Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Koch Bros. Are Advertising

The Koch brothers have joined such notables as BP and GE with institutional TV ads.  Institutional advertising is unlike most TV ads that are designed to sell products and services.  It generally has the purpose of making the public feel better about the corporation. It can be thought of as a public relations ploy to build reputation that has been tarnished owing to the way they operate.

I believe the GE ads were most likely to overcome the fact that the avoid paying taxes in the U.S.A.  The BP's handling of the Gulf spill put the disdain for their name probably on a par with those on the FBI's most wanted.  Adding insult to this, they apparently failed to rebuild, repay and clean up as promised.

Now the Koch Brothers, the champions of the 1%; the billionaire oil Barron's that also own a number of national branded products have spent many millions to influence legislation and the outcome of elections.  They are champions of the Republican Party at the state and national level.  I would venture that they are amongst the most hated by the majority sector of voters.

There has been a concerted effort to ask citizens to avoid their brands.  Just Google Koch Industries brands.  I think you'll find Northern toilet paper, Brawny and many others.  It must be hurting them else they wouldn't resort to institutional ads.

They're very smart. They show how many jobs they create, how innovative they are, how they build America.  I'm not fooled. I stay away from their brands and ask others to do the same.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Jodi Arias Before the MurderI

I looked at a collection of pictures of Jodi and her ex-boyfriend Travis.  Pictures of them taken by each other as well as by a third party.  All of these were pre-trial.

I did not read much, did not see any film, did not follow the trial, yet was still showered with words and graphics.  Thirty times stabbed, almost beheaded it seems more than self defense. It seems she wanted to kill him over and over.  For this brutality, the overwhelming comments demanded the death penalty.

So, I looked at their pictures.  Her poses were not particularly pin-up, not suggestive, but what you'd normally see fom a person committed through love to a boyfriend.  Her smile and body language seem to say that this guy is the one.  Her non smiling pictures still seemed sincere in this relationship.  A few looked less happy than the others but not in a way to diminish him.

Then I looked at his photos.  Of some two dozen shots, he smiled in only one picture - the one where he was giving, presumably, a business talk to his audience. In all other pictures, when he was with Jodi,  his face and gestures were either somber, making childish faces, disdain perhaps, and devoid of a man happily in love. In one picture he gave a "brotherly" kiss on her cheek. In just about every shot, his expressions may have been polar opposite of what he said to her, and his declarations during intimacy with her.  

I don't think she is a monster. If he really loved her, they'd be married with a bunch of rug rats. I know what transpired was monsterous. My pea brained opinion is that the day of his death was the last straw.  I think it may have been rejection growing and festering for some time.  Possibly, the feelings of being lied to, of cheated on, of just being used when she may have told her world that this was the one. Did it all make her snap?  She should have claimed diminished capacity.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

European Jews Moving To Israel

Bibi Netanyahu invited Jews from France, then Denmark to move to Israel.  He offered a warmly stated relocation assistance program.  Immediately, the leadership of both countries asked their Jewish populations to stay and not migrate, basically saying that they are equal citizens and part of the cultural fabric of their country.

There seems some politics involved on both sides,  Bibi effectively touting that if you can't protect our people, we will be happy for all of them to live in the Jewish State.  His declarations may be mitigated by the upcoming elections in Israel....Maybe not! NBibi maybe just saying to come live where the controlling directive is "Never Again".

The heads of state in France and Denmsrk do not want to show that they can't protect a sector of their population as they would look weak and ineffective.  As well, they might not want to lose a largely well educated, professional and intellectual though minority population.  As well, they might simply be outraged and want to make this right.

Over the last few thousand years, the history of the Jews in Europe has been nothing short of one sick horror story after another.  There doesn't seem to be an end to targeting Jewish people; the only differences are horrors of scale.

So, for what ever the motive othat European leaders hsrbor at this moment, it changes with elections and anti semitism, bigotry and  brainless discrimination will again rear theirugly heads.  That is my prognosis.  It does not mean that they should pull up roots and leave.  If it were me, I'd protect myself, my community and the property therein or I would go where the operative culture is "Never Again". For every European Jew, it is a decision that needs attention.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Moderate Saudis

Ol' King Abdullah died and world leaders went there to pay respects.  Well, I guess if you compare the despot to other leaders in the world, particularly Middle East Arab leaders, and move the definition fulcrum a half dozen sigmas to the right, he was moderate.

Let's use an article I read and give Abdullah the Merriam Webster definition of moderate.  All opposition party leaders were arrested and one had what they call a mental breakdown in a Saudi hospital.  I guess this is moderate if you live in Moscow.

