Sunday, December 4, 2011


AND IT IS US.............................

America was at its strongest when we manufactured the products we used and when we all paid our fair share of taxes, when everyone served in the armed forces, when laws controlled the abuses of business and the Supreme Court was more balanced .

We blame the Chinese, the Russians, Middle Easterners, Wall Street, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies, Big Pharma, Illegal immigrants and everyone except ourselves.

But the enemy is us. We allowed our great manufacturing base to go overseas, we have a voluntary armed force stretched to the limit, we have less and weaker controls on business abuses, our businesses are not hiring when we need them to, the government is deadlocked, and everyone wants their rewards now caring less, or not at all, about our fellow brethren. We sing songs like a flock of sheep about loving America, and we feel nothing for or fellow Americans. The i phone, I pod, in my opinion, panders to our myopic culture.

One can argue that I'm wrong, but I point out simply that a group of citizens occupied streets and parks, and the police broke them up and abused many, and we the people stood by and did nothing. Our fellow Americans were dragged, beaten, sprayed, and arrested and we watch it on TV like dummies. Many of us vote based on religious and ideological premises making me believe that we are not simply our own enemy, we are also borderline morons.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I remember the Administration railing about protecting the protestors and citizens all throughout the Arab Spring movement. When the ruling Middle East government moved against the marchers, screams from our Administration resounded loudly on all TV channels that their leader must go. Even though the Arab Spring Protestors carried and used weapons, the U.S. position was that there really should not be a crack down. Am I wrong?

It seem so disingenuous that police can break up U.S. Citizens Constitutional right to gather, to march, to protest and drag these citizens off to jail and manhandle them. This is left up to the local police department so if the mayor is a Republican, he will use a flimsy excuse like tents, garbage, noise to turn an army of police with clubs on our own citizens.

I think it is an outrage. I remember in the old western movies, the Indian Chief not wanting to make peace because the white man speak with forked tongue.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Brilliance of Bank of America

BofA bought out a bank's credit card portfolio and I received their card. I bought about $500 a month and paid it always on time so, I guess, to punish me, they wanted to charge a monthly fee. As a result I cancelled their card and reported this practice to the Better Business Bureau. I received a phone call from someone who sounded like they worked for the capo de capo who was indignant telling me my account was not profitable. I told her that BofA did not have to worry about my accounts profitability any longer.

Since they came out with a cash-back card which I believe allows them to charge a higher fee for every credit transaction bleeding the merchant.

Now they want to charge a monthly fee for all those who use debit cards.

The conclusion dear reader, if that BofA who advertises about all the wonderful things they do in communities, the wonderful loans to build America, really looks to me, like a bank hungry for fees from all of their customers and banking associates. Yes, a fee hungry bank. If the shoe fits.........

Maybe everyone in the world who owns one of their credit or debit cards should cut it up and cancel the account. Perhaps the governing board will vote in a kinder and gentler capo.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The woman's finals at the 2011 U.S. Open Tennis Championships saw Serena Williams hit a strong forehand. If I recall, it was an inside-out shot from the approximate middle of the court to Samantha Sosur's backhand. After she hit the shot, she screamed just before Sosur was to attempt racket contact. The chair umpire ruled interference with play and awarded the point to Samantha.

Serena cursed at the umpire, called her ugly, inferred that this is America to a foreigner, said she didn't want to look at her, said that the umpire should not look at Serena, and I thought that Williams was generally obnoxious and belligerent. If I remember John McEnroe repeated several times that it should be called a let and the point replayed.

It turns out that the chair umpire was right and Samantha said nothing because she mentioned that she understood the rule, and Serena and McEnroe were wrong.

Serena later said that Samantha would have won anyway (it did not effect the outcome) but she did not apologize to the audience, to the umpire or to the TV audience. If she did, I am mistaken. McEnroe seemed to say that some other curly haired guy also argued with umpires as if to say that Serena's behavior was OK.

Now, I love Serena's game but I think her comments to the umpire was so out of line that she should have been fined. Maybe the only balls in tennis are the optic yellow ones on the court. The umpire was not the ugly person on this 9-11. Two were.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forget Your Color and Grow Some Balls

The notion that Republicans will pay any price to win the Presidency and make the country pay any price by inaction is what I believe to be a correct analysis. The Republicans are experts at using Hitler's approach of repeating lies hoping it will stick. The Republicans are only interested in gaining power and showed this the day after Obama took office. Those are an overview of my opinions. It seems they do not pick out certain Administration ideas they don't like, but attack all ideas and the people themselves. Karl Rove must be doing a daily jig.

