Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hamas and Israel

Hamas attacks Israel.  Be it by tunneling-in to do a hit, or sending a few thousand rockets, it is an act of war.  The game plan is to show pictures of wounded and dead children when Israel attacks back.  The U.N. Muslim countries, and most likely, places like France, Belgium, and a bunch of others want it to end so more children and adults will not die.  Eventually the fighting stops, Hamas uses its funds, not to help Palestinians out if squalor, but to build tunnels and to re-arm.  There are a good number of Jewish Temples damaged all over Europe as part of the sheer joy of being bigots and helping in the PR for Hamas.

This scenario continues by Hamas attacking again after some time, Israel retaliating, and Hamas showing dead children.

The American press is filled with the pictures of Ambulances, woman crying and screaming, people in stretchers, and a common war cry that the fight is unfair because less Israelis are dying. A few newscasters claim that now more Arabs will hate Israelis because of the casualties as though Israel may have overlooked this potentiality.

Some people of good will try to negotiate a cease fire and a peace plan but cease fires are short lived and a peace plan will not happen.

We lost about 4,500 of our wonderful young men because we ousted Sadam and they can't defend their country. We demolished the Taliban and they are coming back.  Many of our children died there too.  Our seriously wounded is in the many thousands.  The lesson learned is to win the war, finish the job,  and/or occupy with the U.N. Being the only ones with guns.

If the U.N. Will not go into Gaza and occupy and disarm Hamas, I say Israel, finish the job.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Since the early 1900's, aside from Germany, the most violent acts of brutality owing to moronic antisemitism, is attributed to Russia and Ukraine in what is known as a series of Pogroms causing untold hundreds of thousands of deaths and displacements of innocent Jews.

The blatant lies, control of media, misinformation, and empty promises, I believe, are part of the DNA make-up of these two countries. Of course as far as European countries go, antisemitism has been prevalent, but the poster boys are the ones now engaged combat.  Ukraine and Russia lied constantly about the Pogroms then, and now Putin is biologically incapable of telling the truth. He so much wants the good old USSR days.

I have a solution.  We should increase the sanctions placed on Russia as much as possible, and sell arms to the Ukraine.  This will somewhat level the playing field, with Russia drunk with expansionism and Ukraine fighting for their lives.

We make profit on the arms sales and watch them thin out their populations and have lots of news stories.  A real Trifecta.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Effect the Koch Brother's bottom line

Want to make a difference in the world?  I do, but I know that I'd have to be satisfied with doing one small step for mankind.  I'm going to stay away from the following Koch retail products:

Angel Soft.                 Brawny Towels.         Dixie Cups
Quilted Northern.       Sparkle Towels.          Stainmaster
Vanity Fair.                 Mardi Gras.                 Zee
Georgia Pacific.          American Greetings.   Advantage
Image Plus.                 Spectrum. Papers

There is more, but here's a start.                      

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh Marco Rubio, I'm in a sea of tears now that you're a VICTIM

Bwaaaaaa, I need a Kleenex. Rubio wants to be able to discriminate against gay people's rights  without feeling like a victim.  Did you see the "poor baby" look as he spoke this.  He says he's all for conventional marriage and just can't understand why there are those who take exception to his discrimination.  Gee Marco, I want to help you, so listen-up....

Marco, you are entitled to bring your religious views to the halls of government but if those views discriminate, ya all gonna be called a bigot and don't worry, you look good as a victim.  I know you can't help what you think, you can't help how you feel.  Yet, If you leave religion behind, recognizing the separation of Church and State, then you will be set free.

Then, if you discriminate, you'll have to give a rational reason, not blind faith, same as if you discriminated against Blacks, Cubans, Women...  You get the idea!  Ready, set, CRY.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I listen to MSNBC where there is an effort to blame the Republican hatred of my President on the fact that he is a black man.  Of course, I suspect that southern Republicans ALSO enjoy the fact that he is black so they have a 2nd reason for hating him.

