Saturday, April 24, 2010


There is a moment when the light turns from green to yellow and before it gets to red, that provides a window of opportunity to decide on one course or another. To do something or not, go along or to reject,

We all can't help what we think or feel, but we certainly can control what we do or say. The moment of truth is when we make follow the choice. It separates us from the lower form of specie because in these moments while the light is changing, we can choose amongst the alternatives, and good mental health is said to be choosing that which is in our best interest.

I was commenting on Huffington Post about Ms. Shukert's article about her youth and when she posed nude for a photographer she didn't know.

It was clearly not in Ms. Shukert's best interest to go along with the photographer. She offers the usual discourse... a ledger, where stupidity and youth is on one side, the side that should have said no, and excuses like wanting to live in N.Y.because I'm not boring like others in her hometown. She felt license because she is more free, uninhibited, more modern. She also blames it on her youth, innocence et al.

I'm happy the author was not harmed or damaged by this episode. If she can teach others to recognize the light changing, perhaps they will make better choices before it turns red.

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