This country is in an economic state of emergency and I think Obama does not want to issue a state of emergency to gain powers and wants to be thought of as an erudite nice guy. He wants to protect a black legacy so others can follow. I believe this is a wrong posture. He is hoping that he will get a Democratic congress back and then be able to enact plans. So, like the Republicans, he has opted to only talk the talk. I think he should shed this wimp but nice guy theory and become a Honey Badger and go for their balls and do something as in the word, now!

Take a lesson from Bush, junior and learn the words, Executive Orders and spend money you dont' have. Print the damn money. Try something like declaring a national economic emergency effecting millions of citizens, and order enough public works programs to happen. He should also bring enough troops home to put them on domestic assignments. He should, by executive order, declare that certain classes of products will no longer be imported as finished product, but must be totally assembled in the U.S. He later should have a program for making the whole product or majority of it in the U.S. by citizens. By executive order, he should demand that 1/2 of all farmed out service jobs be pulled back into the U.S. and later increase to 75%. By executive order he should make the wealthy contribute and close tax loops to corporations who do not pay their fair share.

Let the Republicans scream their heads off. This way, I know you will win, your country will win, and get the black guy out of the supreme court and put in a progressive.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Dear Prudence column had a story about a guy who wanted his wife to participate in a mw4mw sex swap. It turns out that because he thought he was good looking and decently hung, he would have the best of the deal. it turns out the other guy was heavy, bald and hung like a donkey.
The wife had a good time and moaned and groaned like a bitch in heat. Now he is insanely jealous and wants to sucker punch his wife and divorce her.

Due dilligence is the essence in making sex deals. He did not perform the most essential. I assume they talked about being drug and disease free, establish a hosting venue, age, and so forth but he did not consider the size as to length and girth of the other man. He should be angry with himself for rank stupidity and not blame his wife for having a good time.

I remember being asked by a fellow who was despondent because he and his wife have an open marriage and she is getting tons of yardage, and he is getting very little outside sex at all. He just wanted equity and not a jealous child. So I recommended they do a mw4mw only so he will get an equal amount and it seems to be working. But this didn't help our hero because he should not have made the deal in the first place.

Now that our childish hero's wife has eaten and been plugged with the forbidden apple in all 3 orifices, I imagine, that this guy should go back to basics and make sure the other guy has a member equal or less than his own endowment.

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Friday, July 22, 2011


My Dear President Obama,

Please go on TV and announce to the country that you are breaking off negotiations with the Republicans on this matter, having tried and found that there is not give-and-take and you feel they are playing with the country's well-being for low political purposes.

Announce that the U.S. does not and will not default on its debts. Announce that the debt ceiling is what the U.S. already spent or contracted for and it does not include any new debt that is outside of the promises that the U.S. has made.

If asked how. Tell them that you believe you have the legal authority to decree this. Let the Republicans scream their little Karl Rove lungs out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony and Marcia Clark

One attorney for Anthony stated it best outside the court. He said that the media, the pundits (and I include the formerly hot Marcia Clark) should really report news without all of the current and former prosecutors and defense lawyers putting their two cents of guesswork into it. Yes I know cable news is a feeding frenzy to fill 24 hours, and consequently, they are no better than a supermarket tabloid.

I watched a ton of the news and I believe the jury was 100% on target and correct. Personally, I would have acquitted simply based on the smirk on the prosecutor's face. Doubly acquitted based on the evidence.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Reared in the Bronx, it was difficult to think of those upstate towns as really part of New York. But watching the tube last night with the legislator in Albany, the state capitol, voted to allow Gay marriage. I realized that legislators from upstate towns of New York, joined with the one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world not just to allow gay marriage, but to show all of the homophobics, all of the church organizations, all of the religious zealots, all of the haters, that this is not their America, it is everyone's America.

So, friends and frenenemies, Start Spreading The News. Let's all people of good will let all those in the GLBT community know that we celebrate their victory with open arms. Let's spread it to California and beyond. And as for the Mormon Church in particular. Choke on it!

