Monday, June 21, 2010


Every article I read about BP is increasingly disgusting, increasingly criminal, and both the government agencies and congress seem no better than BP.

We allowed them to play with our environment without adequate controls, by accepting money, by looking the other way or not looking at all. The police seemed to be sleeping with the whores.

It is popular to blame BP as it is popular to blame the undocumented from coming into the U.S with no fences. or a thief who steals a car with the key left in and the door not locked.

As a people, we do not march and cry out and demand that our congress do the work of the people. We just let them take money, do what ever is in the interest of their handlers, their economic benefactors and keeping power in the hands of their own party.

When we realize that BP is the fault of ourselves, we might rise up and demand better effective government that works for us.

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