Sunday, January 31, 2010


Reported by the Washington Post and then commented on by The Daily Beast, it seems that the U.S. is going to honor a sale of some military items to Taiwan and the Defense Ministry in China is having some PMS over it. Does anyone have a handkerchief so I can cry my eyes out?

Oh tell me I'm off base here, but doesn't the Chinese sell Nuclear items to anyone they want without a concern if that nation is an enemy of ours or not friendly to say the least? Don't the Chinese sell all other military weapons to countries that responsible nations refuse to sell because of their outlaw conformance to everything decent and humane?

So this Chinese Communist nation who we bolster with commerce is loathe to support the U.S. in anything but the most innocuous of agreements. These are the people said to shoot convicts, which are people described not to agree with their ideology so they must be insane, and then harvest the convict's organs for a healthy profit. These are the people we stupidly allowed to become creditors of ours. These are the people who send us poisonous toys and food. These are the people afraid of free speech and who let young children toil in factories. I am surprised they don't eat their young. If you want to find out what they do eat, contact the ASPCA.

Taiwan has been a friendly democracy, a true trading partner, and composed of a small island of people that the mainland Communists are loathe to leave alone because they want to engulf it into their own corrupt government. I think Nixon lead the way for Taiwan to be kicked out of the U.N. Well, that crook get credit for opening the doors to China. No recent U.S. president had the fortitude to sell the latest weapons to Taiwan, helping China force our friends to cower.

Now the Chinese say that they are suspending planned mutual military visits. I say that is "good" having less spying potential. We should not allow them to see even a bb gun of ours.

I'm not Asian, but visited Taiwan many times and loved doing business there. I am so ashamed of the way Taiwan has been treated.

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