Thursday, October 21, 2010


Slate magazine has a write-in on the order of Dear Abby, and one lady met a wonderful man who was seriously and microscopically under endowed and she wonders what to do and how to break it off.

I offered this comment:

The little problem woman can have a conversation with the guy and she should know that he is well aware of his under abundance. Discuss my recommendation.

Doc Johnson, the maker of sex toys, has a strap on made for men to wear. The dongs are interchangeable and you can get an array of 6, 7, 8 and more thick inches. Since the average real penis is about 5 inches, and you use the 8" X 2" diameter, you will be not just inches, but in the long run, miles ahead of your sisters. So he does not think you are just another size queen, buy one made for women and massage his prostate often. He will treat you like a Greek goddess.

Now this does not mean that it is an end all. The good lord told me in person, that he gave both of you mouths and the use of ingesting food was only his secondary objective.

On the other hand, get someone hung like a common farm animal and married or not, you'll probably be waiting on line.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am sick of the terminology used when talking about the GLBT community and the lies of this administration.

A federal judge struck down the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) obnoxious policy that the Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton signed into law. BTW Bill should stick to heterosexual matters as he has no clue beyond those narrow parameters.

Now Obama used DADT as part of his platform promising to repeal it, but in my opinion, he lied through his teeth. He wants congress to repeal which is the same as saying that I'm for repeal but I will set up a situation whereby it will not happen.

So the legal snakes tried to ask the judge to stay execution of her decision and she saw right through their sick and lame excuse about needing time. The military doesn't need time. They had tons of time. This is not a delicate national security matter. Here's a clue Obama... Gays are equal. What don't you know about the definition of the word, "equal".

One by one the promises made by our leader, Barak Obama has been reversed. This was an excellent opportunity to embrace the end of DADT, but Obama and Gates speak with forked tongue.

The military does not need a way to deal with gays. Gays don't have to be dealt with like they are aliens. This, in my view is a bunch of bull manure.

I still don't want gays to join the freeking military. I want only straight people to get wounded and die until the ignorant leaders realize that gays are 100% equal and do not have to be dealt with.

The words "dealt with" is a damn abomination and reflects the basic bias and bigotry of those who spout it

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Rick Sanchez, an ex newscaster (love the ex part) for CNN made the bigoted and, I'm sure, monumentally stupid and deleterious comment that Jews control the media. Yea, Rick, but you forgot to include Wall Street, Congress, and Carnegie's Deli. Rick, you're giving bigots a bad name.

Sanchez tried to be homey, tried to kiss up to the Hispanic listeners, but when ever I watch, there seemed to be a disingenuous undercurrent, the under taste of something foreign being added to my cocktail. I am a news freak but my watching him diminished as I disconnected to his personality, and his attitude. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it, now, reared its ugly head and CNN severed it.

I am, for one, delighted he was canned. This is an emotion I rarely have and am surprised at myself for gloating, but if anyone deserved the pink slip, it is Ricky baby.

So let me say Adios or should it be Shalom? Hope I never see you again.

As the expression goes; don't let the door hit you on the way out!