Recently a Saudi woman was beheaded, being accused of witchcraft, not because she was caught practicing it, but because she owned books on it. How is this moderate?  I guess she could have been tortured first.

A blogger dared to question differences in Church and State was given a 1,000 lash sentence. The moderation here comes from the fact that he could have been given 5,000

A woman was arrested for bringing food to a Canadian woman who was dense enough to marry a Saudi, and who was locked up in the home by her husband without being given food or water..  She is accused of helping incite a woman against her husband.  I have mixed emotions on this one.  I understand that she did leave the cap off the toothpaste.

Thousands of Ethiopian workers were beaten and kicked out of the country because they were Ethiopian and no longer needed.  Didn't they learn anything from the Chinese?  They could have killed them and harvested their organs in a women's' hospital.

It was recommended to allow women to drive between certain specified hours and days.  King Abdullah said no.  Look guys, we want to be moderate, not freeking Liberals.

Although women are banned from working in most industries, Abdulah allowed them to work in lingerie stores so men would not have to wait on them.  Yes, everything in moderation.

Women were allowed to earn 1/3 of the total number of scholarships, but if they go overseas, they must take a chaperon along.  Honey, if you come to Cali, don't go go U.C. Santa Barbara.

And leaders from all over the world went there to "pay respect".

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heading Toward .a Fascist State

We seem to be heading toward a fascist state. I have hesitated about writing this for over a year simply because readers might think that it is an over-sensitivity owing to my progressive bent and personal background.  A 3rd reason is that the words fascists, Hitler, Reich are so horrific that there is a national hesincy to compare or label this on any person(s) or group even if they smell of the same symptoms. Lastly, I'm no historian no political or social expert.

Hitler came to power based on the repetition of lies and promises of taking a country back.  He used ideology, blamed minorities,  pushed nationalism and the opposition was cowered and too many were apathetic, and rich and influential people saw opportunity to expand their greed.  The seemingly moronic population saw a chance to improve their lives.  The ultra morons believed that God would provide.  The clergy were too involved in promoting their self interests, the courts either folded or were replaced by ass kissers.  There was a constant drive to use the military, to consolidate power.  People who carried out Fascism were social degenerates.  The leaders of the movement had mostly Getman sounding name.  Oh, tell me I'm wrong!

Does this sound familiar to you?  Germany killed, Republicsns  are suppressing. The few are consolidating power. They do not want controls and regulation.  Voting rights are being removed, women and minorities suppressed, lies are being repeated.  I can go on forever.  More and more legislators are to the right of Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini.  The people are voting against their own best interest.  Millions of Americans have eroded their freedom, their economic status, their good paying jobs believing that anything is better than a woman.'s choice. 

If you don't like my opinions, don't read my writings.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


 I am looking forward to an all Republican Congress, with the same unbridled enthusiasm as my first Colonoscopy.  My only solace in life is having been put to sleep without that one Senator in attendance,  who wears, with a child-like sense of pride, her former occupation of performing castrations. It is an occupation no doubt instrumental in getting her elected in her state.  What better qualifications, could she possibly have to accomplish her stated goal of making them squeal.

For those of you not utterly frightened at America's prospects for the next two years, contemplate, if you will the potentiality of a Mike Hucabee Presidency in 2016?   I heard that he has divested himself of all earthly things, positions and titles in preparation.  It sounds like he was getting a cleansing..

Anyone have a Kleenex?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A friend of mine tried to console me over the Republican election sweep.  I went to sleep early last evening with hope in my heart so I could swim laps in the wee hours.  I came back to the horror of a red sweep in most states.

So he asked me who I really thought was a significant loss to our country. It was not a Republican. After all, they won!  It, in only a small way, was not the Democrats who lost the election. After all 
they tried their best though they were stupid enough to run from one of the very few best Presidents in the history of this nation.  They deserved to lose.

The monumental losers were the people who stayed home, who didn't vote. Yes, those who didn't care, who are lazy, who make excuses, will wonder why the Supreme Court votes ideology, why their parents may lose their pensions, their bank accounts, their Medicare, their Social Security.  They will wonder why unemployment insurance will diminish, why healthcare goes back to the vulture days, why immigration law is more punitive. They will curse because public education went down the tubes, because they are living in a police state

It will not occur to them that their individual and collective 
lack of vote caused this. They will not blame themselves for the misery they caused. They'll blame Washington.... The Washington they created by not voting. 

It wasn't billions in Citizen United money. It wasnt 6 years of orchestrated lies by Republicans, it wasn't voter supression or dirty tricks.  It wasn't the Republican do nothing Congress.  It was only you who stayed home.