Saturday, December 18, 2010


I just received word that the Senate voted to get rid of the DADT law and now it is just up to Obama to sign. It was part of his campaign promises to get rid of this obnoxious ruling that our Rhodes Scholar, Clinton put in place.

However, Barak did not want to do this alone even though he had the power to do so. He wanted it to be passed-on by congress. While it might be true that if congress passed it, then it would have what they call more force of power, I think Obama really felt that congress would never pass it and it would give him another promise that would not come true.

Now both the House and Senate has passed it and Barak must be really worrying because just about all the black ministers in all the religions that blacks belong to, all are so bigoted and prejudice that they never support anything that favors GLBT people.

Let us hope that Obama is shamed into signing it.

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