For everyone in the GLBT community I wish you love.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keith Olbermann is BACK

I want to make this short and sweet though I could write a James A. Michener thickness book about it. Keith Olbermann is shown at 8 PM (7 Central) on Current TV. Up until now, I thought that Al Gore's cable channel was a fishing site. But now that the great Keith Olbermann is back, I found Current on channel 196 on Dish, and I DVR the program Mon. - Fri.

I am a devoted fan and profess that I just love the guy. MSNBC lost a wonderful voice, a dynamic one, an honest one, an intellectual and articulate person that is all but irreplaceable. The equal and opposite reaction benefits Current TV. I predict the world will know Current.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Circumcision AKA Cut

I have read some comment by a number of people who believe circumcision (do I spell it right?) is a mutilation of sorts. Even some places want to outlaw it.

I know those of you and your significant others who are uncut are amongst the ones who speak out with the loudest voice. I know you don't like others to think you are unclean, smelly and often very gross looking. Especially when it comes to your member, it really cuts deep into your psyche, libido, ego, mindset, self esteem, and what ever.

I'm sorry you feel this way and I understand why. Sexual stuff really hits hard. It is a reason for so much homophobia. It makes you feel less than a man and you certainly don't want your partner to look at you this way. So you rant as loud as you can in the hopes that you'll find a believer or two and on the bottom line, the only ones you found were others with similar misguided parents.

Well, please clean as good as you can. But, for me, I do love mine, how it looks, how it functions and I get such wonderful compliments. I don't know if I'd characterize it this way, but often hear the word, "yummy".

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rearing the Ugly Heads

Anthony Weiner who spoke with vigor and passion for the people made some terrible mistakes that were a minor offense in the context of his brilliant career. It was not news that the Republicans would damage his life and career for their own political means while not purging their own sexually wayward kind. It is not a surprise for the mainstream media persecute him relentlessly like gossipers at the Supermarket check-out stand. They have a pulpit, and they need to fill 24 hours every day and it does not matter at whose expense. In my opinion, it is the classic definition of a street whore.

What bothered me is that Brutus in the name of Obama, Pelosi, the majority of Weiner's own party and those on MSNBC either as broadcasters or invited pundits, all took stabs at Weiner every day. It was like the Ides of March, like the Last Supper, like the 8th ring of the 8th chasm of Hell that your own blood turn on you.

Today, after Weiner resigned, the same MSNBC media tried to expunge the blood by blaming the Republicans. Out damn spot, but in my mind, the blood stains are indelible and clear.

The loss is the American people's. There are no other Anthony Weiners. The Republicans are licking their chops. Female reporters seem to smirk at bringing him down. Democrats just want to forget their actions at the Forum and call for getting back to work.

They are all trying to put their lynching behind them. They all take a high road after a couple of weeks in the gutter. I hope Current TV will offer Weiner a spot near Olbermann's new show. At least he will be able to be heard.

For those who think he was disgusting, just look at your own laundry. Then see if you can throw the first stone.... thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Congressman Weiner, I love you

I think the gossipers have had their feeding frenzy and the Republicans have their holier than thou moments all calling for his resignation and fellow Dems throwing him under the bus. The media, particularly the female reporters with their helmet hairdos, all are castrating him and the late night hosts are stewing him in oil.

However, I ask Anthony Wiener not to resign, ask his wife to stick with him, and ask him not to loose his fire simply because of this incident. Internet sex or cyberspace sex if habit forming, fun, and hurts no one and a hard habit to kick.

All of the apostles so eager to throw the first stone surely never back-slided in their life, and the ones who didn't couldn't make it with street whores with a hand full of hundreds.

Yeah, he lied. So do, I venture to guess, 99.9% of those who would eat his lunch.

Congressman Weiner, just do a great job for your voters and for the country. If you didn't screw any of the women, screw your adversaries..

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Congressman Weiner

I am so angry that you did not just say that you sent some pictures to adult women in the hopes to play doctor or house, and it is none of anyone's business except those recipients. You could have gone on to say that if any photo was ill received, though not likely, that you would apologize to that person. You could have said that you did not violate any law and there is nothing wrong with making whoopee especially that you are single.

You made the Bill Clinton error and should have learned from that because Bill should have said that he is, indeed, a very naughty boy, and it is none of the freeking Republican's business especially that creepy lawyer K. Starr.

