Wednesday, June 23, 2010


There is legislation pending to eliminate discrimination in schools based on gender identity. This was precipitated when a Mississippi school denied a Lesbian attendance in a Prom, her wanting to bring her date and wear a Tuxedo.

While it was deplorable, the school canceling the Prom, it was understandable in certain sectors of the country. Yet, understandable, does not make it correct. And being within the social mainstream of that area also does not make it correct.

Having had their hands slapped and taken to the woodshed, there should have been a healing, growing, learning and maturity building episode moving from the dark ages to this modern era. Yet, when one considers that great parts of the moronic South is still seething about giving civil rights to black people, I guess that the parents and school showed their true form, their blatant ignorance, the never ending prejudice of this region, and years of inbred bigotry when they arranged a private party for most and a shadow Prom for the Lesbian.

Beside the cruelty perpetrated by the adults including the parents and school, the real legacy of this low life act is that it included further poisoning the students that went to the private party. These bigots passed their hatred, to their children.
My hat is off to this young girl, to the gift of the scholarship by Ellen and Opra, and to the needed legislation to make sure no student suffers as a result of their gender identity.

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