Thursday, April 8, 2010


A school girl wanted to attend the Prom with a girlfriend. Seen as a Lesbian situation, she was barred. This is in Mississippi, the bastion of tolerance, of understanding, and intelligence. In the infinite wisdom of the parents, the students, the board and administrators, they decided not to have a Prom rather than let this delightful girl attend with her friend in what ever capacity that friend is.

Then the ACLU got involved and the school secretly made two Proms. a real one that the students could attend and a second one that the Lesbian and a few handicapped students were invited to while thinking they were going to the real thing. Thus, this genius solution served to segregate the Lesbian couple and the handicapped from tainting the rest of the Prom attendees.

I don't know why it takes an ACLU to get involved. Here is a civil rights violation that the Federal Government should be climbing all over and it is definitely a hate crime as well. Where is the DOJ because I remember Holder's promise?

After an appropriate investigation, the parents should be fined and made to do enough community service work so that it will take them generations to forget this toxic event. The ring leader parents should be jailed. The entire school board, teachers and administrators that were involved and let this happen should also be fined, fired, and given years of community service with the ring leaders jailed. The students involved should have more than just a suspension but a notation on their permanent records and made to take classes in tolerance and complete the classes before their transcripts would be available to any higher level of education.

This episode stinks to high hell and reminds me of the damn Ku Klux Klan. It is the Jim Crow south at its worst. It is prejudice, intolerance, bigotry and discrimination coupled with an unbridled moronic ignorance.

I'd like to use the Jay Leno admonition and say Where Are The Parents? But, they were there, they were complicit, and there is no shame greater.

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