Saturday, February 6, 2010

Medicare Cost and What to Do About It

It is suggested by Ed Tubbs, writing for the OptEdNews that Granny should opt to die earlier as a means of saving Medicare, not turning our future over to others and in particular the People's Republic of China - the Communist dictatorship who shoots people to harvest their organs for profit. I'm in lockstep with not helping China other than to ship lead laden toys back to them.

I think there are better solutions becuase I'm here to say that when I was younger, I was all for living fast, dying young and having a good looking corpse, if I can quote from what fading memory tells me was some movie with the late and great John Garfield.

Well, Ducky, now that I'm an old goat, I want to live as long as I can, as long as the pain is not unbearable, and don't need a death panel to determine my worth vs. the economic long term benefits to my progeny. I also think, with due respect to the fine thinking of Mr. Tubbs, that his solution is singular in nature whereas he does not look at less Draconian solutions.

I pay into a Medigap policy to a private insurance company. Frankly, I do not know why Medicare insures the part that runs at a loss, and the Medigap policy insurance companies insure at a profit. This is the same with Part D, Prescription Drug

Medicare is the best thing that has happened to our senior people since Metamucil and Social Security. So why truncate it while we can expand it. Why not have more options other than Medicare Part A and B and include government insurance for part D (Prescription Drug) and Medigap Insurance? Why not have Medicare offer these at the same profit as the private companies do and use the profit to offset part A and B losses?

I also think that Medicare and Part D and Medigap should definitely be offered to those 55 to 65 because the cost of these are less and it will help offset much of the cost of the 65 and older cost. Add it to an appropriations bill now!

As a senior, I like this much better and, if anyone is listening, keep your death panel hands off the plug. Thank You.

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