Monday, March 29, 2010


There were articles today stating that with the signing of the health care bill, insurance companies do not have to accept sick children by just not letting them have insurance policies. IE: Denying Coverage.

I expect this from these vultures, nothing less but I never blame vultures. I blame all of the Republican congress and senate and some of the naysayer Democrats for not allowing a one payer system at best, and a public option at worst. These are the people who should have blood on their hands, should have misery on their hands and should be voted out of public office for life.

I hope every parent who has minor children become active to defeat every Republican candidate for office and all of the Democrats or Independents who voted against health care and tried to blackmail to get special favors.
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    As events go now, I will probably not vote for President Obama in 2012. I won't vote for anyone for President, Not Ralph Nader or any splinter left party. I will probably only vote for state officials and local officials in 2012. The health care glass appears 1/8th full. Just like he did with the health care law to marginalize liberals and progressives, I hear similar statements to use the RepubliKLAN party as the foil of extremism on one end and the liberals as wanting too much social justice on the other end so he can call himself the great compromiser. I find that a fallacy but enough undereducated people fall for this. President Obama has shown himself as a corporate centrist. I'm glad I voted for him at the election but now now I find this administration somewhat disappointing and I don't see the left protesting this administration.

    President Obama would often say he wanted a uniquely American health care system and that we couldn't copy Europe or Japan or other industrialized countries. But wouldn't you just find it hypocritical yesterday when President Obama said that with Nuclear power he mentions France and Japan and other countries he wants to copy. Yes, we wants more nuclear plants just like the industrial world but not single payer health care.

    I have started a movement for economic justice and social justice by using economic boycotts to gain national legislation. If Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu could bring down the National Party in South Africa with boycotts of their corporate friends in the 1990s' we can bring down the RepubliKLAN party with boycotts of THEIR corporate friends in this decade. I consider Moses, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, and Bishop Desmond Tutu as inspiration. No longer do people have to get ignored, arrested or marginalized. We just need to write to the companies that fund the GOPranos aka the RepubliKLAN party aka the Republican party. I lived through the Kennedy years, the Nixon Years and the Ford and Reagan years and the corporate President years of Bush I and II, Clinton and now unfortunately Obama. I voted enthusiastically for President Obama but I find myself disappointed that he had to bribe the drug companies and the insurance companies to get a weak health care law passed that had no public option and no real fix for the prescription drug benefit. See my web site where I have people send emails to companies that give money to conservatives in both parties. I hope you will join me and spread the word.

    The Achilles heel of the conservatives in both parties appears at the cash registers of those companies that give conservatives money for the campaigns and for other purposes.

    Send letters to demand congress enact a strong public option health care system and fix the Medicare Prescription drug benefit and more such as a $10 minimum wage, EFCA, stopping Republican filibusters, etc. People can even formulate their own boycotts to get national legislation from congress and the President.

    Go to

    Fixing the medicare prescription drug benefit coverage gap in 10 years appears a joke.