Monday, July 12, 2010

It seems Mel Gibson's significant other has been showered with foul language, threats, shouting, and actual physical abuse. Komrad Oksana Grigorieva in what might be called the great KGB tradition had the foresight to tape some of these diatribes. I have a feeling the tapes might bring in a handsome amount at Southerbes or Christies.

Mel Gibson threatens murder, on tape, but am sure he would not actually kill her, yet the tape will be worth its weight in blue diamionds at the divorce trial.

Gibson better make guy flicks because women might balk at supporting him. Mad Mel needs anger management seminars, a few hints about being politically correct, 12 or more steps of misogynist avoidance therapy, and when he uses the "C" word, he really should explain to the recipient whether it is a noun or a verb.

When that is all done, blindfold him and drop him off at Ben Gurion Airport. He can see how that anti semite thingy is going for him.

I'm just glad he's not gay.

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