Monday, May 31, 2010


I remember a TV commercial of yesteryear showing a native American Indian near a freeway, with tears welling-up seeing the exhaust from cars and the litter by the side of the road. I had the same feeling that as I had recently watching Sarah McLachlan doing the tear jerking ASPCA commercial. We care about America as long as it doesn't impact our lifestyle.

I watch cars near a busy intersection. Still tons of trucks, SUVs with a driver and no passengers. I don't know how many square meters Costco allocates for bottled water. There are lots of cars in the diamond lane but almost half have are cheating with only one occupant.

Ms. Christie Aschwanden wrote an article about the carbon footprint of air travel. It was published by Mother Jones. It is both stirring and articulate. It is a reminder that some will sacrifice for the common cause. I haven't been in a plane in 15 years and don't intend to. My home is significantly green. I guess I don't mind peeing weeing uphill because that's what a single person's effort feels like.

Yet, there are some 50% of the people who find it more convenient to deny global warming. I guess they all vote Republican.

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