Thursday, October 21, 2010


Slate magazine has a write-in on the order of Dear Abby, and one lady met a wonderful man who was seriously and microscopically under endowed and she wonders what to do and how to break it off.

I offered this comment:

The little problem woman can have a conversation with the guy and she should know that he is well aware of his under abundance. Discuss my recommendation.

Doc Johnson, the maker of sex toys, has a strap on made for men to wear. The dongs are interchangeable and you can get an array of 6, 7, 8 and more thick inches. Since the average real penis is about 5 inches, and you use the 8" X 2" diameter, you will be not just inches, but in the long run, miles ahead of your sisters. So he does not think you are just another size queen, buy one made for women and massage his prostate often. He will treat you like a Greek goddess.

Now this does not mean that it is an end all. The good lord told me in person, that he gave both of you mouths and the use of ingesting food was only his secondary objective.

On the other hand, get someone hung like a common farm animal and married or not, you'll probably be waiting on line.

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