Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A friend of mine tried to console me over the Republican election sweep.  I went to sleep early last evening with hope in my heart so I could swim laps in the wee hours.  I came back to the horror of a red sweep in most states.

So he asked me who I really thought was a significant loss to our country. It was not a Republican. After all, they won!  It, in only a small way, was not the Democrats who lost the election. After all 
they tried their best though they were stupid enough to run from one of the very few best Presidents in the history of this nation.  They deserved to lose.

The monumental losers were the people who stayed home, who didn't vote. Yes, those who didn't care, who are lazy, who make excuses, will wonder why the Supreme Court votes ideology, why their parents may lose their pensions, their bank accounts, their Medicare, their Social Security.  They will wonder why unemployment insurance will diminish, why healthcare goes back to the vulture days, why immigration law is more punitive. They will curse because public education went down the tubes, because they are living in a police state

It will not occur to them that their individual and collective 
lack of vote caused this. They will not blame themselves for the misery they caused. They'll blame Washington.... The Washington they created by not voting. 

It wasn't billions in Citizen United money. It wasnt 6 years of orchestrated lies by Republicans, it wasn't voter supression or dirty tricks.  It wasn't the Republican do nothing Congress.  It was only you who stayed home.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Too Stupid, Too Brainwashed, Too Prejudiced to flourish.

Here is the Litmus Test to help you to vote

Do you hate welfare and cite that some people cheat?
Do you tell people that you know some use food stamps to buy beer?
Have you dropped out because both Republicans and Democrats are both bad?
Do you vote Republican because Dems gave black people equality?
Are you against a minimum wage increase?
Are you against equal pay for equal work?
Do you believe gays should not have the same rights as straights?
Are you O.K with privatizing Social Security and Medicare?
Do you believe the Affordable CarecAct should be defunded and repealed?
Should all abortion clinics be closed?
Should we give tax breaks to the wealthiest?
Do you believe it is O.K. to hamper people's vote on the guise that it prevents fraud.
Are you against contraception coverage in health insurance?
Was it O.K. For Congress to take so many weeks off?
Is it O.K. With you if billionaires buy elections as long as your party benefits?
Do you really believe that the U.S. Government is not handling Ebola correctly?
Do you believe that Bush and Chaney do not have blood on their hands?
Do you hate Barak Obama?'
Do you think Raegan was a model President?

If I have, more or less profiled you correctly, I need not add another hundred lines here, you are a card carrying Republican, and the best thing you can do for your country, for your flag, for your family, is to stay home and not vote.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


A town, on the Carobbean Coast Region, a port city.  Population like San Francisco with beautiful beaches, the color of the water is as exotic and romantic as the sunsets. There are tons for tourists and prostitution is legal.  So, let's say you are advanced scouts from the White House staff or the (shhhhh) Secret Service and you are a dude, and need to kill a few hours before being pressed into service, so you pick up the phone and dial 1-800-Rent-A-Hoe.

A sultry voice asks you to dial 1 for English, and then you hear a whisper telling you what is available and who.  A few items your wife would be loathe to do and some you would not dare ask.  In a knee jerk reaction, you pick one from Group A and three from Group B.  With a sigh, you took a pass on Group C because you're economic status would have to be Hedge Fund Manager or the equivalent. The 3rd item from Group B, is the Bavarian Basket Twist, the details of which are outside of your knowledge base, but you can't resist a lifetime of bragging rights.

Now, one of your buds thought the quote was in Pesos and Roxy said it was Dollares.  Roxy was overheard saying, "no senior, ju no pay only 300 Pesos for being bound and getting a good spanking"
and he stiffs her and she dials up the government Hoe Complaint Departmrnt and the supervisor (who has a different title in the U.S.), in turn, calls Washington and all hell breaks loose.

CARTAGENA.... Wonder what the weather is like in November?

