Monday, June 21, 2010


Financial support of Israel should not be with strings. It should be in recognition of having a democratic partner in the region. Israel is not a chattel of the U.S. and we have no business telling them how to conduct their country or their policies. Do we tell France, England, Spain, Germany, etc. how to run their country? Do we have another democratic partner in the Middle East?

The fuss we made over their building apartments is a sham and I don't know how Hillary and Biden allowed themselves to be pawns in this farce.

American Jews should reserve their negative comments if that is genetically possible. You don't tell the American Heart Association how to run their organization because you sent a check. Israel is not your child? You have a right to bitch, but that doesn't make it right.

We should do a better job allowing weapons and drugs to come into the U.S. before we tell Israel what to blockade and what not to. If some country or group sent rockets into the U.S. we'd have a national hysteria fit and probably start one or more wars. Yet, the morons who tell Israel to have a measured response, include so many European countries that kiss oil ass.

A peace has to be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians. If they don't want peace. If they still are OK with the status-quo, then life will belong to the last country standing.

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