I believe if a guy does not use public funds for his private life, does not mess with minors, does not force or use the power of his office to have sex, and does not commit any kind of felony in seeking some sexual activity, the damn media should leave him alone.

Sorry Congressman, telling a lie is really operating with dirty hands.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I really don't understand Michael Moore telling us we are better than either what and how we attacked and killed Osama or how we celebrated the event. He should know better than that and should spend his time on real issues.

On the other hand, I do understand, who I call the Nazis in the Republican Party how these people use this event for their own political and power grabbing purpose, but I marginalize them by saying f__k O_f.

The only thing I don't like about the entire killing is entire time we had knowledge of where this serial murderer was and the time we happily killed him and anyone around him was how long it took. I would like to have captured him and invited a willing family member of those whose blood is on his hands to lop his head off with a nice curved long knife.

As to this writer, I have wonderful dream fantasies that I was the individual Navy Seal that offed the bastard.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I am amazed at the media giving so much publicity to killing Osama as though it will end all terrorism or even make a dent in it. I am amazed about the widespread talk about reprisals as if to say that they better do it else the world will lose respect for them. Yet, given all of this what really rattles my cage is that we actually killed him ourselves.

When I first heard it during a break in of 60 Minutes, I though for sure that the Mossad sent in a few commandos and killed a few Arabs. I didn't believe our CIA is capable of doing anything more exotic then listening in on our phone calls. I also mused that they must have gotten Uma Thurman to lop Osama's head off or give him the five point death chop.

But then I realized this was a Pentagon, President and CIA opeeration. We learned about Osama's location last August. From then, a woman could have conceived and given birth until we got him. I think lawyers and the courts must have been involved, because my turtle moves faster.

Now the Prez. said there was some shooting, but none of our guys got hurt. I watched the news on several channels for a couple of hours and not one said how many we killed. Was it only Osama, and couldn't we have captured him and sent him to Gitmo? And lastly, the fat guy who sits next to Osama and is 2nd in command. I heard nothing about killing this f....

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Walking in San Francisco, I saw a T-shirt with a picture of pubic hairs and a picture of Bush and needless to say which was the bad Bush caption. The bad Bush was a President I had absolutely no respect for. That is not easy to say because I'm not a young guy and have lived through all of them including FDR and have mixed thoughts but rarely a total void of respect. I disliked Nixon, and Jimmy Carter, and have a diametrically opposite view of Ronald Regan as the worshiping Republicans do. But notwithstanding any emotional and political thoughts of these "don't like" Presidents, the bad Bush has reached so much further in the depth of my despise that I think all other Presidents combined with the singular exception of his father who truly screwed this country with his Supreme Court nominations and the lack of physical and verbal spankings he should have given his son.

What amazes me is that the public keeps putting these people in office driving our country to depths that may be irreversible.

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Monday, April 4, 2011


For wrong reasons, a pastor, in the U.S. burned a Muslim bible and there are protests and killings in Afghanistan because of this.

We keep talking about radicals in the Middle East and Terrorists in the Middle East as though there are just a few loose cannons there and all the other Muslims are just normal moderate friends. We said this about Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, and a bunch of others and their followers until it was too late to do anything except cause the deaths of our own young people in the military. So now we are killing our own by sending them into Muslim countries because, well maybe, there are more than just a few radicals.

These are the people who gas each other, who kill each other, who are intolerant of each other and treat women like they were personal slaves. These are the American flag burners, the shouters and gun waving, beheading, stoning, limb severing moderates we call our friends. These are the people who would kill innocent people because some pastor, tens of thousands of miles away, burned their book. This is their sense of justice, their sens of social behavior.

I have, in the recent past, asked all Muslim women to stop procreating with Muslim men, (Lesbians are just fine) even on pain of death, and the ethnic cleansing will be complete in a very short time. Ladies, this of this for the better good. Try to marry non Muslims and if you have a son, don't let him talk to Muslim men. This is a much more humane way to solve the problem then my former concept about making parking lots of Muslim countries.
You did not heed my request in the past, so maybe you will now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Salon had a story about the greater acceptance of anal sex in the straight male population be it the use of fingers, dildos, or the real deal. The article even stated the willingness of men to talk about this to their friends and in mixed company. Comments on the article were mostly negative and that prompted me to blog my dos centavos.

Bill Maher states that we live in one of the most sexual repressed societies and there was a time when I thought funny Bill made this type of comment in the hopes of just getting laid or, perhaps, just more often.