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I have a theory that the Sequester budget cuts took away the wrist watch phones and Cracker Jacks secret code rings severely impacting THE secret Service's ability to follow procedures, communicate and the morale took s hit.  If that wasn't bad enough, they couldn't even commiserate with with hookers without it making the headlines of the supermarket tabs.  One Hoe gets stiffed and she blows a whistle so to speak and it leads to a drunken stupor.  The leader of our SS was woman who wanted the service to be more friendly and cozy like Disneyland.

A guy with a knife jumps the fence and gets into the White House and runs around, a couple uses the White House like a reality show, bullets fired at the building. A dude rides up the elevator with the POTUS carrying heat, a deviant doing signing next to POTUS in South Africa. I mean WTF.  

At first I thought to bring in Paulie and Silvio, but I'm also thinking Robert Gates as the Skipper.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Christian Singles advertises extensively stating that you can find God's match for you. Of course if you believe in God, you might think that God personally did some steering on your behalf. Though you probably understand that Christian Singles may not have an insider agreement with god, that the dating service and God are not buds, you might think God will provide, and Christian Singles is as good as any other vehicle or tool enabling God to do his good work. The problem I have is that the TV networks who benefit from the advertising revenue do not insist on a more realistic ad copy. I have some issue with the service using terms and a diety to sell subscriptions to their matching service. It does not matter whether or not the Singles service goes on to refine their wording in subsequent literature. The fact that they invoke God as a hook. Aside from a problem I have with financially benefitting, even if it is a non profit, is the fact that some clients might make a decision contrary to their best interest and not practice lots of due diligence that they might do meeting someone on a lesser heavenly dating venue.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Melissa lost her friend and mother,  Joan Rivers. We are blessed that It was a relationship they shared with the world, and to love one, you had to love both. Not to love either, in my opinion, you need a Primer on loving.

We, the people lost a national treasure today, at 1:17 PM on September 4th; I lost my maestro of comedy, my best source of laughter. I loved her edginess, her timing, and if she teased you, it was not a personal hit, it was confirmation that you were famous.

All on the people on her Fashion Police show, all of her guests, every audience and everyone at the "E" channel affirm the reason why I'm in a sea of tears.  Selfishly, I am pleased that she left a body of work we can all enjoy.  We were age contemporaries, from the same city, with the same ethnicity.  This really hit me personally.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


          In South Carolina a 16 year old who dressed and wore make-up as a female, 24/7, was
          forced to remove his make-up or not get his driver's license.
This issue here is the need of the government to prevent disguise because a drivers license is a valid form of identification vs. the need of a person's valid form of gender identity and expression. Both entities have valid and compelling requirements.  I see no reason why the state cannot be flexible enough to accommodate both.

In California, I believe there is a non  discrimination law that covers sexual identity and expression and it does not materially hamper the government weeding out those who would defraud using a disguise. They probably do not have this same law in South Carolina.  In this case the DMV was doing their job and the boy took off the make-up.

In the U.S., the pursuit of happiness is a unique right non existent in most other countries.  This child is not a distraction but I feel is honestly following his heart and soul. It is not theatrical or a statement of defiance or weird lifestyle.  I personally believe the state should accommodate him.

The remedy is being handled correctly in a law suit so the constitutionality of the question can be settled.  I am happily the child's mom supports him and is fighting back in a legal manner. He will forever remember his mom's support.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In the infinite wisdom of our government, our so-called job creator 1% and our moronic concept of a global economy, over recent years, 65,000 businesses moved their manufacturing outside the country especially to communist China.  That is not 65,000 jobs. It is 65,000  businesses.  

Not to be outdone by manufacturing job losses, the 1% job creators now outsource service jobs, computer programming jobs, engineering and more.  The rape of Americans does not stop there.  I'll have to sharpen my pencil for future blogs.  The only one that benefits is the 1%.  Cheap products are an illusion. It is good to pay more but be paid much more.

You would think that countries like China, India and Mexico would be grateful that we gave them billions in business. He'll no, they trade unfairly, buy up American businesses and homes so our young people can't afford rents or homes.  

