Monday, April 12, 2010


I read a super article on Mother Jones about Google wanting to show us how we use our power with a view to reducing costs and becoming more green. I am surely in favor of these two features, but with it was my utility company and not Google doing this for me. I have a feeling that I don't want Google any more in my life than it is already.

It just seems that Google is becoming almost as omnipresent in my life as was Starbucks in its heyday, I think that its power and size borders on hurting competition. For example, I use Firefox as my browser and they put only Google on their home page. Would be nice if they put the top 3. Yahoo and Bing are also good search engines.

As well, we think Google is giving us free things, but I believe we are paying for this. Just like in a Las Vegas Casino where you get free drinks when you are gambling, the drinks are not really free. You are paying for them within the odds set against you by the casino.

When you use a Google search engine to find a product, many firms have to bid for space and you end up paying more for the product as it cost the merchant more to present it to you. Same is true when you use "Rewards Credit Cards" thinking you're getting free rewards, but you are paying dearly for it every time you use the credit card because they charge merchants more when you buy with a rewards card.

So, I do like Google, but without the voracious appetite for expansion.


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