Thursday, November 12, 2015

Death to Pastor Kevin Swanson

I was watching one of the shining lights of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, where she showed a tape of Pastor Kevin Swanson go on what sounded like a completely insane and moronic tirade against Gay people citing a passage in the Old Testament book of Leviticus, and personally advocating death to Gays.

I have a theory that Swanson is a deeply closeted self hating highly submissive Sissy who hides cold sores, with makeup,  that were cursed upon him as a result of his orally servicing a few hundred guys at a Herpes Retreat Camp.  I think this was last summer.  If I am correct, anyone can respond to this jerk by saying. "I know what you did last summer".

It is the weakness in our First Ammendmenr that allows this Pastor, this Fruit of the Poidonous Tree, to rant and make a living appealing to a flock of people who continually vote against their self interests, against the interests of our country, and who would let themselves and America go up in smoke, because, after all, the other party accepts Gays as humans and neighbors and condones free choice.

When I assert death to Swanson, I'm not asking anyone to kill him, I am hoping he causes this by his own hand or the hand of God, does this task.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

General Electric (GE) Revisited

I recently wrote a piece asking the darling little girl in GE's institutional TV commercials to speak to her mom, who works on such great intellectual projects and must have sway with Corporate, to ask the powers that be to pay their f----_ fair share of taxes right here in America.

GE's new commercials show a nice young geekish type telling his pals, on one hand, and parents on the other about his new job with GE.  As a former Marketing Major, I can say these commercials are works of genius.  They do not have to say much about GE; you deduct that they are a class act, work on esoteric projects and are a leading edge business.

GE must  have lots of PR feedback speaking harshly about their not paying US taxes.  Nevertheless,
GE wants us to love them. I guess it is tough to be hated when you make underwater fans powered by the moon, and of all things, trains that are friends with trees.

I suppose tv commercials are less expensive than taxes.  But, then there is morality. If not for the U.S.A, there wouldn't have been a GE.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Drone Program is Getting Some Bad Press

I want to keep this simple.  There are publications horrified over our secret drone program. Does anyone think that the program should not be secret?  Are there Americans, other than the media, who believe that the program should be transparent because, after all, we are promised a transparent government.

Certainly, when we kill a bad guy, we should go open kimona. No one complains about this.

But, what happens when we kill a "suspected" terrorist?  The word, "suspected" means we're not positive.  We may just have some Intel that he is doing stuff Luke shooting a rifle in the air, screaming death to Americans, maybe doing a Jig on our colors and he hangs with bad guys with guns.  In addition,  what. happens when the Drone takes out innocent people, AKA collateral damage.?

These anti-drone under-achievers believe we need to capture suspected terrorists and afford them due process.  They say that strikes should be surgical so as not to harm the innocent.

My 1st Ammendment rights allow me to state that terrorists do not afford due process as we know it, They really try to kill as many civilians as possible, are never inclined to be transparent, and their concept of due process is that everyone else sucks and should be beheaded.

Until these people weed out the terrorists and murderers within, I would like to make a monthly donation to our drone program.  Think of it folks, for just fifty cents a day, two quarters, less than a cup of coffee, we can bulk up the Drone program.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The mindless Dentist and God's majestic beast

I just watched the Cycle on MSNBC where the prevailing theme was about the poor dentist whose life is ruined because people are over-reacting not because he killed a lion who had a family, but only because it was a pretty lion.

I think it is not OK to hunt for sport simply because you have permits.  Some places issue permits to get fees. Some do it to control the killing. It is not OK or macho, to hunt with a bow and arrow leaving the animal distressed and in pain.  It is not OK calling it "taking" the animal as it is should be called killing or murdering.  It is not OK to display the heads of creatures you slaughter on your wall. Frankly, I consider this guy as vile as it gets.

Should this Dentist's life be ruined?  I believe in the penalty fitting the crime.  His ignorance is no excuse.  He is guilty of hiring criminals who lured the lion out from the sanctuary. He is guilty of killing and letting his prey suffer.  He is guilty of morale turpitude. He is guilty of not knowing better because he is an educated man.  In my opinion, what really irks me is that this A-hole is totally unapologetic.  I suggest his penalty should be confiscation and destruction of his entire animal head collection,  a $250,000 fine donated to animal preservation, confiscation of all his weapons and permits to use for 20 years.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump and McCain

Donald Trump said that Senator John McCain is or was no hero.  If one were to use a very narrow definition of the word, hero,  Donnie could be correct.  The narrow definition would be bravery perhaps a scoch more than the expected, in this case, in the military..

I suggest that if the narrow definition is used, it should be stated that the definition limits are both explained and are  the only parameters.  I guess being captured doesn't constitute bravery.  However Donnie does not explain any parameters and the preponderance of  scope of what a hero is, as stated in Merriam Webster, should be applied.

I am not a John McCain fan, but would call him a hero.  For his service, he is almost universally admired, he has shown great courage in his prisoner ordeal. and while I may disagree with most of his politics, he is a man of many fine attributes.

So Donnie, grab yourself a dictionary, have someone read to you the definition of Hero, and apologize to the Senator.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Texas Refuses Birth Certificates to Aliens Born There

Let's say Leticia is knocked-up and 7 months pregnant.  She's thinking that she could have the baby here in Mexico, pay the cost and, later when she comes in with the help of a Coyote, both she and her baby have to hope that Cryin' John is not the Speaker and someone named Nancy is.

So, she says to her significant other; Yo, Carlos am gonna motor over to Texas, have the baby free in the emergency room, get a U.S. birth  certificate for the kid so he's a citizen of Estados Unidas. Carlos asks; Yo Chicka, you can do that?  Like, yeah, you can, Honito, everyone is doing it.  Carlos;  Honita, you so smart!

Having had a right wing Governor, the Texas electorate, in their infinite wisdom, decide to effect change and elect someone much further right, presumably to make it clear that they will not be outdone by an Alabama or a Lousiana, and notwithstanding this flying in the face of the laws of the land, they figure on an odds on chance hoping Anthony Kennedy owes some payback to the Italian Narcissist, the black guy who sees, speaks and hears no good, the sheer Brilliance of Alito and the Chief Justice with the pasted on smile.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chris Shut Up and Sit Down Christie

I was thinking about people I don't like . A few that came to mind were Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, a bunch of rulers in the Middle East, the shooters of children, the few racist police, Fox News people, Ted Cruz,  Scot Walker, the conservative Judges (except Anthony) Attila, All China's rulers past and present, Nixon, Patton,  North Korean rulers,  and Rand Paul,  Oh, and I also wouldn't want to live in red states.

Now, while I dislike those people, and red states, I'm just waiting out those still alive.  I'm eating fewer hot dogs and frys.  But, they are  not worth me giving up ice cream and chocolate.

On the far end of the dislike scale, even to the right of loathing is the New Jersey Govrrnor who wants more power.  He wants to act like a street thug on a bigger scale.  He wants talk down to his distractors on a larger scale.  Thats what I think. Christi, if you don't like it shut up and roll down.

If he becomes President, I'm moving to Uganda. Yes, 2441 Antebe Blvd.  I'll open a gay bar and feel safer.