My partial solution.  1) Foreigners cannot buy businesses or land or homes unless we can do the same in their country.   2) If you want to sell things in this country, you have to make it in this country. This is done by specific industries and lists of product groups.

In no time, the U.S. Economy will enjoy full time jobs instead of the part time hand outs by the 1%.,  there will be millions receiving  good pay, we'll enjoy full employment, and affordable living.

Tell the government that the present version of the global economy sucks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I'm one of those guys who pays all of my bills on time and in full.  I don't like charging interest and don't like paying interest. I really hate finance charges.  So, I just don't buy more than I can pay in full

I do ask credit card companies to both Email me as well as mail a statement.  That way I always have the current statement.  I pay using my bank's "Bill Pay" facility.  I love bill pay. It is a total win-win for me and my bank.  Bill Pay is the best thing since Email.

In November, I did not get an Email or a snail mail statement from Target.  In December I also received  neither.  Then, I received a delinquent Email, researched and immediately paid in full.  In January, I received the Nov. and Dec. statements.

Target reported my delinquency to the Credit Agency and my FICA score, after about 50 good years, took a nose dive.  Target was delighted to refund all the charges, but refused to make it good with the Credit Bureau.  I, then, refused to make my customer relationship good with them. I know a balance is due even if you get no statement. But that is not real life. A statement or Email advice triggers payment.

I cancelled my red card, cancelled their prescription card, stopped buying groceries, stopped buying clothing, stopped buying housewares, but I do get cat food, but only the dry.

My FICA is roaring back, but Target lost me for life.  Their excuse, If we did this for you, we would not be treating others equally.  Brilliant!  Just screw everyone, right or wrong so you're equal.

Monday, August 11, 2014


I was brought up thinking that the police were there to keep the peace, were our friends, caught bad people, who would be of assistance if you had an auto or other accident, mishap.

Over the years, I have encountered police downright obnoxious, saw one taking a bribe, noticed an officer in uniform give leniency to a hooker if she went down. Sh told me the alternative was jail. I asked an officer to sign off on a fix-it ticket and he didn't want to because it was written by another agency. I had to remind him of his duty.. I made a complaint about one officer totally off base, and his Lieutenant went to great lengths to talk me out of it.   He was not up front with his intentions.

Recently I saw images of a Cop beating up a black woman.  One chocked a black man to death. Now one shot a black kid to death. That is this month's trifecta.

The CA hi way patrol will not write up an accident, the police can claim they are too busy because of funding.

I no longer think it is an excuse to say that most police are good hard workers.  This seems to excuse the black sheep.  It suggests that no real fix is needed.

I seriously disagree.  Ask random people of their experiences.  I sense they will also disagree.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In a recent blog, I asked Planned Parenthood to sue The Supreme Court, for allowing states to pass and enforce draconian legislation curtailing abortion in many states.  Perhaps P.P. Does not have standing but certainly women in various of these states can start a class action suit against both the Supremes and Congress and the legislatures in those bible hugging states  Certainly P.P. Can coordinate this.

More significant, I now think that the POTUS does have standing being the representative of all the people to sue the Republican members of the house for dereliction of duty, for abuse of power, for incompetence, misuse of public funds, for selling their votes, for ignoring the will of their people, and the courts should offer redress.  Certainly one form of redress would be to require that The House vote on every bill passed by the Senate, or created by the President. This would assure that they are earning their keep.  I think a good portion of their pay should be fined, to pay back for their waste of public money.

This, in part, is being discussed by Chris Mathews.   I love the thought.  I feel like I was on the leading edge of this concept of kicking back.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hamas and Israel

Hamas attacks Israel.  Be it by tunneling-in to do a hit, or sending a few thousand rockets, it is an act of war.  The game plan is to show pictures of wounded and dead children when Israel attacks back.  The U.N. Muslim countries, and most likely, places like France, Belgium, and a bunch of others want it to end so more children and adults will not die.  Eventually the fighting stops, Hamas uses its funds, not to help Palestinians out if squalor, but to build tunnels and to re-arm.  There are a good number of Jewish Temples damaged all over Europe as part of the sheer joy of being bigots and helping in the PR for Hamas.

