Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am a registered Republican but have emotionally and physically left the Grand Old Party owing to their lust for power at any cost. The lust should be for doing the work of the people, for making this a more perfect union, for caring for the needy. But I judge the current Republican lust being for holding their own jobs and for power.

My party has been taken over by zealots, by those who don't know the truth if it smacked them in the face, by bigots, by racists, by discriminators and those who hate instead of love. That is how I see it and that is how I'm writing it. They not only lie, but look the other way when others are totally hateful.

The Republican part did not care about the thousands of Americans who die because of lack of insurance. Their elections are more important to them. They don't care about the thousands who go bankrupt because of health costs. They would rather gain power on the backs of Americans. They don't care about those Americans who lost insurance because some insurance company claimed a preexisting condition even if it is a child or a woman abused at home. That is how I see it and how I'm writing it. Their sickening claim is that it cost too much to have a healthier America.

And now they want to fight health care instead of licking their rotting wounds and doing their job for the people. I do not see my ex party crying for the 5,000 or so soldiers who died in the middle east and the tens of thousands maimed. They still want war. This is how I see it and how I'm writing it.

So to my ex party, you lost me and I'm leaning toward being a Ted Kennedy Democrat.

Let us hope your leadership suffers in the same way they do nothing but see Americans suffering. Perhaps some bright fiscal conservative with a social heart will kick you bums out, and the Grand Old Party will rise from the rubble you've caused. and do some good for my country.

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