Friday, July 22, 2011


My Dear President Obama,

Please go on TV and announce to the country that you are breaking off negotiations with the Republicans on this matter, having tried and found that there is not give-and-take and you feel they are playing with the country's well-being for low political purposes.

Announce that the U.S. does not and will not default on its debts. Announce that the debt ceiling is what the U.S. already spent or contracted for and it does not include any new debt that is outside of the promises that the U.S. has made.

If asked how. Tell them that you believe you have the legal authority to decree this. Let the Republicans scream their little Karl Rove lungs out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony and Marcia Clark

One attorney for Anthony stated it best outside the court. He said that the media, the pundits (and I include the formerly hot Marcia Clark) should really report news without all of the current and former prosecutors and defense lawyers putting their two cents of guesswork into it. Yes I know cable news is a feeding frenzy to fill 24 hours, and consequently, they are no better than a supermarket tabloid.

I watched a ton of the news and I believe the jury was 100% on target and correct. Personally, I would have acquitted simply based on the smirk on the prosecutor's face. Doubly acquitted based on the evidence.

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