Monday, August 2, 2010


Every time I read a news story where the word Jew or Israel is mentioned, there are numerous comments all with the same theme, and universally anti Semitic mindless statements. There are two major categories. One is the Arab voice, the second is the deleterious voice of bigots.

There is a loosely organized army of Arabs that comb through any news about Jews or Israel and bombard the comments page with their boring repetitive rhetoric. Zionists, apartheid, owners of Wall Street, Mossad, are the more common targets, but it is not the individual comments that have impact but they hope that the summation of this drone of repetition will sway public opinion and reduce support of the Jewish State. With no validity, I think these folks actually believe their nonsense.

Then, there are the home grown bigoted idiots who hate Jews, not different from the KKK hating blacks and not owing to any real valid concerns, but it offers them something to distract themselves from their miserable worthless existence.

Together there is a rise in the anti Semitic volume and I wonder if these people will be targeted when their annoyance reaches a threshold?

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