Reading some of the comments, I can easily conclude that the veracity of Maher's declaration was not simply self serving but a good mirror into much of American sexual behavior.

Be thankful, you few who lead a robust anal inclusive sexual life, for the endemic nature of American sexual repression and moronic Homophobic bent of organized religion. The combination affords you lucky folk, a wider playing field.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I read a news story that someone, in their infinite wisdom, was blaming the Army for not recognizing a psycho was psycho and therefore the old scare about someone mailing Anthrax laced letters didn't get stopped before killing 5 people.

A while back I receive a scam Email from someone posing as an FBI Agent operating out of Seattle Wash., and it even had a correct FBI address. The gist was that the FBI found a bunch of money belonging to me and was so eager to return it. I forwarded it to that Seattle office (I think it was Seattle) and heard nothing back.

I don't fault the Army, I fault the FBI because I don't think the FBI could catch any perp since Jodi Foster played Clarice Starling. I don't think the Army has the sharpest knives in the drawer and when was the last time you heard that the FBI arrested a real criminal who didn't actually walk in and give themselves up?

I also fault the media for mentioning the work Anthrax 500 times on each channel each hour because they could. The media gives rock star status to every sicko. With this notoriety, it is no wonder they seek more fame.

The only good that came of this was Congress closing for a week. It was sad to impact the Supreme Court in those days, however, it might be good it they were disrupted now. I cite Citizens United..... hello!!!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday on the TV show Jeopardy, an IBM thinking machine took on two top Jeopardy champions ending a 3 day challenge and won by a healthy margin. Everyone I spoke to was hoping the humans would win. I held back my thoughts because:

As an ex IBMer and manager, I must admit with some shame, that I was rooting for Watson and not my fellow humanoids. I haven't worked for them in in over 35 years and my move to go into my own not hi-tech business proved to be a financially rewarding decision. Yet, I always wondered what I may have achieved should I stayed with big blue.

I don't know if I speak for others but I think that once big blue is in your blood, it can never be exorcised by the time and space continuum.

I still remember my employee number and some of the cast of characters The IBM culture became almost embedded yielding an ethic, a personal standard, and one to which I tend to encourage others. When I drive by the old plant site, since sold to Hitachi, flashbacks overtake my mind and I get a glimpse of what was my second home in the Administration Building. The plant was a place where nothing is impossible, it just costs a little more.

So congratulations Watson, an appropriate name as T.J. Watson, Jr. was to most IBMers a greater-than-human that dwelled solidly at the dominion level.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Slate magazine published an article showing that in Iran, the Legislators are demanding the death penalty for organizers of protest. So, I just had to blog this:

I just love the fact that the oppressive legislators, whose major activity in life is probably to check for an enlarged prostate of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without the benefit of gloves or clothes pins, are demanding a death sentence for those who want to overturn the oppressive regime. Who would have thought?

At least, in this country, big business and their lackey bought and paid for legislators, can only vote and not demand the death penalty. We Americans are so much better. Of course, the fools that are paid to scream and hold signs can demand anything but hey, they are not legislators..... yet. You know, the idiots who hold signs saying "Government, leave my medicare alone".

For democracy to have a chance in Iran, the protesters have to "make nice" with the military. I suggest offering more virgins in heaven than Ahmadinejad does. A good number would be 80.
It is not too high so the astute military would not think it is a ruse.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

DUMB AND NASTY makes the news

New York State Rep. Christopher Lee who is married Emailed a woman on Craig's List to get a date. In his Email, he lied about his age, lied about his occupation, lied about his maritial status, and send a picture of himself shirtless. The woman turned around and sent his overtures to some blabber mouth on line service causing the congressman to resign.

I don't think he wife should be angry with him. His monumental disregard or ignorance of Craig's List protocol should tell his wife that he is not a "player" but just took a bite out of forbidden fruit and needs to be properly forgiven by giving him what he hasn't been getting.

Now as to the foolishness of using your real name. enough can't be said. The use of a screen name such as Studsly Chris would have avoided much of the embarrassment. He should remove (photoshop out)his face from the chest picture and in most cases show the other half if he has the package that would augment the picture. Now he did right by lying about his age because it is Craig's List and if you tell the truth, everyone will think you are a dumb newbie.

