Monday, March 15, 2010


It is written that by this next Saturday or earlier, we will learn if there will be health care reform or will we wait, potentially, 50 more years or wait forever. I have written, often, that I would like to see a complete federal take-over of health care, all under Medicare, and including take over of Medicare Supplement Policies, the entire Prescription Drug system, as well as Dental Care.

Those against this give reasons of expenditures, fear of government take-over of our health, idiotic talk about death panels, and some congressmen saying they have to vote for what their people back home want. Republicans are entirely out of this decision owing to what I believe is their greater importance of trying for more votes in November and more, of their prime motive, power.

I believe what health care reform is really about is not money but a moral imperative of giving health care to the uninsured, reducing the cost of health care, to avoid the insurance companies being enriched for nothing, to not have preexisting conditions, and to avoid people dying and going bankrupt over health care.

It is time for the Democrats and Independents to be heard as one voice. If not now it may never happen and many thousands will die, suffer, become bankrupt. The only winners will be the insurance companies. Those Americans who have insurance and don't give a damn about those who do not will not win in the long haul.

The suffering, the deaths, the bankruptcies of thousands, every year, are in the hands of the Democratic party and Independents. In an up and down vote, I hope the naysayers pay the ultimate political price.

I would like to see the names and Jurisdiction of every no vote, to be etched in a monument so the families of those who die, those who suffer, those who lose everything can read the scroll of the infamous. I would financially support this monument.

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