This scenario continues by Hamas attacking again after some time, Israel retaliating, and Hamas showing dead children.

The American press is filled with the pictures of Ambulances, woman crying and screaming, people in stretchers, and a common war cry that the fight is unfair because less Israelis are dying. A few newscasters claim that now more Arabs will hate Israelis because of the casualties as though Israel may have overlooked this potentiality.

Some people of good will try to negotiate a cease fire and a peace plan but cease fires are short lived and a peace plan will not happen.

We lost about 4,500 of our wonderful young men because we ousted Sadam and they can't defend their country. We demolished the Taliban and they are coming back.  Many of our children died there too.  Our seriously wounded is in the many thousands.  The lesson learned is to win the war, finish the job,  and/or occupy with the U.N. Being the only ones with guns.

If the U.N. Will not go into Gaza and occupy and disarm Hamas, I say Israel, finish the job.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Since the early 1900's, aside from Germany, the most violent acts of brutality owing to moronic antisemitism, is attributed to Russia and Ukraine in what is known as a series of Pogroms causing untold hundreds of thousands of deaths and displacements of innocent Jews.

The blatant lies, control of media, misinformation, and empty promises, I believe, are part of the DNA make-up of these two countries. Of course as far as European countries go, antisemitism has been prevalent, but the poster boys are the ones now engaged combat.  Ukraine and Russia lied constantly about the Pogroms then, and now Putin is biologically incapable of telling the truth. He so much wants the good old USSR days.

I have a solution.  We should increase the sanctions placed on Russia as much as possible, and sell arms to the Ukraine.  This will somewhat level the playing field, with Russia drunk with expansionism and Ukraine fighting for their lives.

We make profit on the arms sales and watch them thin out their populations and have lots of news stories.  A real Trifecta.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Effect the Koch Brother's bottom line

Want to make a difference in the world?  I do, but I know that I'd have to be satisfied with doing one small step for mankind.  I'm going to stay away from the following Koch retail products:

Angel Soft.                 Brawny Towels.         Dixie Cups
Quilted Northern.       Sparkle Towels.          Stainmaster
Vanity Fair.                 Mardi Gras.                 Zee
Georgia Pacific.          American Greetings.   Advantage
Image Plus.                 Spectrum. Papers

There is more, but here's a start.                      

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh Marco Rubio, I'm in a sea of tears now that you're a VICTIM

Bwaaaaaa, I need a Kleenex. Rubio wants to be able to discriminate against gay people's rights  without feeling like a victim.  Did you see the "poor baby" look as he spoke this.  He says he's all for conventional marriage and just can't understand why there are those who take exception to his discrimination.  Gee Marco, I want to help you, so listen-up....

Marco, you are entitled to bring your religious views to the halls of government but if those views discriminate, ya all gonna be called a bigot and don't worry, you look good as a victim.  I know you can't help what you think, you can't help how you feel.  Yet, If you leave religion behind, recognizing the separation of Church and State, then you will be set free.

Then, if you discriminate, you'll have to give a rational reason, not blind faith, same as if you discriminated against Blacks, Cubans, Women...  You get the idea!  Ready, set, CRY.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I listen to MSNBC where there is an effort to blame the Republican hatred of my President on the fact that he is a black man.  Of course, I suspect that southern Republicans ALSO enjoy the fact that he is black so they have a 2nd reason for hating him.

I think that my President is not really hated.  I believe he is respected, super intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic, witty, a great family man, a super caring American, a great speaker and is downright lovable.  This is why the feigned hatred is so central to the Republican strategy.   They are frightened.

They have no one close to Obama by any measure, but are so thirsty for power, thirsty not to lose the billionaires supporters, that they spew hate, lies, and because their Rovesque ultra dirty tricks  are not working, they try to rig the elections. 

I have not seen a Republican idea in years and certainly no ideas that might benefit the ordinary working man, the entry level worker, the unemployed, the poor, women, college students, minorities, the environment, or the health of the people. 

