Friday, February 19, 2010


All day long Tiger Wood's apology speech was revisited on TV dwarfing the BalLoon Boy, and several other recent monumental news stories that, in my opinion, should be relegated to page 76 on a busy-body rag found at supermarket check-out stands.

I hark back to a previous blog where I'm saying that, as a people, we really have to stop gawking at roadside accidents, stop buzzing about elected officials, athletes, ministers, and what have you, when they have enjoyed some saucy indiscretions.

From the news reporters, to the talk show hosts, to those who add fire by calling in, I want to say that Tiger's sex life belongs to him an his family, and not the grossly disgusting airing of his private laundry.

So, In this brief blog, I say to all of you, GET A LIFE. Get some perspective and talk about rapes, mayhem, murder in the Congo, health care, and other important newsworthy stories.

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