Monday, March 29, 2010


There were articles today stating that with the signing of the health care bill, insurance companies do not have to accept sick children by just not letting them have insurance policies. IE: Denying Coverage.

I expect this from these vultures, nothing less but I never blame vultures. I blame all of the Republican congress and senate and some of the naysayer Democrats for not allowing a one payer system at best, and a public option at worst. These are the people who should have blood on their hands, should have misery on their hands and should be voted out of public office for life.

I hope every parent who has minor children become active to defeat every Republican candidate for office and all of the Democrats or Independents who voted against health care and tried to blackmail to get special favors.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I just saw a terrible ad by the Republicans asking what Jerry Brown did for you? This ad is so prejudicial and misleading that it is difficult for me to hold my breakfast in.

If you want to really know about candidate for Governor of California, Attorney General Jerry Brown, go the this site:

If you want to really know what Attorney General Jerry Brown has done for California, go to this site:

These are facts. So different from the nasty commercials of Meg Whitman and the nastier commercials of her rival.

Jerry Brown was a great Secretary of State, he gave California a surplus when he was Governor. He was a super Mayor in Oakland, and now a fine Attorney General. We voted out Grey Davis who raised the cost of auto registration and we paid the price of getting a movie actor. Now we have Arnold who is all but bankrupting California. I think the best thing Arnold has done is promote tourism with his lovely wife.

Hello, the North counties, Orange county, San Diego County, are you listening?

I urge everyone to vote for Jerry Brown who will make a great Governor once again.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am a registered Republican but have emotionally and physically left the Grand Old Party owing to their lust for power at any cost. The lust should be for doing the work of the people, for making this a more perfect union, for caring for the needy. But I judge the current Republican lust being for holding their own jobs and for power.

My party has been taken over by zealots, by those who don't know the truth if it smacked them in the face, by bigots, by racists, by discriminators and those who hate instead of love. That is how I see it and that is how I'm writing it. They not only lie, but look the other way when others are totally hateful.

The Republican part did not care about the thousands of Americans who die because of lack of insurance. Their elections are more important to them. They don't care about the thousands who go bankrupt because of health costs. They would rather gain power on the backs of Americans. They don't care about those Americans who lost insurance because some insurance company claimed a preexisting condition even if it is a child or a woman abused at home. That is how I see it and how I'm writing it. Their sickening claim is that it cost too much to have a healthier America.

And now they want to fight health care instead of licking their rotting wounds and doing their job for the people. I do not see my ex party crying for the 5,000 or so soldiers who died in the middle east and the tens of thousands maimed. They still want war. This is how I see it and how I'm writing it.

So to my ex party, you lost me and I'm leaning toward being a Ted Kennedy Democrat.

Let us hope your leadership suffers in the same way they do nothing but see Americans suffering. Perhaps some bright fiscal conservative with a social heart will kick you bums out, and the Grand Old Party will rise from the rubble you've caused. and do some good for my country.


Friday, March 19, 2010


1. Each alien must register or be deported.

2. The registration fee must cover any research, processing costs and enter a medical payment fund.

3. Each will be finger printed and provide documents required to identify.

4. An alien registration card will be issued with encryption code. It will not allow air or train travel, but will allow bus, the obtaining of driver licenses and be allowed to work if an employer showed and documented due diligence in trying to find a citizen. All taxes must be paid plus paying into any health care fund. The cards will have an expiry date and must be renewed. Those with expired cards can be deported. Cards will be issued to those who are not wanted or warrants issued or who have not paid their current debt to society. Cards will be issued to those who did not commit felonies or did and paid their debt in full.

5. Those with cards issued may separately file to receive green cards but will have to wait on line.

6. After signed by the President, children of Aliens will not receive automatic citizenship even if born in the U.S. They can be eligible to receive Alien cards.

7. All those with Alien cards and who have residence within a jurisdiction may enjoy resident/citizen education privileges.

8. Any Alien not carded or not having a government receipt of card-in-progress can be deported. Any expired card or person with a felony conviction after applying for a card or receiving one will be deported.

9. Alien students can receive a student card. It has an expiry date.

10. Regardless of student's degree, students must leave the country when their card expires but may register to receive an Alien card.

11. There will be no Alien cards issued to illegal entries after the President signs the new law.

12. I like the idea of non working Aliens to pay into a medical fund or have their card canceled.

Monday, March 15, 2010


It is written that by this next Saturday or earlier, we will learn if there will be health care reform or will we wait, potentially, 50 more years or wait forever. I have written, often, that I would like to see a complete federal take-over of health care, all under Medicare, and including take over of Medicare Supplement Policies, the entire Prescription Drug system, as well as Dental Care.

