Friday, June 25, 2010


Here is an article that discussed the disgusting manner in which the governing organization of world cup soccer treats players gross misbehavior toward women. The article uses an episode where one player slapped a female reporter because she wrote a simple news story about his girlfriend. She lunged at him after the battery attack but it did little good.

I'm happy this reporter lunged at the moron but I think that was too light of a response. She should have poked an eye out. He would have tons of time to think about hitting a female.... from the sidelines. True poetic justice.

This article, by Ryan Brown, actually stoops low enough to give the reason he slapped her as though that would lend some merit. There is no legitimate reason, no justification, save self defense.

The article also states that the governing organization should frown upon violence and lecture the pigs who act against women. This author should join the Taliban. FIFA should outlaw, fine, punish and expel for such behavior not have a heart-to-heart talk. But, hey, it would interfere with the money.

My opinion is that if America was not doing so well, I would not even think of watching this monumentally boring sport. I think most of the players with long hair actually look more gay than macho. Sorry to my wonderful gay friends. I love the way these sissies pretend to be hurt. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm crying for them.

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