Monday, May 3, 2010


Last evening, May 2, 2010, 60 Minutes interviewed Conan with most of the time spent on his losing his Tonight Show slot, Jay Leno leaving the 10 PM slot and accepting the Tonight Show once again. I viewed the some 20 minute interview.

I felt ashamed that Conan's body language and innuendo seemed to blame everyone but himself. I watched Conan, from time to time, with an open mind, and found him to not be funny nor interesting enough for my taste. Perhaps young people like his slap stick humor, but I think it is not funny or sophisticated enough. Conan tried to change something that worked. That something is the Carson or Leno style. I think he should have adopted some of this rather than being just his unfunny self.

Conan complained that 6 months was not an adequate test. I know that six months is not the longest test in the world, but I really don't think that something that doesn't work is going to start getting better simply as a function of time. If Conan were hilarious, probably he'd still have the Tonight Show and Jay would have to struggle to improve the 10 PM slot.

As an aside; Leno could do well with leaving Toyota alone as he has exhausted that humor to the point of boredom, but in balance, I'd pick Leno for the 11:35 time slot any day.

As to Leno acting honorably. I just think show business is about ratings, money, audience, management, and humor. it is grossly childish to think this is a buddy system. I don't think Leno is either honorable or otherwise. He did the right thing for himself and his employers by taking the Tonight Show back.

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