Sunday, August 22, 2010


Salon Mag. on line had a wonderful article about a girl who became an independent adult at age 22. I did the same eons ago at age 21. However.......

My 25 year old identical twin boys were given the opportunity that was never available to me. I say they can choose the school they want and I would pay for their education, even graduate school. I couldn't think of a better way to spend some of my money.

One is going for an MBA, the other has an undergrad degree and going for advanced education in the radiology field.

They are smarter than me but never knew being poor or wearing hand-me-downs. I never had credit cards until I had a credit rating of note, and when I gave them a few cards, they asked me the credit limit. They like to tease their dad.

Though smarter than me at their age, I don't think they have a fire burning in their belly, don't have the do or die fight for survival and success, but they are better people than I'll ever be and I believe they will contribute way more than me to their family, to their community, society and country.

I asked them to become financially independent of me as a goal, but no time frame given. ASAP is my guideline. I'm in no hurry because I love them around. I'm sure they are motivated. Letting go is so hard. I know I have to.

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