Wednesday, June 23, 2010


An article in Salon talks of how we pick and choose which countries, people, races to root for and are uncaring about the others. Below is my response.

I think this article is sadly based on true feelings. However, it is, in the aggregate, wrong. Many people care about the Gazans, many hate the Israelis, and many love the Africans and cry over what is happening in several areas.

Simply because this writer has his views, does not mean it is shared on any major basis.

I care about Israel very much, but love America. I care about the black people in Africa, but on a different level because I don't have a connection other than humanitarian caring. I think this is very normal.

We are not all Ghandi's or Mandella's and cannot cry or lose sleep for everyone in the world. But we can talk, vote, write, and march to make a difference.

We love our country, rise to our flag, and our young people are dying for all of us. We have laudable feelings. The sad part is the ineffectiveness of those who have the power and the mission to cause change and do not.

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