Those against this give reasons of expenditures, fear of government take-over of our health, idiotic talk about death panels, and some congressmen saying they have to vote for what their people back home want. Republicans are entirely out of this decision owing to what I believe is their greater importance of trying for more votes in November and more, of their prime motive, power.

I believe what health care reform is really about is not money but a moral imperative of giving health care to the uninsured, reducing the cost of health care, to avoid the insurance companies being enriched for nothing, to not have preexisting conditions, and to avoid people dying and going bankrupt over health care.

It is time for the Democrats and Independents to be heard as one voice. If not now it may never happen and many thousands will die, suffer, become bankrupt. The only winners will be the insurance companies. Those Americans who have insurance and don't give a damn about those who do not will not win in the long haul.

The suffering, the deaths, the bankruptcies of thousands, every year, are in the hands of the Democratic party and Independents. In an up and down vote, I hope the naysayers pay the ultimate political price.

I would like to see the names and Jurisdiction of every no vote, to be etched in a monument so the families of those who die, those who suffer, those who lose everything can read the scroll of the infamous. I would financially support this monument.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lehman Brothers Died in Dante's Inferno

I love the Huffington Post and Arriana is brilliant and beautiful. Today they told about the shoddy accounting practices of the now defunct Lehman brothers. So here I go ruminating about the debit and credit crowd.

Now, who says accounting fellows in pin striped suits, salt and pepper or white hair and wing tip shoes are dull and boring? These guys are funny, creative and terribly naughty. They should be spanked in public like they paddle or cane in Singapore. Think about their "Repo 105" scam! I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

And who says the Jews own Wall Street? Lehman Brothers is a nice Semitic name but 95% of all those dudes who got their tit in a wringer wouldn't let Lehman anywhere near their club. Even the accounting firm of Ernst & Young sound like hungry WASPS foraging for a big green meal.

I just love the idea of selling a few billion in toxic assets just before the end of an accounting period so you can show cash without the liabilities, and then honoring your agreement to buy it back just after the period ends a few days later. Brilliant! Well done by the green shades and rubber band shirt sleeve crowd. I wish they were Jewish. My heart soars like an eagle.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Janet Raloff, wrote two articles for Science Magazine on the approx. 74,800,000 pounds of Atrizine sprayed on crops to protect corn, sorghum, sugarcane, cotton, golf courses, etc. from weeds. This chemical has showed-up in drinking water and the E.P.A. is reopening studies. This stuff emasculates amphibians (than means, in simplistic terms, makes females out of males). Funny that this stuff is banned by the European Union and in particular Switzerland where Syngenta, the leading manufacturer of this weed inhibitor is headquartered.

The high levels in drinking water, particularly in central U.S. where these crops are grown. It gets into rivers as well as tap water and has, in cases, exceeded the EPA safety limit. I love the fact that Syngenta's U.S. facility says they tested it and we should believe them. They say the U.S. should save the expense of further testing.

Atrazine is said by independent scientists to cause too much estrogen in fish and mammals and this not only feminizes but is also a cancer risk and reduces immune functions and elevates stress related hormones. There have also been birth defects in babies. So who is right and who is wrong. I am happy to spend the money for independent testing and conclusions especially when one study overseas actually had an employee of Syngenta working on it.

This is no joke. Is Syngenta hiding something. Why banned overseas and not here?

Monday, March 1, 2010


Here is the first paragraph by an article in the New York Times:

Thousands of the nation’s largest water polluters are outside the Clean Water Act’s reach because the Supreme Court has left uncertain which waterways are protected by that law, according to interviews with regulators.

What I call the Corporate Supreme Court, a band of solid right wing unbending five vote coalition who must be on their muscle now knowing they can be as activist as they want and give corporations as much power as possible and we can do nothing about it.

Oh yes, there are Congressmen and Senators who stand up and put forth a bill to correct the Supreme Courts' aggressive undeclared policy to destroy the poor and middle class, but it will never either come to a vote or be passed. The Republicans are dancing a jig over the Court's balance. Letting corporations spend all they want on lobbying or saying it another way, buying legislators; giving corporations suffrage; and now allowing massive pollution of water, degrading the Clean Water Act.

Corporations are saying that the Clean Water Act does not apply to them, going as far as not even complying with reporting, and having the Supreme Court's ruling to shove in the face of America is what is happening all over America.

There is something inherently wrong with a Supreme Court where appointment is made for life. I am in favor of closing it down, and using another method of staffing this high body without it being a political appointment and with some assurances that it is a centrist court.