Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salon magazine published a article about the media trashing Palin's speech at a The California State University at Turlock. She was in this conservative but poor area to raise money. Students rummaging through the trash bins found the grossly high fee she charged including high expenses and luxury accommodations. This evidence showed her monumental lack of charity.

I would like all the idiotic Palin followers to understand her comments about the students finding evidence in the trash bin. "Don't they have anything better to do" was the thrust of her comment. In other words, if the students didn't waste their time rummaging through the University trash bin, she wouldn't have gotten caught.

Being caught with a heavy hand in the public till, particularly a poor school, is not the image she wants to portray even though it is the true image. She therefore blames the investigators who exposed her greed.

A person robs a 7/11 store and being caught on video tape blames the owners for spending money on tape in this lousy economy.

Same analogy. But Palin deserves an answer and it falls on me. The students did exactly the right thing. A perfect utilization of their time. Exposing the truth may not be important in the Palin world but it is the truth in the student's world.

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Here is an article that discussed the disgusting manner in which the governing organization of world cup soccer treats players gross misbehavior toward women. The article uses an episode where one player slapped a female reporter because she wrote a simple news story about his girlfriend. She lunged at him after the battery attack but it did little good.

I'm happy this reporter lunged at the moron but I think that was too light of a response. She should have poked an eye out. He would have tons of time to think about hitting a female.... from the sidelines. True poetic justice.

This article, by Ryan Brown, actually stoops low enough to give the reason he slapped her as though that would lend some merit. There is no legitimate reason, no justification, save self defense.

The article also states that the governing organization should frown upon violence and lecture the pigs who act against women. This author should join the Taliban. FIFA should outlaw, fine, punish and expel for such behavior not have a heart-to-heart talk. But, hey, it would interfere with the money.

My opinion is that if America was not doing so well, I would not even think of watching this monumentally boring sport. I think most of the players with long hair actually look more gay than macho. Sorry to my wonderful gay friends. I love the way these sissies pretend to be hurt. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm crying for them.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


An article in Salon talks of how we pick and choose which countries, people, races to root for and are uncaring about the others. Below is my response.

I think this article is sadly based on true feelings. However, it is, in the aggregate, wrong. Many people care about the Gazans, many hate the Israelis, and many love the Africans and cry over what is happening in several areas.

Simply because this writer has his views, does not mean it is shared on any major basis.

I care about Israel very much, but love America. I care about the black people in Africa, but on a different level because I don't have a connection other than humanitarian caring. I think this is very normal.

We are not all Ghandi's or Mandella's and cannot cry or lose sleep for everyone in the world. But we can talk, vote, write, and march to make a difference.

We love our country, rise to our flag, and our young people are dying for all of us. We have laudable feelings. The sad part is the ineffectiveness of those who have the power and the mission to cause change and do not.

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There is legislation pending to eliminate discrimination in schools based on gender identity. This was precipitated when a Mississippi school denied a Lesbian attendance in a Prom, her wanting to bring her date and wear a Tuxedo.

While it was deplorable, the school canceling the Prom, it was understandable in certain sectors of the country. Yet, understandable, does not make it correct. And being within the social mainstream of that area also does not make it correct.

Having had their hands slapped and taken to the woodshed, there should have been a healing, growing, learning and maturity building episode moving from the dark ages to this modern era. Yet, when one considers that great parts of the moronic South is still seething about giving civil rights to black people, I guess that the parents and school showed their true form, their blatant ignorance, the never ending prejudice of this region, and years of inbred bigotry when they arranged a private party for most and a shadow Prom for the Lesbian.

Beside the cruelty perpetrated by the adults including the parents and school, the real legacy of this low life act is that it included further poisoning the students that went to the private party. These bigots passed their hatred, to their children.
My hat is off to this young girl, to the gift of the scholarship by Ellen and Opra, and to the needed legislation to make sure no student suffers as a result of their gender identity.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Financial support of Israel should not be with strings. It should be in recognition of having a democratic partner in the region. Israel is not a chattel of the U.S. and we have no business telling them how to conduct their country or their policies. Do we tell France, England, Spain, Germany, etc. how to run their country? Do we have another democratic partner in the Middle East?

The fuss we made over their building apartments is a sham and I don't know how Hillary and Biden allowed themselves to be pawns in this farce.

American Jews should reserve their negative comments if that is genetically possible. You don't tell the American Heart Association how to run their organization because you sent a check. Israel is not your child? You have a right to bitch, but that doesn't make it right.

We should do a better job allowing weapons and drugs to come into the U.S. before we tell Israel what to blockade and what not to. If some country or group sent rockets into the U.S. we'd have a national hysteria fit and probably start one or more wars. Yet, the morons who tell Israel to have a measured response, include so many European countries that kiss oil ass.

A peace has to be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians. If they don't want peace. If they still are OK with the status-quo, then life will belong to the last country standing.

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Every article I read about BP is increasingly disgusting, increasingly criminal, and both the government agencies and congress seem no better than BP.

We allowed them to play with our environment without adequate controls, by accepting money, by looking the other way or not looking at all. The police seemed to be sleeping with the whores.

It is popular to blame BP as it is popular to blame the undocumented from coming into the U.S with no fences. or a thief who steals a car with the key left in and the door not locked.

As a people, we do not march and cry out and demand that our congress do the work of the people. We just let them take money, do what ever is in the interest of their handlers, their economic benefactors and keeping power in the hands of their own party.

When we realize that BP is the fault of ourselves, we might rise up and demand better effective government that works for us.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This blog refers to the Israeli military trying to board and inspect a flotilla of so called aid ships to Gaza. The Israelis imposed an embargo on Gaza to prevent the importation of missiles and other weapons that would be used by Hamas. They do not interfere with normal products and aid.

There has been an international outcry because 10 members of the flotilla are dead.
The flotilla included those who laid in wait for the Israelis with clubs, knives, and they took two soldiers guns and shot the Israeli soldiers. Many Israeli soldiers were clubbed and stabbed and are in hospitals as I write.

Some Jews have joined the rest in condemning Israel for both boarding the flotilla, for using force even though they were attacked as is shown on film, and also say that the force was more than necessary.

Now, the U.S.rightfully uses drones in Afghanistan, and while it is really a nice warm fuzzy feeling to see some of the Taliban killed, there is also collateral damage. Collateral damage are nice words for killing civilians, and civilians is a nice word for women and children. The Taliban, like other, insurgents like to live amongst women and children as shields. Hammas and Hezbollah do the same. Does anyone see the similarities?

In this story, the insurgents were amongst the innocent sailors. They clubbed and stabbed and shot Israeli soldiers who wanted to inspect and not fight. Israel has to inspect to protect its citizens against rockets and weapons being shipped to Gaza. This was a trap, I believe set-up in Turkey.

Now what doesn't the Israel haters, including some Jews, and the oil buying international community who has to kiss up to the Arabs, know about this situation?

So, did the soldiers use too much force? If I were being clubbed, knifed and shot, I would kill all needed to assure stability without much concern for collateral damage. That is the risk of allowing insurgents, etc. to mingle with ordinary people. I think, in this case, the Israelis showed amazing restraint.

The Arab and anti Israeli propaganda machine is in full bloom.