Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This blog refers to the Israeli military trying to board and inspect a flotilla of so called aid ships to Gaza. The Israelis imposed an embargo on Gaza to prevent the importation of missiles and other weapons that would be used by Hamas. They do not interfere with normal products and aid.

There has been an international outcry because 10 members of the flotilla are dead.
The flotilla included those who laid in wait for the Israelis with clubs, knives, and they took two soldiers guns and shot the Israeli soldiers. Many Israeli soldiers were clubbed and stabbed and are in hospitals as I write.

Some Jews have joined the rest in condemning Israel for both boarding the flotilla, for using force even though they were attacked as is shown on film, and also say that the force was more than necessary.

Now, the U.S.rightfully uses drones in Afghanistan, and while it is really a nice warm fuzzy feeling to see some of the Taliban killed, there is also collateral damage. Collateral damage are nice words for killing civilians, and civilians is a nice word for women and children. The Taliban, like other, insurgents like to live amongst women and children as shields. Hammas and Hezbollah do the same. Does anyone see the similarities?

In this story, the insurgents were amongst the innocent sailors. They clubbed and stabbed and shot Israeli soldiers who wanted to inspect and not fight. Israel has to inspect to protect its citizens against rockets and weapons being shipped to Gaza. This was a trap, I believe set-up in Turkey.

Now what doesn't the Israel haters, including some Jews, and the oil buying international community who has to kiss up to the Arabs, know about this situation?

So, did the soldiers use too much force? If I were being clubbed, knifed and shot, I would kill all needed to assure stability without much concern for collateral damage. That is the risk of allowing insurgents, etc. to mingle with ordinary people. I think, in this case, the Israelis showed amazing restraint.

The Arab and anti Israeli propaganda machine is in full bloom.


  1. Just read your comment on Politico where you describe how you might react to being offered a job from the WH. Very well played good sir. If you're interested, check out my blog. (

  2. "They do not interfere with normal products and aid." Yeah, right.