Monday, July 21, 2014


I listen to MSNBC where there is an effort to blame the Republican hatred of my President on the fact that he is a black man.  Of course, I suspect that southern Republicans ALSO enjoy the fact that he is black so they have a 2nd reason for hating him.

I think that my President is not really hated.  I believe he is respected, super intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic, witty, a great family man, a super caring American, a great speaker and is downright lovable.  This is why the feigned hatred is so central to the Republican strategy.   They are frightened.

They have no one close to Obama by any measure, but are so thirsty for power, thirsty not to lose the billionaires supporters, that they spew hate, lies, and because their Rovesque ultra dirty tricks  are not working, they try to rig the elections. 

I have not seen a Republican idea in years and certainly no ideas that might benefit the ordinary working man, the entry level worker, the unemployed, the poor, women, college students, minorities, the environment, or the health of the people. 

The most vile strategy is refusing to bring bills to a vote in the House. I think there should be an amendment that the lower house must vote on bills passed in the senate and must vote on monetary bills requested by the Presidency.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Children of the Border

As I understand it, criminals sold parents on the promise of America for $2,000 per head or family... What ever.  Parents jump at this opportunity because of oppressive conditions at home.  I wouldn't  be a bit surprised if the oppression is caused by the very same criminals selling passage with kickbacks to the government officials who look the other way. I would not be surprised if some in all corners of Mexico are in on the take allowing unfettered entry and exit at their borders.

I understand and sympathize with the calls for compassion from the U.S. Hispanic community.  I add the empathy from religious organizations, some city officials, many Federal Government elected officials and all people who love the world's children.

As a doctrinaire Liberal on most issues, I am loath to hear the Republican Congress talk about the cost effectiveness of deportation by air compared to some other carriers,  I also understand most of the legal issues, lack of Judges, overflow of facilities, children alone vs. those with a parent.

Somehow I have this gnawing and growing desire that the criminals not be enriched by this crises that they created.  The governments of these non contiguous countries and Mexico should pay for the cost of what they could have prevented.  Same as think Iraq should. Pay our war cost in oil and Afghanistan in Poppy.

I also think it is summarily unfair to send some back and let some stay.  Since my beloved President will be blamed, since we will be hated no matter, let's put them all on nice planes, and send them back. and stop sending money to all those countries involved until the bill is paid.

Monday, July 7, 2014


In an mall Arcade, I put a few coins in a slot, gave the slide a firm push. It swallowed the coins and I pulled out the slot.  I grabbed the mallet and was shocked at what started popping up.

Instead of Moles, it was Republicans and Tea Party types popping up. It started slow and they were voice activated seeming sincere, each sounding like the pop-up-dummy they represent.  The first had to do with the IRS, I smacked him down, as did with the Donald look alike, then the Speaker, a Senator from South Carolina. The came faster and I hit them harder and faster.

My arms started tiring. Some were Presidential hopefuls.  Most were House Reps. Senators, all from red states, and the insults to our President, to The Administration, to Democrats, became increasingly vile.  I felt it was a crass dirty tricks scheme to throw out all their garbage and see if some stick.  I would have no part of it.

When the game ended, my score flashed. It wasn't numerical. It was descriptive..  It said I was a Liberal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

if Ruth Ginsberg Were Only a Little Younger, I'd Propose.

I love Justice Ginsberg's scathing rebuttal of the legislative five ultra conservative Justices.  However, I see benefit as a result from this travesty and attack on women's rights.  I think that birth control should be removed from insurance company managing and service and rates be reduced accordingly, and women can pay a fee for the insurance being handled by Medicare. I'm talking all women.

In fact those residing in states where the Governor refuses to help their poor, ala Medicaid, Medicare should step in and provide a very low rate for the same coverage as if the Governor cooperated.

In fact, the next time this court legislated a diminution in ACA services, Medicare should include it.

When SCOTUS deemed ACA to be legal, it included all provisions except it gave Governors an option.  SCOTUS  did not say helping the poor was not a part of ACA.

In the future, when the court slices away our health care, Medicare should fill the gap.

I extrapolate to the point of having a one payer system allot sooner.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood, please sue the Supreme Court.

The SCOTUS ruled that it was illegal to have a buffer zone between an Abortion Clinic and  the  hecklers.  I suppose the concept is that Free Speech is violated if there is a buffer and if the hecklers murder someone or maim them or prevent a woman from visiting her doctor., the redress is to call the police.

Attorney for the bible huggers say the need access to those wanting an abortion so they can, in a low voice, educate the women as to other alternatives.  I'm not sure. But I think I saw some of those lawyers at the Improv doing slapstick.

Now, I am told that SCOTUS/ has a buffer around themselves. This is a violation of free speech.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to whisper a tutorial on how much some decision  have hurt our country..

If a buffer zone around SCOTUS is removed and some die or are maimed, why then, they can call the police.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One for You, Two for Me; Lots of Ads from BP

It seems every hour, I see several TV ads telling me how many Americans BP hires.  I wonder why they are spending millions on TV ads telling me what wonderful corporate citizens they are?  Am I supposed to thank them for giving jobs to us?

I suggest that BP hires people to make their bottom line fatter.  There is no altruism, no philanthropy here.  They're not our long lose brothers.  I am sure they simply feel it is worth spending the advertising dollars to mend their reputation for killing people with the explosion in the Gulf, for poisoning the water killing untold birds, killing fish, ruining commerce and the shorelines many businesses, people's livings.and tourism.

I'd like British Petroleum to use the advertising money to finish the clean-up job they caused and invest 20 billion to build wind turbines and solar panels across the U S.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Pen Name is Carl Stove

As Republicans, these are the mandates that must be followed by all elected officials and others:

1.  Obstruct every proposal that is brought up by Democrats or bipartisan with Dem support

2.  If you are running for office, tell what you will do. It need not be within the realm of the possible,                 just do not say how you will do it.

3.  Everyone has the responsibility to criticize every decision the president makes. Call it illegal, un-American,  job killing,  anti civil liberties,  pro Muslim,  unconstitutional,  racist, anti religion,  naive, and you can be outrageous, as you want.  You must do these twice every week.

4. At every opportunity talk about fixing health care, Social Security  Medicare,  Veteran's Affairs, international relations, job creation, education, infrastructure,  wages, opportunity, with programs that actually work.  Just do not elaborate.

5. When ever anything happens, blame this Administration, and Democratic Congress. No matter how absurd, give a reason why it is their fault.

6.  Don't use the words "pro choice". Call it baby killing, "child Murderers "'

7. Create laws that tend to reduce minority voting.  Particularly those against Blacks, Hispanics, and youth.  The more of these groups that stay away, the more we can win.

8, talk impeachment at every chance you get.  Any reason will do no matter how bizarre.

9. Talk take over of the government, taking back our country, taking over Washington.

10. Shower all races  with the most negative ads in history.  Repeat the most terrible lies often enough.

I am Carl Stove and I approve all dirty tricks.