Friday, March 19, 2010


1. Each alien must register or be deported.

2. The registration fee must cover any research, processing costs and enter a medical payment fund.

3. Each will be finger printed and provide documents required to identify.

4. An alien registration card will be issued with encryption code. It will not allow air or train travel, but will allow bus, the obtaining of driver licenses and be allowed to work if an employer showed and documented due diligence in trying to find a citizen. All taxes must be paid plus paying into any health care fund. The cards will have an expiry date and must be renewed. Those with expired cards can be deported. Cards will be issued to those who are not wanted or warrants issued or who have not paid their current debt to society. Cards will be issued to those who did not commit felonies or did and paid their debt in full.

5. Those with cards issued may separately file to receive green cards but will have to wait on line.

6. After signed by the President, children of Aliens will not receive automatic citizenship even if born in the U.S. They can be eligible to receive Alien cards.

7. All those with Alien cards and who have residence within a jurisdiction may enjoy resident/citizen education privileges.

8. Any Alien not carded or not having a government receipt of card-in-progress can be deported. Any expired card or person with a felony conviction after applying for a card or receiving one will be deported.

9. Alien students can receive a student card. It has an expiry date.

10. Regardless of student's degree, students must leave the country when their card expires but may register to receive an Alien card.

11. There will be no Alien cards issued to illegal entries after the President signs the new law.

12. I like the idea of non working Aliens to pay into a medical fund or have their card canceled.

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