The most vile strategy is refusing to bring bills to a vote in the House. I think there should be an amendment that the lower house must vote on bills passed in the senate and must vote on monetary bills requested by the Presidency.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Children of the Border

As I understand it, criminals sold parents on the promise of America for $2,000 per head or family... What ever.  Parents jump at this opportunity because of oppressive conditions at home.  I wouldn't  be a bit surprised if the oppression is caused by the very same criminals selling passage with kickbacks to the government officials who look the other way. I would not be surprised if some in all corners of Mexico are in on the take allowing unfettered entry and exit at their borders.

I understand and sympathize with the calls for compassion from the U.S. Hispanic community.  I add the empathy from religious organizations, some city officials, many Federal Government elected officials and all people who love the world's children.

As a doctrinaire Liberal on most issues, I am loath to hear the Republican Congress talk about the cost effectiveness of deportation by air compared to some other carriers,  I also understand most of the legal issues, lack of Judges, overflow of facilities, children alone vs. those with a parent.

Somehow I have this gnawing and growing desire that the criminals not be enriched by this crises that they created.  The governments of these non contiguous countries and Mexico should pay for the cost of what they could have prevented.  Same as think Iraq should. Pay our war cost in oil and Afghanistan in Poppy.

I also think it is summarily unfair to send some back and let some stay.  Since my beloved President will be blamed, since we will be hated no matter, let's put them all on nice planes, and send them back. and stop sending money to all those countries involved until the bill is paid.

Monday, July 7, 2014


In an mall Arcade, I put a few coins in a slot, gave the slide a firm push. It swallowed the coins and I pulled out the slot.  I grabbed the mallet and was shocked at what started popping up.

Instead of Moles, it was Republicans and Tea Party types popping up. It started slow and they were voice activated seeming sincere, each sounding like the pop-up-dummy they represent.  The first had to do with the IRS, I smacked him down, as did with the Donald look alike, then the Speaker, a Senator from South Carolina. The came faster and I hit them harder and faster.

My arms started tiring. Some were Presidential hopefuls.  Most were House Reps. Senators, all from red states, and the insults to our President, to The Administration, to Democrats, became increasingly vile.  I felt it was a crass dirty tricks scheme to throw out all their garbage and see if some stick.  I would have no part of it.

When the game ended, my score flashed. It wasn't numerical. It was descriptive..  It said I was a Liberal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

if Ruth Ginsberg Were Only a Little Younger, I'd Propose.

I love Justice Ginsberg's scathing rebuttal of the legislative five ultra conservative Justices.  However, I see benefit as a result from this travesty and attack on women's rights.  I think that birth control should be removed from insurance company managing and service and rates be reduced accordingly, and women can pay a fee for the insurance being handled by Medicare. I'm talking all women.

In fact those residing in states where the Governor refuses to help their poor, ala Medicaid, Medicare should step in and provide a very low rate for the same coverage as if the Governor cooperated.

In fact, the next time this court legislated a diminution in ACA services, Medicare should include it.

When SCOTUS deemed ACA to be legal, it included all provisions except it gave Governors an option.  SCOTUS  did not say helping the poor was not a part of ACA.

In the future, when the court slices away our health care, Medicare should fill the gap.

I extrapolate to the point of having a one payer system allot sooner.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood, please sue the Supreme Court.

The SCOTUS ruled that it was illegal to have a buffer zone between an Abortion Clinic and  the  hecklers.  I suppose the concept is that Free Speech is violated if there is a buffer and if the hecklers murder someone or maim them or prevent a woman from visiting her doctor., the redress is to call the police.

Attorney for the bible huggers say the need access to those wanting an abortion so they can, in a low voice, educate the women as to other alternatives.  I'm not sure. But I think I saw some of those lawyers at the Improv doing slapstick.

Now, I am told that SCOTUS/ has a buffer around themselves. This is a violation of free speech.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to whisper a tutorial on how much some decision  have hurt our country..

