Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salon magazine published a article about the media trashing Palin's speech at a The California State University at Turlock. She was in this conservative but poor area to raise money. Students rummaging through the trash bins found the grossly high fee she charged including high expenses and luxury accommodations. This evidence showed her monumental lack of charity.

I would like all the idiotic Palin followers to understand her comments about the students finding evidence in the trash bin. "Don't they have anything better to do" was the thrust of her comment. In other words, if the students didn't waste their time rummaging through the University trash bin, she wouldn't have gotten caught.

Being caught with a heavy hand in the public till, particularly a poor school, is not the image she wants to portray even though it is the true image. She therefore blames the investigators who exposed her greed.

A person robs a 7/11 store and being caught on video tape blames the owners for spending money on tape in this lousy economy.

Same analogy. But Palin deserves an answer and it falls on me. The students did exactly the right thing. A perfect utilization of their time. Exposing the truth may not be important in the Palin world but it is the truth in the student's world.

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