Saturday, June 25, 2011


Reared in the Bronx, it was difficult to think of those upstate towns as really part of New York. But watching the tube last night with the legislator in Albany, the state capitol, voted to allow Gay marriage. I realized that legislators from upstate towns of New York, joined with the one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world not just to allow gay marriage, but to show all of the homophobics, all of the church organizations, all of the religious zealots, all of the haters, that this is not their America, it is everyone's America.

So, friends and frenenemies, Start Spreading The News. Let's all people of good will let all those in the GLBT community know that we celebrate their victory with open arms. Let's spread it to California and beyond. And as for the Mormon Church in particular. Choke on it!

For everyone in the GLBT community I wish you love.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keith Olbermann is BACK

I want to make this short and sweet though I could write a James A. Michener thickness book about it. Keith Olbermann is shown at 8 PM (7 Central) on Current TV. Up until now, I thought that Al Gore's cable channel was a fishing site. But now that the great Keith Olbermann is back, I found Current on channel 196 on Dish, and I DVR the program Mon. - Fri.

I am a devoted fan and profess that I just love the guy. MSNBC lost a wonderful voice, a dynamic one, an honest one, an intellectual and articulate person that is all but irreplaceable. The equal and opposite reaction benefits Current TV. I predict the world will know Current.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Circumcision AKA Cut

I have read some comment by a number of people who believe circumcision (do I spell it right?) is a mutilation of sorts. Even some places want to outlaw it.

I know those of you and your significant others who are uncut are amongst the ones who speak out with the loudest voice. I know you don't like others to think you are unclean, smelly and often very gross looking. Especially when it comes to your member, it really cuts deep into your psyche, libido, ego, mindset, self esteem, and what ever.

I'm sorry you feel this way and I understand why. Sexual stuff really hits hard. It is a reason for so much homophobia. It makes you feel less than a man and you certainly don't want your partner to look at you this way. So you rant as loud as you can in the hopes that you'll find a believer or two and on the bottom line, the only ones you found were others with similar misguided parents.

Well, please clean as good as you can. But, for me, I do love mine, how it looks, how it functions and I get such wonderful compliments. I don't know if I'd characterize it this way, but often hear the word, "yummy".

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rearing the Ugly Heads

Anthony Weiner who spoke with vigor and passion for the people made some terrible mistakes that were a minor offense in the context of his brilliant career. It was not news that the Republicans would damage his life and career for their own political means while not purging their own sexually wayward kind. It is not a surprise for the mainstream media persecute him relentlessly like gossipers at the Supermarket check-out stand. They have a pulpit, and they need to fill 24 hours every day and it does not matter at whose expense. In my opinion, it is the classic definition of a street whore.

What bothered me is that Brutus in the name of Obama, Pelosi, the majority of Weiner's own party and those on MSNBC either as broadcasters or invited pundits, all took stabs at Weiner every day. It was like the Ides of March, like the Last Supper, like the 8th ring of the 8th chasm of Hell that your own blood turn on you.

Today, after Weiner resigned, the same MSNBC media tried to expunge the blood by blaming the Republicans. Out damn spot, but in my mind, the blood stains are indelible and clear.

The loss is the American people's. There are no other Anthony Weiners. The Republicans are licking their chops. Female reporters seem to smirk at bringing him down. Democrats just want to forget their actions at the Forum and call for getting back to work.

They are all trying to put their lynching behind them. They all take a high road after a couple of weeks in the gutter. I hope Current TV will offer Weiner a spot near Olbermann's new show. At least he will be able to be heard.

For those who think he was disgusting, just look at your own laundry. Then see if you can throw the first stone.... thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Congressman Weiner, I love you

I think the gossipers have had their feeding frenzy and the Republicans have their holier than thou moments all calling for his resignation and fellow Dems throwing him under the bus. The media, particularly the female reporters with their helmet hairdos, all are castrating him and the late night hosts are stewing him in oil.

However, I ask Anthony Wiener not to resign, ask his wife to stick with him, and ask him not to loose his fire simply because of this incident. Internet sex or cyberspace sex if habit forming, fun, and hurts no one and a hard habit to kick.

All of the apostles so eager to throw the first stone surely never back-slided in their life, and the ones who didn't couldn't make it with street whores with a hand full of hundreds.

Yeah, he lied. So do, I venture to guess, 99.9% of those who would eat his lunch.

Congressman Weiner, just do a great job for your voters and for the country. If you didn't screw any of the women, screw your adversaries..

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Congressman Weiner

I am so angry that you did not just say that you sent some pictures to adult women in the hopes to play doctor or house, and it is none of anyone's business except those recipients. You could have gone on to say that if any photo was ill received, though not likely, that you would apologize to that person. You could have said that you did not violate any law and there is nothing wrong with making whoopee especially that you are single.

You made the Bill Clinton error and should have learned from that because Bill should have said that he is, indeed, a very naughty boy, and it is none of the freeking Republican's business especially that creepy lawyer K. Starr.

I believe if a guy does not use public funds for his private life, does not mess with minors, does not force or use the power of his office to have sex, and does not commit any kind of felony in seeking some sexual activity, the damn media should leave him alone.

Sorry Congressman, telling a lie is really operating with dirty hands.