SCOTUS/ has a buffer around themselves. This is a violation of free speech.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to whisper a tutorial on how much some decision  have hurt our country..

If a buffer zone around SCOTUS is removed and some die or are maimed, why then, they can call the police.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One for You, Two for Me; Lots of Ads from BP

It seems every hour, I see several TV ads telling me how many Americans BP hires.  I wonder why they are spending millions on TV ads telling me what wonderful corporate citizens they are?  Am I supposed to thank them for giving jobs to us?

I suggest that BP hires people to make their bottom line fatter.  There is no altruism, no philanthropy here.  They're not our long lose brothers.  I am sure they simply feel it is worth spending the advertising dollars to mend their reputation for killing people with the explosion in the Gulf, for poisoning the water killing untold birds, killing fish, ruining commerce and the shorelines many businesses, people's livings.and tourism.

I'd like British Petroleum to use the advertising money to finish the clean-up job they caused and invest 20 billion to build wind turbines and solar panels across the U S.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Pen Name is Carl Stove

As Republicans, these are the mandates that must be followed by all elected officials and others:

1.  Obstruct every proposal that is brought up by Democrats or bipartisan with Dem support

2.  If you are running for office, tell what you will do. It need not be within the realm of the possible,                 just do not say how you will do it.

3.  Everyone has the responsibility to criticize every decision the president makes. Call it illegal, un-American,  job killing,  anti civil liberties,  pro Muslim,  unconstitutional,  racist, anti religion,  naive, and you can be outrageous, as you want.  You must do these twice every week.

4. At every opportunity talk about fixing health care, Social Security  Medicare,  Veteran's Affairs, international relations, job creation, education, infrastructure,  wages, opportunity, with programs that actually work.  Just do not elaborate.

5. When ever anything happens, blame this Administration, and Democratic Congress. No matter how absurd, give a reason why it is their fault.

6.  Don't use the words "pro choice". Call it baby killing, "child Murderers "'

7. Create laws that tend to reduce minority voting.  Particularly those against Blacks, Hispanics, and youth.  The more of these groups that stay away, the more we can win.

8, talk impeachment at every chance you get.  Any reason will do no matter how bizarre.

9. Talk take over of the government, taking back our country, taking over Washington.

10. Shower all races  with the most negative ads in history.  Repeat the most terrible lies often enough.

I am Carl Stove and I approve all dirty tricks.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Watching MSNBC I see dozens of General Electric ads letting us know what a wonderful company they are.  These ads do not sell individual products. They are called "institutional" ads devoted to selling public relations extolling the corporate name.  They want us to think they are a wonderful enterprise, steeped in technological genius and devoted to our well being; champions for the protection of our environment and they usually rave about their virtues as to being super employers.

In the several ads I saw this morning, a very cute young girl tells us that her mom makes underwater fans powered by the moon, airplanes that talk to each other and trains that are friends with trees. I admit, it is very homey and endearing.  G.E. does also like making profits.

So, little girl, please have a sit-down with your mom and ask her to call the CEO of G.E. And ask him  to start paying taxes in the U.S. since they are such wonderful corporate citizens.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


In this blogging game, my stage name is Carl Stove. 

I met with with my fellow national election losers and we decided that special measures were necessary because we'd never control all 3 branches of government based on doing things good for the American people.  

I clearly showed all my favorite charts, the numbers of people we can count on to vote for even our most mentally unbalanced candidates. Folks, you know almost every Evangalist and similar Christian group voters are in our pocket, along with freaky red necks, dudes who get subsidies for no good reason, gun nuts, those named Bubba,  people who dislike most blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, old white folk, and other like minded stand-up citizens including financial types, insurance execs, and almost all Mormons, These are our base along with Zillionairs who want to buy, and are trying to buy our country. 

I showed that we just need another few percent. A lousy few percent and we will control the Amerika. I love that spelling. The so-called middle class will never be in control again. Power, no, no, COMPLETE POWER is within reach.

What we do is in another blog along with how we do it. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Problem with Eric Cantor

I read a good deal of news feeds, attribute about 80% of my TV viewing to news stories, so I have have seen and read numerous of Eric Cantor's opinions.  If he were just about any of the other republican leaders or wannabes, I would not be writing this blog. I have a theory about the others and will let the world know very soon.  But this is devoted to Cantor, a guy who seems to smile, even laugh at his personal success in making sure we are not our brother's keeper, making sure all the government bills and programs that would help, just stagnate and die.

He seems perfectly good with families losing their home, going hungry, underfunding schools, police, fire fighters, denying infrastructure improvements including bridges that are dangerous.  I think he is OK with poverty, no increase in minimum wage, unequal pay for the same job, bigotry in the work place. Oh he has excuses, albeit lame.

He seems OK with people not getting medical care, not funding Veteran needs and does not seem upset by the weekly shootings at children's schools.  He seems OK with misogyny,  Ok with the suffering of minority groups.