What amazed me is that he said he worked for a lobbyist organization and while lying about occupation is just fine on Craig's, he is kind of dumb saying he is a lobbyist. I mean, you wouldn't want to say you're a lawyer or a pimp and lobbyist is one rung lower. So, the Representative got what he deserved but I really also fault the mean spirited woman.

This sending private correspondence to some on-line supermarket tabloid sleeze site instead of taking it up with the guy is someone I describe in select 5 and 4 letter words and both of them I use as adjectives and not nouns. Nasty is as nasty does.

Well, these are my opinions.

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A part of the brain, the hypothalamus, an almond-sized structure important for hunger, thirst and body temperature is also thought of to control sexual appetite. Now, it is newly found to be a center for aggression and violence. For the first time, this section has been isolated according to an article I read from Science Magazine, on-line. Notably, the sexual part and the violent part are in very close proximity and tests on rodents indicate that they interact somehow when there is sexual violence. In size, this is a minor part of the hypothalamus. The hope of the researchers are that they can ultimately change the violence without affecting the sex drive.

Ordinarily, I would assume that the extent of this would be worth the effort to reduce this kind of violence in society, but I am thinking that they are stopping short of what could be the potential of developing genetically engineered sexual warriors but not to the extent of exceeding a partner's predefined limits, if any.

In my view, if the procedure could then be reversed, with do-it-yourself equipment, you can make someone date specific. Yes, we can have an Ap for this.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I subscribe to a number of free news services and receive their daily Emails. Yesterday arrived this interesting medical story.

Certain types of bacteria are very dangerous to the stomach and intestines and cannot be treated with an antibiotic that does not also kill the necessary good bacteria in these organs. There do exist antibiotics that will both kill the evil bacteria as well as the good ones.

The problem is that once you kill the good bacteria resident in the intestines or stomach, it does not just re-populate.

Some doctors have perfected what is known as fecal transplant, whereas you get the stools from a relative and bring it to your doctor. He has it checked to see that it is healthy cocka and then has it put in probably an ordinary Oster blender with some saline, making a fecal milk shake.

Then it is introduced via the back door and it works just about 100% of the time giving you the good bacteria that has been killed by the broad spectrum anti biotic. (Some people just do it themselves)


What I really appreciated about this was two fold. One is that I didn’t read it over breakfast, and the second was the title of the news feed. Though not totally on point, it said that “The Enema of My Enemy is My Friend”.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Just read an article that shows the Post Office wanting to close thousands of offices. Last time I remember they wanted to cut Saturday delivery. I remember them closing the PO box window after limiting the hours. In each case, the solutions they put forth was not a hole in their administration end of the boat, it was that they gave too much service.

Every time the USPS publishes horrid losses, they act the same crappy way other government agencies, like schools of all levels, and may large corporations like banks. They cut services to the very people they are in business to serve and charge more for the remaining services. Gee folks, this takes lots of brains. They don't cut the administration, the bonuses, the salaries, the benefits, the overhead, and especially not the unions, the retirement funds, etc.

From one of the best postal services in the world, we are deteriorating it to a third world country. The only thing innovative I have seen is the Priority Mail if it fits, it ships. Oh, they have probably installed better mail handling equipment, better post office stamp and package machines, but they have not been innovative enough to compete with fax, Email, UPS, FedEx,
blogs, and other internet services.

And I'll give them this, that Congress who they have to go to for permission, is made up of lots of people who, cumulatively, doesn't seem to have two testicles.

I know little about the entire cost picture, but would vote eagerly for them cutting their own fat at least, equally to the services they want to cut, before allowing any of it.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Someone I never heard of and hope to continue on this "never heard" path wrote a damning article about Keith Olbermann who just left MSNBC.

This right wing Fox News, Wall St. Journal, etc., hypocrite is so happy to see the wonderful voice of Keith Olbermann leave the air. I suppose I'd feel the same way if Hannity, Rush, Bill, etc. etc. all booked passage on the Titanic especially in steerage. Actually, I'd feel happier, but I would not gloat.

What ruffled my feathers was the Salon saw fit to publish this article. I suppose it could have come from Herr Glen Greenwald.

Olbermann is a loved, articulate, super intelligent, caring liberal voice for those who want to hear the polar opposite of the dribble of Fox News. In my view, many of his speeches ranked up there with the likes of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama. As a person, Olbermann was someone I grew to adore.

