Thursday, March 25, 2010


I just saw a terrible ad by the Republicans asking what Jerry Brown did for you? This ad is so prejudicial and misleading that it is difficult for me to hold my breakfast in.

If you want to really know about candidate for Governor of California, Attorney General Jerry Brown, go the this site:

If you want to really know what Attorney General Jerry Brown has done for California, go to this site:

These are facts. So different from the nasty commercials of Meg Whitman and the nastier commercials of her rival.

Jerry Brown was a great Secretary of State, he gave California a surplus when he was Governor. He was a super Mayor in Oakland, and now a fine Attorney General. We voted out Grey Davis who raised the cost of auto registration and we paid the price of getting a movie actor. Now we have Arnold who is all but bankrupting California. I think the best thing Arnold has done is promote tourism with his lovely wife.

Hello, the North counties, Orange county, San Diego County, are you listening?

I urge everyone to vote for Jerry Brown who will make a great Governor once again.


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  1. I have no doubt that Jerry Brown did some wonderful things in all the different postions he has held through out the last 50 years.
    But lets be honest if he hasn't gotten it done in 50 years,it's about time for a new and younger person to give it a shot!