I am writing this blog because he should know better.  I am simply upset because he is Jewish and as such, I think he should be his brother's keeper, he should champion the poor, the disenfranchised, the unemployed,  the minorities.  He should champion voting rights.  Instead he chose power. Most will say he believes in this, but  I think he is devoid of conscience like Shakespeare's Richard III.

If I am wrong, I apologize, but these are my opinions.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Wind & My Fence

Years ago, if the wind damaged one of my wood fences, I could get some quotes, have a split payment agreement with a neighbor, call my insurance company and they would, at least foot part of the bill.  Oh, I'd get the quotes myself, because one of my neighbors got a quote and doubled it, asking me to pay my share  the neighbor's theory was that me paying 1/2 of 200%, costs them nothing. Gosh, they could have tutored me in math.

Now, many of us believe that insurance companies enjoy taking your money, but really get terribly upset if they have to pay out anything.  Yet, even the most customer unfriendly insurance company realizes that it sometimes has to pay all or part of a claim.  So, it is my theory that for the last 200 years, insurance companies unleash an army of analysts who they lock in a room full of electric calculators and don't allow them to even pee, unless they can come up with a creative way of screwing us without us knowing were getting it and without our permission. It's like a friendly rape.

Now, one company amortizes your fence over only 7 years.  That means your coverage loses about 15% of its value each year, and they apply the deductible to what is left.  Now, good folks, you don't have to know Calculus to realize that the fence coverage is a joke they laugh about every time you pay a premium.  I imagine that company hasn't paid out a fence claim since they put this in the policy in a place that no one, who wants to have a happy day, reads.

I would not be surprised if they demand payment from you for putting in such a spurious claim.mYes, I may have misspelled spurious, but I learned that word from a!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chris Matthews I thought I knew ya

Recently Chris (MSNBC Hardball) you screamed for the dismissal of Shinzeki (head of the VA) without the facts, only the symptoms.  Shinzeki, resigned akin it a Dishonorable Discharge. A hell of an end to a lifetime career in the service to America. One main reason was that some engaged in falsification of official records at some VA facilities.  I have not heard one politico or newscaster demand the firing of the possible doctors, managers, staff level personnel, who broke laws by lying.

In my business, I had 60 employees. When one stole or falsified a time card, I fired them, not their manager if the manager was innocent, and if anyone said I should step down, I would laugh them all the way to the next Galaxy.

Now, our President traded 5 Taliban for one American.  Matthews again screaming like a Banche.
We have zero evidence that these unsavory looking dudes did anything against our country. Hence, they were not and could not be charged. But Chris thinks they possibly could now do harm, so let's abandon the American, and keep the five Smith Brothers in jail with no proof, making us like like Russia or China.  Chris, please calm down, take a pill, and go after the bad guys.

Chris, I hardly know ya now, but you used to be my hero.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Political Ploy. The defund, wait and blame game.

Many of us like it when a Republican led House denies appropriations for a funding bill. After all, reduced spending saves money, reduces debt and might tend to reduce the size of government.

After defunding or refusing to fund, Republicans wait patiently for the inadequately funded organization to have a mishap, and the greater the screw-up, the more acute the  problem, the more those who deny funding raise up to blame those who proposed the funding.

Two cases:  republicans denied sufficient funds to protect our consulates, they patiently waited, and now blame the Administration for insufficient protection.  The Republicans denied sufficient funds for the Veterans Administration, waited patiently, and now are delighting in blaming the Administration for lousy service.  They spent more money investigating Benghazi than it would have cost to protect some of the most dangerous outposts.

They deny infrastructure money, school financing, increase number of teachers, police, fire departments, and have raped the Post Office and they are waiting patiently.

I will talk about other great Conservative decisions.  Getting into a war that killed over 5,000 (not 4) Americans and I think over 35,000 seriously wounded and maimed.  I will talk about trying to rig elections through illegal voter laws, and I'll talk about the frenzy to end the Affordable Care Act.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Orange Is The New Black

I watched the first season of the Netflix presentation Orange Is The New Black and thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, almost on a par with Breaking Bad as an overall rating with some episodes more exciting and intense.  I am so delighted that this month, June, 2014, starts season two.

Yesterday, the June 9, 2014 issue of Time magazine had one of  Orange's stars on the cover, the beautiful and shapely Afro American Laverne Cox who might be a more conservative but possibly more provocative face of the Transsexual community.than, say, a Rue Paul.

If it took years and Supreme Court decisions to to move Gay and Lesbian rights to a more progressive level it seems like a n almost insurmountable gargantuan effort to elevate Transgendered the same manner.

Trannies are much less known, drive conservatives up a wall as I understand it, have reputations for stealing an old lady's purse, working in the sex trades, pervasive drug users and marketeers, alcohol abuse, gaming the welfare system, and taking Johns for a financial ride,

Laverne is going to do something about it. I talked about her physical attributes, but you have to read the article. It is super informative and Ms. cox is eloquent.