Keith O., I'm going to miss you. The void in my life, will be felt 5 times a week and I hope you rebound somewhere soon.

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Friday, January 21, 2011


This was from an article in The Huffington Post, whose helmsman, Arianna Huffington is someone I admire. OK. IBM has created a robot that beat the best of Alex Trebec's all stars and the article suggests that since it can think and is the smartest in the world, that its generation will take over the world, rendering us useless or non-existent.

When I worked for IBM, T.J. Watson was the Chairman and there was never a whisper, an utterance, no less a verbal declaration that he was not endowed with ethereal qualities raised to an apotheosis­, the Caesar of IBM. Don't get me wrong, I was among the 1/2 million or so, employees who were his enthusiast­ic devotees.

Naming the genius robot, Watson, seems, like the Sr. Bush President would say, "just the right thing to do".

Having said that, be it known that Watson would have an emotional explosion, should it have a conversati­on with my ex. No, this is not a slur. She was and is just always right. So, let us not fear that Watson or his predecesso­r HAL will achieve world dominance. We have a living breathing antidote.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Octomom, Her Doctor and Her Kids.

This blog stems from a Salon story.

I disagree that the media, the talk show hosts and the comedians are punishing the Octomom. The jokes are not funny, the hatred is pathetic and deleterious, and those hard up for a joke or a story only punish her children at a later date should they read about these attacks.

I always had a love/hate feeling about Suze Orman liking the fact that she is a GLBT brethren and helps people. And I dislike, with some intensity, her monumental ego and posturing to be above those poor misguided souls who don't know as much as her about finance. Orman's remark to Nadia that everyone hates her is as disgusting as is untrue. Orman will probably not admit to any wrong. She belongs to the "I'm the only OK one" gang including Sarah Palin and Laura Schlessinger.

The real culprit is Dr. Michael Kamrava who implanted the 8 embryos and he should lose his license for this and be fined an amount large enough to help support the Octomom. He should pay child support for each of the eight from day one to 18 years.

I don't know the current legal state, but implanting more than 2 embryos should require approval from the AMA based on guaranteed ability to support and nurture.

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The "N" word

Dr. Laura Schlessinger took some heat over her use of the "N" word to a radio listener and instead of an apology, defended herself with an attack (now known by the Woos media as a push back).

No question, political and social correctness demands that we avoid words that slur entire groups. Dr. Laura reminds me of someone who cannot stand to be wrong and just apologize. She and Sarah Palin share that same DNA; the stupidity of misguided ego; the I can do no wrong; that the paranoia is not mine, it belongs to everyone else.

However, I think that the "N" word must be eradicated by black people for as long as they think it is funny, that it is the "in" thing on BET and other cable channels or anywhere in public as long as it is uttered by black people and others dare not, then I believe it should return to the public Lexicon.

I propose a contract with all black ministers, politicians and community leaders. Permanently stop being bigoted and prejudicial against the gay community and embrace them as your fellow brethren, and require your flock to stop using the "N" word. Set an example that all people are created equal by preaching and living to it, and all of us honkies will stop- using the dreaded word.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


There was an article on Salon that I started to suspect was a Public Relations stunt. It was supposed to be written by a feminist who had this wide eyed wonder having discovered the clean vibrant lifestyle of Mormon women. It didn't work for this reader. I had to retrieve a motion sickness bag in case I threw up.

I read enough of this article to know that it really had the look and smell to make Mormons seem like the essence of cleanly scrubbed faces, the wholesome lifestyle and the healthy work ethic. A little like a old Anglo Saxon Protestant photo. But what i believe lurks under the thin facade is the enormous deranged embodiment of bigotry that they embrace with every fiber of their mind and bodies.

Their I'm OK, you're not OK hubris that emanates like a thick poisonous fog from the highest levels of Mormonism is "offensive" - my most charitable term for them. I expect little from their leaders. Church (if you can call it that) leaders are paid to be ideologues. What I am amazed at is that their flock is so mindless not to rise up, throw out the pernicious leaders, and remove all aspects on snark minded bigotry.

Yes, I have an opinion on LDS. It starts with a clothespin and my nose.

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Friday, January 14, 2011


The DOJ entered an appeal because a Fed Judge threw out the Defense of Marriage Act. This is an abomination of the highest order.

