Sunday, February 14, 2010


Author and Professor Mike Signes wrote an intellectual article calling for President Obama to start fighting as a contrast to being a scholar, a gentleman, and thoughtful statesman. I know I'm doing his Huffington Post essay a disservice by boiling it down to one sentence yet, that is the core of what I want to discuss in this blog.

I set out write this with the thought that while I'm in total lockstep with Professor Signes, I do not want to loose having an honest and brilliant law professor as our President. I do not want to loose having a President who appeals what our founding fathers had in mind of a government that works together, notwithstanding a loyal opposition. This is, to me, a polar opposite of the Bush/Cheney fiasco. While Signes does not suggest this, I need to reiterate clearly.

What I'd like to see in support of Signes' posting is our President get in the ring and fight like a cornered tiger in addition to keeping his intellectual and moral authority. It is allot to ask as the Presidency adds years to anyone's life, and I'd like to see my President stay young, vital and be fun for himself and his lovely family.

He faces an opposition with a lust for power. A lust that disregards the needs of the people and the reason why they were elected. They employ a systematic use of lies continually being hammered to shape a public opinion that is strained owing to the economy, to loss of jobs, to the eight year attack on our middle class. To this end a cornered tiger is too mild for my thinking. I wish he were an African Honey Badger who snapped off their testicles and let them bleed to death. Ah metaphor!

I sense that the elected Democrat officials and Independents in State Legislatures, in the House of Representatives and in the Senate are not entering the ring, are not getting bloodied and scarred to help the President with as much fierceness as the opposition puts forth. At least, not like the Republican concerted orchestration to bring this President down. They need to stand up and be counted and help sway the public and make our government work again. They also need an internal discipline to punish errant congressmen who want to use blackmail for their votes.

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