Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have often voiced for a single payer system that covers same as Medicare Part A and B. that is mandatory and a matter of deductions as in Social Security. Then there are optional additional coverage by getting rid of the insurance companies and adding Medigap, say, plan "F" at a cost based on age. Lastly have the option of adding Prescription Drug and eliminating it from the insurance companies. There is no reason why insurance companies have to make a profit on our lives and health.

Then, add a food sin tax on all products that are bad for health, not just soda. It will be a smaller tax but would make sure Medicare runs at a profit. This includes candy, cake, processed foods, and so forth. It would encourage processors to get into the saving people's lives instead of making them diabetics.

This last step will help include the poor without killing the budget. Any excess savings can go to the social security pool.

And, doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals must give Medicare level services and not refuse a patient. This plan can pay better fees because of the sin tax but not outrageous fees. Pharmaceuticals that sell in the U.S. must pay taxes in the U.S. and prices must be in line with what they sell for in other countries but not as low.

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