Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Can't Put Murder Aside

Ann Hood wrote an article detailing her sexual adventures when younger and getting together with a few of her lady friends talking about Amanda Knox. Her theme is that she could have been Amanda Knox. One of her friends said Amanda is innocent. Well, that should certainly settle it!

There was a good deal of ballyhoo about the Italian system of justice especially as it concerns foreigners. We'd like to blame the Italians. In fact, I can say that Americans accused of crimes in other countries just have to be innocent, and if they are accused in the U.S., then they just have to be guilty. How dare other countries arrest and convict an American?

Every time someone does or is accused of a terrible crime, there are those who pull out the high school yearbook, talk about the wonderful childhood, interview neighbors who are aghast that this pillar of society would do something like kill another person.

Ann Hood, even in a defacto manner, compares her own youth to Amanda Knox. I think the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Ann is lucky not to have Herpes, HIV, or other problems only Penicillin could cure. Ann could have been killed, while perhaps Amanda killed another. Their only similarities are how long each lived on a continual Spring break.

I don't agree with the title that Ann could have been Amanda Cox. I contend that Amanda should have been more like Ann, albeit, with the ability to say "no".

There is a new trial scheduled in Italy. I hope that the truth prevails. This is not about Amanda being a goddess of sex, or being kinky, being promiscuous. It is not about her being a foreigner. It is about capital murder, the motive, the evidence and it should have clarity and truth in a judgment.

As an aside, I would have loved to meet an Ann or Amanda when I was younger. Yes, a Nympho was always my ideal. I even mused that if they had Tourette Syndrom, it would be perfection.

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