Eric Holder of DOJ knows the DOMA is wrong. Obama know the same. Holder states that he is just following the law, same lame type of excuse the Nazis gave at Nuremburg. He even admits it is a non partisan sop. That means he is kissing up to politics instead of doing what he knows to be right and that would be no appeal.

Obama states that his opinion on gay marriage is in transition. I say that is bull___. He doesn't want to lose one vote, same as with DADT; he left it up to others and he will do the same with gay marriage. Say one thing but do nothing.

I don't think one gay person; not one man, woman or child in the GLBT community in the United States did not fully support and embrace the equal rights movement of the 60's. Conversely, I don't think one black minister outside of a gay congregation supports the GLBT community. In fact they preach against it and helped defeat gay rights on Prop. 8. Please don't tell me you know one supportive black minister; I don't want to vomit.

So I say to Obama and Holder a thought I borrowed from a Jay Leno piece. Go find where your Testicles are, retrieve them, sew them back on, and then man-up and do what is right.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin and the Crosshairs.

It is mostly the liberal press that is questioning Palin placing what appears to be rifle crosshairs on certain congressional districts. The question goes to whether this can incite the great unwashed, the skin heads, the snake pit crowd, to commit violence.

Did anyone out there in cyber land think that Palin was going apologize? Did newscasters,­editorial writers, journalist­, think that Palin would admit doing any wrong, any oversight, any mis-speak or her public recognition that she inflames her intellectu­ally challenged followers by saying anything purposely to incite?

It seems, from this view, Palin has learned that as long as she does not kill other than innocent animals from a helicopter­; as long as she doesn't personally commit crimes; as long as she acts macho - so loved by the wing nuts, she can deny anything blame anyone or group and go on with the charade knowing that her every statement will be given free publicity on every TV and Radio commentary­.

One month of totally ignoring her would probably have her fade into oblivion forever, forever, forever.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is about a visiting Portuguese journalist of 65 is found dead, castrated, in a rented room and the suspect is a 20 year old male model.

I am not surprised when a 65 year old messes around with a 20 year old kid. About 2/3 of the older gay pervs on Craig's List advertise for younger. It must be a combination of trying to live in the past or because they are spending or because they have some special considerations, such as endowment or being a top. Usually they try to cover up their intent with dad 4 son or uncle 4 nephew wording.

While I believe that the kids, even a kid model, should not be with someone so much older, they often do it anyway for some of the above reasons. I am not writing because of the age differences or judging the propriety, decency, or visceral benefits if any. Mine is a separate issue.

What I hate about this is that it is a reason for the world's morons to talk trash about gay people. The journalist played in an arena he shouldn't have been in and paid the ultimate price. What really pisses me off is that the journalist was supposed to be a gay advocate. The kid had no business being with grandpa and will pay soon enough. And the wing nuts and press will fill the air in an anti gay feeding frenzy. It is this feeding frenzy that I abhor.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

I just read a news feed telling that Americans are split on health care, mostly along party lines.

There are two considerations here. Know that after enormous study, Madison Avenue decided that the demographic for prime time TV ads should be for the 8 year old mind. I glean from this that any poll is useless if the decision should be made based on the polling results.

The second consideration is that although Democrats have their own problems, the Republicans sure seem like they are owned and operated by the insurance companies. I think the journalistic term is "puppets".

Therefore, the Repub worker bees for the insurance companies are telling the brain challenged populace what to believe. One would think that even these little children can recognize lies, especially the absurd ones against health care, but Americans are children who, unfortunately, cannot.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, I agree that the use of the "N" word in Huck Finn is pretty derogatory and it is used quite often. Changing it to "Slave" does not seem to be much of an improvement, in fact I think it is a deep south euphemism for the "N" word and just as derogatory. I think a change to "Black" would enjoy the same political correctness as changing the Postman designation to Postal Worker. Now, changing the word "Injun" to "Indian" seems a little absurd. Injun is a cute term. But, that's in the cards. Clemens will surely turn in his grave.

I received an Email from someone who said they were an Indian. I asked him if he was a tech support Indian or a Tomahawk Indian. He said tech support, and we continued the conversation. Later, he proudly said he was from south India. I was taken aback, because the definite inference was that the ones from the north, were, well, just a bunch of no account skinny ass ....... .

All this leaves me with the most horrid thoughts imaginable. Someday, some damn PhD will insist that I use the words, Penis and Virginia when referring to either the adjective or the noun.

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