If a buffer zone around SCOTUS is removed and some die or are maimed, why then, they can call the police.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One for You, Two for Me; Lots of Ads from BP

It seems every hour, I see several TV ads telling me how many Americans BP hires.  I wonder why they are spending millions on TV ads telling me what wonderful corporate citizens they are?  Am I supposed to thank them for giving jobs to us?

I suggest that BP hires people to make their bottom line fatter.  There is no altruism, no philanthropy here.  They're not our long lose brothers.  I am sure they simply feel it is worth spending the advertising dollars to mend their reputation for killing people with the explosion in the Gulf, for poisoning the water killing untold birds, killing fish, ruining commerce and the shorelines many businesses, people's livings.and tourism.

I'd like British Petroleum to use the advertising money to finish the clean-up job they caused and invest 20 billion to build wind turbines and solar panels across the U S.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Pen Name is Carl Stove

As Republicans, these are the mandates that must be followed by all elected officials and others:

1.  Obstruct every proposal that is brought up by Democrats or bipartisan with Dem support

2.  If you are running for office, tell what you will do. It need not be within the realm of the possible,                 just do not say how you will do it.

3.  Everyone has the responsibility to criticize every decision the president makes. Call it illegal, un-American,  job killing,  anti civil liberties,  pro Muslim,  unconstitutional,  racist, anti religion,  naive, and you can be outrageous, as you want.  You must do these twice every week.

4. At every opportunity talk about fixing health care, Social Security  Medicare,  Veteran's Affairs, international relations, job creation, education, infrastructure,  wages, opportunity, with programs that actually work.  Just do not elaborate.

5. When ever anything happens, blame this Administration, and Democratic Congress. No matter how absurd, give a reason why it is their fault.

6.  Don't use the words "pro choice". Call it baby killing, "child Murderers "'

7. Create laws that tend to reduce minority voting.  Particularly those against Blacks, Hispanics, and youth.  The more of these groups that stay away, the more we can win.

8, talk impeachment at every chance you get.  Any reason will do no matter how bizarre.

9. Talk take over of the government, taking back our country, taking over Washington.

10. Shower all races  with the most negative ads in history.  Repeat the most terrible lies often enough.

I am Carl Stove and I approve all dirty tricks.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Watching MSNBC I see dozens of General Electric ads letting us know what a wonderful company they are.  These ads do not sell individual products. They are called "institutional" ads devoted to selling public relations extolling the corporate name.  They want us to think they are a wonderful enterprise, steeped in technological genius and devoted to our well being; champions for the protection of our environment and they usually rave about their virtues as to being super employers.

In the several ads I saw this morning, a very cute young girl tells us that her mom makes underwater fans powered by the moon, airplanes that talk to each other and trains that are friends with trees. I admit, it is very homey and endearing.  G.E. does also like making profits.

So, little girl, please have a sit-down with your mom and ask her to call the CEO of G.E. And ask him  to start paying taxes in the U.S. since they are such wonderful corporate citizens.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


In this blogging game, my stage name is Carl Stove. 

I met with with my fellow national election losers and we decided that special measures were necessary because we'd never control all 3 branches of government based on doing things good for the American people.  

I clearly showed all my favorite charts, the numbers of people we can count on to vote for even our most mentally unbalanced candidates. Folks, you know almost every Evangalist and similar Christian group voters are in our pocket, along with freaky red necks, dudes who get subsidies for no good reason, gun nuts, those named Bubba,  people who dislike most blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, old white folk, and other like minded stand-up citizens including financial types, insurance execs, and almost all Mormons, These are our base along with Zillionairs who want to buy, and are trying to buy our country. 

I showed that we just need another few percent. A lousy few percent and we will control the Amerika. I love that spelling. The so-called middle class will never be in control again. Power, no, no, COMPLETE POWER is within reach.

