Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In the infinite wisdom of our government, our so-called job creator 1% and our moronic concept of a global economy, over recent years, 65,000 businesses moved their manufacturing outside the country especially to communist China.  That is not 65,000 jobs. It is 65,000  businesses.  

Not to be outdone by manufacturing job losses, the 1% job creators now outsource service jobs, computer programming jobs, engineering and more.  The rape of Americans does not stop there.  I'll have to sharpen my pencil for future blogs.  The only one that benefits is the 1%.  Cheap products are an illusion. It is good to pay more but be paid much more.

You would think that countries like China, India and Mexico would be grateful that we gave them billions in business. He'll no, they trade unfairly, buy up American businesses and homes so our young people can't afford rents or homes.  

My partial solution.  1) Foreigners cannot buy businesses or land or homes unless we can do the same in their country.   2) If you want to sell things in this country, you have to make it in this country. This is done by specific industries and lists of product groups.

In no time, the U.S. Economy will enjoy full time jobs instead of the part time hand outs by the 1%.,  there will be millions receiving  good pay, we'll enjoy full employment, and affordable living.

Tell the government that the present version of the global economy sucks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I'm one of those guys who pays all of my bills on time and in full.  I don't like charging interest and don't like paying interest. I really hate finance charges.  So, I just don't buy more than I can pay in full

I do ask credit card companies to both Email me as well as mail a statement.  That way I always have the current statement.  I pay using my bank's "Bill Pay" facility.  I love bill pay. It is a total win-win for me and my bank.  Bill Pay is the best thing since Email.

In November, I did not get an Email or a snail mail statement from Target.  In December I also received  neither.  Then, I received a delinquent Email, researched and immediately paid in full.  In January, I received the Nov. and Dec. statements.

Target reported my delinquency to the Credit Agency and my FICA score, after about 50 good years, took a nose dive.  Target was delighted to refund all the charges, but refused to make it good with the Credit Bureau.  I, then, refused to make my customer relationship good with them. I know a balance is due even if you get no statement. But that is not real life. A statement or Email advice triggers payment.

I cancelled my red card, cancelled their prescription card, stopped buying groceries, stopped buying clothing, stopped buying housewares, but I do get cat food, but only the dry.

My FICA is roaring back, but Target lost me for life.  Their excuse, If we did this for you, we would not be treating others equally.  Brilliant!  Just screw everyone, right or wrong so you're equal.

Monday, August 11, 2014


I was brought up thinking that the police were there to keep the peace, were our friends, caught bad people, who would be of assistance if you had an auto or other accident, mishap.

Over the years, I have encountered police downright obnoxious, saw one taking a bribe, noticed an officer in uniform give leniency to a hooker if she went down. Sh told me the alternative was jail. I asked an officer to sign off on a fix-it ticket and he didn't want to because it was written by another agency. I had to remind him of his duty.. I made a complaint about one officer totally off base, and his Lieutenant went to great lengths to talk me out of it.   He was not up front with his intentions.

Recently I saw images of a Cop beating up a black woman.  One chocked a black man to death. Now one shot a black kid to death. That is this month's trifecta.

The CA hi way patrol will not write up an accident, the police can claim they are too busy because of funding.

I no longer think it is an excuse to say that most police are good hard workers.  This seems to excuse the black sheep.  It suggests that no real fix is needed.

I seriously disagree.  Ask random people of their experiences.  I sense they will also disagree.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In a recent blog, I asked Planned Parenthood to sue The Supreme Court, for allowing states to pass and enforce draconian legislation curtailing abortion in many states.  Perhaps P.P. Does not have standing but certainly women in various of these states can start a class action suit against both the Supremes and Congress and the legislatures in those bible hugging states  Certainly P.P. Can coordinate this.

More significant, I now think that the POTUS does have standing being the representative of all the people to sue the Republican members of the house for dereliction of duty, for abuse of power, for incompetence, misuse of public funds, for selling their votes, for ignoring the will of their people, and the courts should offer redress.  Certainly one form of redress would be to require that The House vote on every bill passed by the Senate, or created by the President. This would assure that they are earning their keep.  I think a good portion of their pay should be fined, to pay back for their waste of public money.

This, in part, is being discussed by Chris Mathews.   I love the thought.  I feel like I was on the leading edge of this concept of kicking back.