I think that my President is not really hated.  I believe he is respected, super intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic, witty, a great family man, a super caring American, a great speaker and is downright lovable.  This is why the feigned hatred is so central to the Republican strategy.   They are frightened.

They have no one close to Obama by any measure, but are so thirsty for power, thirsty not to lose the billionaires supporters, that they spew hate, lies, and because their Rovesque ultra dirty tricks  are not working, they try to rig the elections. 

I have not seen a Republican idea in years and certainly no ideas that might benefit the ordinary working man, the entry level worker, the unemployed, the poor, women, college students, minorities, the environment, or the health of the people. 

The most vile strategy is refusing to bring bills to a vote in the House. I think there should be an amendment that the lower house must vote on bills passed in the senate and must vote on monetary bills requested by the Presidency.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Children of the Border

As I understand it, criminals sold parents on the promise of America for $2,000 per head or family... What ever.  Parents jump at this opportunity because of oppressive conditions at home.  I wouldn't  be a bit surprised if the oppression is caused by the very same criminals selling passage with kickbacks to the government officials who look the other way. I would not be surprised if some in all corners of Mexico are in on the take allowing unfettered entry and exit at their borders.

I understand and sympathize with the calls for compassion from the U.S. Hispanic community.  I add the empathy from religious organizations, some city officials, many Federal Government elected officials and all people who love the world's children.

As a doctrinaire Liberal on most issues, I am loath to hear the Republican Congress talk about the cost effectiveness of deportation by air compared to some other carriers,  I also understand most of the legal issues, lack of Judges, overflow of facilities, children alone vs. those with a parent.

Somehow I have this gnawing and growing desire that the criminals not be enriched by this crises that they created.  The governments of these non contiguous countries and Mexico should pay for the cost of what they could have prevented.  Same as think Iraq should. Pay our war cost in oil and Afghanistan in Poppy.

I also think it is summarily unfair to send some back and let some stay.  Since my beloved President will be blamed, since we will be hated no matter, let's put them all on nice planes, and send them back. and stop sending money to all those countries involved until the bill is paid.

Monday, July 7, 2014


In an mall Arcade, I put a few coins in a slot, gave the slide a firm push. It swallowed the coins and I pulled out the slot.  I grabbed the mallet and was shocked at what started popping up.

Instead of Moles, it was Republicans and Tea Party types popping up. It started slow and they were voice activated seeming sincere, each sounding like the pop-up-dummy they represent.  The first had to do with the IRS, I smacked him down, as did with the Donald look alike, then the Speaker, a Senator from South Carolina. The came faster and I hit them harder and faster.

My arms started tiring. Some were Presidential hopefuls.  Most were House Reps. Senators, all from red states, and the insults to our President, to The Administration, to Democrats, became increasingly vile.  I felt it was a crass dirty tricks scheme to throw out all their garbage and see if some stick.  I would have no part of it.

When the game ended, my score flashed. It wasn't numerical. It was descriptive..  It said I was a Liberal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

if Ruth Ginsberg Were Only a Little Younger, I'd Propose.

I love Justice Ginsberg's scathing rebuttal of the legislative five ultra conservative Justices.  However, I see benefit as a result from this travesty and attack on women's rights.  I think that birth control should be removed from insurance company managing and service and rates be reduced accordingly, and women can pay a fee for the insurance being handled by Medicare. I'm talking all women.

In fact those residing in states where the Governor refuses to help their poor, ala Medicaid, Medicare should step in and provide a very low rate for the same coverage as if the Governor cooperated.

In fact, the next time this court legislated a diminution in ACA services, Medicare should include it.

When SCOTUS deemed ACA to be legal, it included all provisions except it gave Governors an option.  SCOTUS  did not say helping the poor was not a part of ACA.

In the future, when the court slices away our health care, Medicare should fill the gap.

I extrapolate to the point of having a one payer system allot sooner.