Saturday, February 27, 2010


When I was younger, when a school would have a prayer or when a Christian image would be placed in public halls, it was often a Jewish organization or other non Christian religion that was the so-called Plaintiffs being represented by the ACLU asking that the separation concept be strictly enforced.

Today, we have a meeting with the non believers, aka Atheists, doing the work that minority religions use to do. Not sure of the reason but I guess it has to do with government faith based money. Oh, I'm so cynical!

I cringe when ever I read about some clergyman wanting to put the 10 commandments on public property, when I hear the Under God in the Pledge, when some school administrator thinks he or she will go to heaven if they put god in the classroom, when some religious group knocks on my door for any reason, and when I see Mel Gibson's face.

Separation of Church and State should be 100%, not 99%. I'd even vote for taking off In God We Trust off of money even though I believe in God. The government does not belong in a Church, in a Synagogue or in a Mosque, and religions don't belong in Government. Amen.

What irks me is that government, sans George Bush, more or less stayed out of the religious organizations but the converse has not been true. Religions want to creep in with every and any crack in the door.

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