Sunday, February 21, 2010


Salon Magazine had an article based on an interview with Elvis Stojko who really wants men's figure skating to be more masculine. In a different article for Yahoo, he also says that the Russian, Pleshenko should have won.

Everyone, it seems needs their 15 minutes of fame and Elvis has proven that he will need many decades not minutes to gain more fame. His rather disgusting comments on the need for masculinity in figure skating is just that.

I just think that it does not matter your gender preferences and skaters who dance effeminate can be the most fun to watch. Many gay skaters are downright excellent and Elvis should, but doesn't, know better than to have such a bigoted rant. Many more manly skaters are also excellent and often better. Sexuality should not matter, the skating should! Strjko, time to Grow up!

Just to illustrate the downright prejudice and poor sportsmanship, Strjko's ranting about the loss of the Russian exemplifies the worst in reporting. Pleshenko also showed some of the lousiest sportsmanship.

In fact, one of the best sportsmen was Weir, who skated very flamboyant and many BLGT organization writers thought he was robbed. I think they could voice their disappointment but not say he was robbed.

In contrast, there was not one word of bad sportsmanship from Weir. He loved competing, he admitted some errors, dressed, looked and skated wonderfully. Yes it is a competition, not a show, but I believe showmanship will always be a part of figure skating. Weir's routing was said to be not as difficult but he danced it almost flawlessly, came in sixth, and smiled from ear to ear.

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