What we do is in another blog along with how we do it. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Problem with Eric Cantor

I read a good deal of news feeds, attribute about 80% of my TV viewing to news stories, so I have have seen and read numerous of Eric Cantor's opinions.  If he were just about any of the other republican leaders or wannabes, I would not be writing this blog. I have a theory about the others and will let the world know very soon.  But this is devoted to Cantor, a guy who seems to smile, even laugh at his personal success in making sure we are not our brother's keeper, making sure all the government bills and programs that would help, just stagnate and die.

He seems perfectly good with families losing their home, going hungry, underfunding schools, police, fire fighters, denying infrastructure improvements including bridges that are dangerous.  I think he is OK with poverty, no increase in minimum wage, unequal pay for the same job, bigotry in the work place. Oh he has excuses, albeit lame.

He seems OK with people not getting medical care, not funding Veteran needs and does not seem upset by the weekly shootings at children's schools.  He seems OK with misogyny,  Ok with the suffering of minority groups.

I am writing this blog because he should know better.  I am simply upset because he is Jewish and as such, I think he should be his brother's keeper, he should champion the poor, the disenfranchised, the unemployed,  the minorities.  He should champion voting rights.  Instead he chose power. Most will say he believes in this, but  I think he is devoid of conscience like Shakespeare's Richard III.

If I am wrong, I apologize, but these are my opinions.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Wind & My Fence

Years ago, if the wind damaged one of my wood fences, I could get some quotes, have a split payment agreement with a neighbor, call my insurance company and they would, at least foot part of the bill.  Oh, I'd get the quotes myself, because one of my neighbors got a quote and doubled it, asking me to pay my share  the neighbor's theory was that me paying 1/2 of 200%, costs them nothing. Gosh, they could have tutored me in math.

Now, many of us believe that insurance companies enjoy taking your money, but really get terribly upset if they have to pay out anything.  Yet, even the most customer unfriendly insurance company realizes that it sometimes has to pay all or part of a claim.  So, it is my theory that for the last 200 years, insurance companies unleash an army of analysts who they lock in a room full of electric calculators and don't allow them to even pee, unless they can come up with a creative way of screwing us without us knowing were getting it and without our permission. It's like a friendly rape.

Now, one company amortizes your fence over only 7 years.  That means your coverage loses about 15% of its value each year, and they apply the deductible to what is left.  Now, good folks, you don't have to know Calculus to realize that the fence coverage is a joke they laugh about every time you pay a premium.  I imagine that company hasn't paid out a fence claim since they put this in the policy in a place that no one, who wants to have a happy day, reads.

I would not be surprised if they demand payment from you for putting in such a spurious claim.mYes, I may have misspelled spurious, but I learned that word from a!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chris Matthews I thought I knew ya

Recently Chris (MSNBC Hardball) you screamed for the dismissal of Shinzeki (head of the VA) without the facts, only the symptoms.  Shinzeki, resigned akin it a Dishonorable Discharge. A hell of an end to a lifetime career in the service to America. One main reason was that some engaged in falsification of official records at some VA facilities.  I have not heard one politico or newscaster demand the firing of the possible doctors, managers, staff level personnel, who broke laws by lying.

In my business, I had 60 employees. When one stole or falsified a time card, I fired them, not their manager if the manager was innocent, and if anyone said I should step down, I would laugh them all the way to the next Galaxy.

Now, our President traded 5 Taliban for one American.  Matthews again screaming like a Banche.
We have zero evidence that these unsavory looking dudes did anything against our country. Hence, they were not and could not be charged. But Chris thinks they possibly could now do harm, so let's abandon the American, and keep the five Smith Brothers in jail with no proof, making us like like Russia or China.  Chris, please calm down, take a pill, and go after the bad guys.

Chris, I hardly know ya now, but you used to be my hero.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Political Ploy. The defund, wait and blame game.

Many of us like it when a Republican led House denies appropriations for a funding bill. After all, reduced spending saves money, reduces debt and might tend to reduce the size of government.

After defunding or refusing to fund, Republicans wait patiently for the inadequately funded organization to have a mishap, and the greater the screw-up, the more acute the  problem, the more those who deny funding raise up to blame those who proposed the funding.

Two cases:  republicans denied sufficient funds to protect our consulates, they patiently waited, and now blame the Administration for insufficient protection.  The Republicans denied sufficient funds for the Veterans Administration, waited patiently, and now are delighting in blaming the Administration for lousy service.  They spent more money investigating Benghazi than it would have cost to protect some of the most dangerous outposts.

They deny infrastructure money, school financing, increase number of teachers, police, fire departments, and have raped the Post Office and they are waiting patiently.

I will talk about other great Conservative decisions.  Getting into a war that killed over 5,000 (not 4) Americans and I think over 35,000 seriously wounded and maimed.  I will talk about trying to rig elections through illegal voter laws, and I'll talk about the frenzy to end the Affordable Care Act.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Orange Is The New Black

I watched the first season of the Netflix presentation Orange Is The New Black and thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, almost on a par with Breaking Bad as an overall rating with some episodes more exciting and intense.  I am so delighted that this month, June, 2014, starts season two.

Yesterday, the June 9, 2014 issue of Time magazine had one of  Orange's stars on the cover, the beautiful and shapely Afro American Laverne Cox who might be a more conservative but possibly more provocative face of the Transsexual community.than, say, a Rue Paul.

If it took years and Supreme Court decisions to to move Gay and Lesbian rights to a more progressive level it seems like a n almost insurmountable gargantuan effort to elevate Transgendered the same manner.

Trannies are much less known, drive conservatives up a wall as I understand it, have reputations for stealing an old lady's purse, working in the sex trades, pervasive drug users and marketeers, alcohol abuse, gaming the welfare system, and taking Johns for a financial ride,

Laverne is going to do something about it. I talked about her physical attributes, but you have to read the article. It is super informative and Ms. cox is eloquent.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

They Stoned a Pregnant Woman in Pakistan

She wanted to marry a man of her choice. It was not the one picked by the family.  So on the way to court, the father, brother and other members of her immediate family lassoed her and stoned her to death.  There was world-wide outrage, condemnation and loads of press. That was yesterday.

Yesterday, the men in the family rejoiced in stepping up to the plate and hitting a Pakistani home run by getting revenge, an "honor killing" in the finest Pakistan Tribal tradition.   That also was yesterday.

Today, I read dozens of on-line news feeds, and scanned about a hundred news headlines. There were no arrests reported, almost zero coverage;  the father of the dead fetus did not rip the lungs out of the perps, the local townspeople did not march on the family holding torches and burn them and their house. The government of Pakistan May have elected to spend the day haggling over goat milk subsidies, and I heard not a single word from the 40 million a American Evangelists who have such abiding concerns about killing fetuses.

My cat sensing the despair, came on my lap to cuddle.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eric Shinseki is not a scape goat

I don't understand the rush to oust Shinseki.  Certainly if he knew that there was cheating in reporting, he should resign or be fired. But this hasn't been proven or admitted. Of course, I understand Republicans demanding a pound of flesh.  The same Republican voted down adequate funding for the Veteran's Admin.bsame as they did for the safety of our ambassadors and their staff.   So with this brilliant strategy of denying adequate funding, then wait for problems, then scream that there are problems.  Some Dem Congress people want blood.  I get it. It is the fastest way to end the bad press in an election year.

Maybe Eric Shinseki will leave, but I'd like to see the results of the investigations.  One of my fav newsmen is Chris Matthews is screaming for resignation. How sad. How premature. How immature.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joe The Plumber, The Constitutional Scholar

Joe the Plumber, in my view, my not be an attention whore, telling that his constitutional rights trump the rights of the father of his dead son murdered in Santa Barbara.  I think it, I'd bet on it, I believe it, and would like to say I know it as a fact, but I may be wrong.  I believe the statement is so absurd, so outrageously asocial, so infantile, that even the wannabe plumber cannot be so vile and unlearned; so misinformed, so twisted..... so I guess he is an attention whore.